JWA:EWA Requiem
Where sleeping giants wake
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 ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----

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Winter Sanderson

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PostSubject: ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----   Sat Aug 29, 2009 3:49 am

*The sold out capacity crowd at the JWA:EWA arena are making themselves heard, cheering loudly in anticipation of the start of the first JWA show in nearly four years. For some it has taken far too long, for others they thought it would never happen. As the crowd are going crazy and cheering, the JWA theme hits the speaker system and blares across the arena. A JWA video package plays over the big screen, as the fans reminisce about all the good times.*

Teddy Speaks – Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, let me be the first to say welcome....to JWA:EWA Requiem

Dean Malenko – It’s been a long time in the making, and now it’s here.

Ian Dawe – Tonight we’ve got one hell of a show in store for you, with a Triple Threat cross-branded tournament to crown once and for all, JWA:EWA’s MVP

Irvin Fury – Don’t forget about the hall of fame ceremonies we’ve got in the works, recognising all those that truly deserve to be recognised in the annals of JWA:EWA

Dawe – I can’ t believe you just said annals.

Speaks – In addition to that, we’ve got the Rusty Invitational Match, what promises to be one for the ages in a ‘dream’ Senor Gomez vs. Method Cobra full on war

Malenko – And my personal favourite, a hellacious three stages of hell match between the last ever Action Zone Champion, and Shadow.

Fury – It all promises to be one of the most bumper and action packed shows JWA:EWA has ever presented in it’s long and illustrious history. Let’s hope it delivers. On a sad note, It's my duty to inform everybody back home that superstar Ric Flair will no longer be competing tonight, having suffered a stroke at his nursing home two days ago. Our thoughts and prayers to Ric's family and his fan(s).

Speaks – Now lets move on with the show, seeing as we’ve got so much to fit in. Let’s begin with the first of a series of treasured classic flashbacks we’ve dug out of the archives to present to you all tonight.

Malenko – handpicked by Winter Sanderson and Shane Powers, these are moments that encapsulate just exactly what JWA:EWA truly stood for. We hope you enjoy.

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Winter Sanderson

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PostSubject: JWA:EWA Classic Flashback 1   Sat Aug 29, 2009 3:51 am

JWA:EWA Classic Match
Action Zone, 2005
Garden Of Evil Match

Triple D (c) vs. Virus vs. Tony Lee Vs. White Dragon Vs. Shane Diamond Vs. Tony Lee vs. Reaper, Undisputed Title

Quote :
Speaks – Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the moment you have all been waiting for, the main event of Action Zone XXVIII, and possibly the main event of all the Action Zones, ever!

Dawe – What, a glorified Hell in a Cell? Please….

Speaks – The Garden is being lowered down onto the ring now, and let me say, it looks fearsome.

Dawe – It has four Chambers, with bullet proof glass, and surrounded by unbreakable chain links.

Speaks – Then the 6 competitors are enclosed in the elimination chamber-esque concoction, and the match begins with 2 randomly selected superstars. Every five minutes, a 5 second timer will begin to go down, as a randomly selected chamber door opens, unleashing a superstar into the mix.

Dawe – Weapons will be hanging in the chains around the ring, and everything is legal.

Speaks – Ten minutes after all the men have been released, a ladder will fall into the middle of the ring. Then the objective is for someone to climb the ladder, and snatch the JWA:EWA Championship which is hanging entwined in the chains, at the top of the Garden of Evil.

Dawe – It sounds phucking evil, I’m glad I have no part in it.

Speaks – Even though the Championship is on the line?

Dawe – Especially though the Championship is on the line.

Speaks – Well in my opinion, the Six men in this match are very lucky, and Reaper, Shane Diamond, Tony Lee, Virus, White Dragon, and Triple D I wish you all the best of luck

Dawe – Their sure gonna need it.

Speaks – OK, the Structure has been secured in place over the ring, now it’s time for the fun to begin.

Maria Shultz – The following match is a “Garden of Evil” match for the JWA:EWA Championship. The referee for this match will be Keith Reeves

A giant diamond appears on the screen as "Cold Hard B****" by Jet blares through the arena. The crowd begins to boo as Shane Diamond walks out onto the stage with his hands held out like "what, I am the best." Shane Diamond takes all the time he wants as he walks to the ring. Behind Shane, single bursts of Pyro are going off. Once in the ring, Shane Diamond makes the sign of a diamond with his hands, and as he breaks it, behind him a shower of pyro explodes.
Shultz – And the first participant, weighing in at 253lbs, at 6ft4, hailing from Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, a former JWA:EWA Undisputed Action Zone Champion, Shane Diamond!

He is escorted over to the first chamber by Keith Reeves, and locked inside. Once inside he starts dancing, and taunts the crowd, really getting on their nerves.

The lights go out and then Never Gonna Stop is heard from the crowd. White Dragon comes to the ring looking like a druid and carrying his cross. He drops it down fast and a stream of fire is seen near the entrance ramp. The crowd cheers on as he carries it to the place to stop it. He sets it there and then goes to the ring and then takes off his hood and is ready for battle.

Shultz – And the opponent, weighing in at 280lbs, at 6ft 8, hailing from The Light, One member of the JWA:EWA World Tag Team Champions, White Dragon!

The crowd erupt and start cheering for White Dragon.

He follows Reeves to an empty chamber, and steps inside. Reeves locks the door behind him, and White Dragon stands calmly, with his head facing down towards the floor, as he waits.

"Real American" by Rick Derringer hits the PA as red, white and blue pyros go off near the ramp. After a few minutes Tony Lee steps out from behind the curtains and walks slowly down the ramp with his chin high he stops a few times to greet a few fans. He walks to the ring and slides in jumping around a bit before he climbs the ropes and lifts up his arms in the air and then he jumps down and waits for Keith Reeves to escort him.

Shultz – And the opponent, weighing in at 280lbs, at 6ft9, hailing from Detroit, Michigan, a former JWA:EWA World Tag Team Champion, Tony Lee!

He steps ahead of Reeves, and waves to the fans. He steps inside the third compartment, and Reeves closes the door behind him. Tony Lee checks the chains and the door, and jogs up and down.

The sounds of Yo, Yo, Yo, it's me, it's me, its Triple D, is heard and then the Rock's theme plays. The cocky and brash Triple D comes from behind the curtain, sweating and determined to whip some ass. He marches down the ramp and enters the ring. He stares coldly at his opponents and then climbs all four turnbuckles to salute the cheering crowd. He closes his eyes and absorbs the cheers as they rain down on him. He hops down and gets ready for action.

Shultz – And the opponent, weighing in at 165lbs, at 5ft9, hailing from St Louis, Missouri, the reigning JWA:EWA Champion, Triple D!

The crowd go mad for Triple D and cheer him like mad, he salutes them and looks up, staring at his JWA:EWA Championship, before signalling it is his, by motioning a belt on his waist. He follows Reeves and steps into the chamber, before looking around at all the fans, and smiling.

The screen goes blank and the image of the n.W.o logo appears, then the n.W.o No way Out image appears. Chop Suey! plays as the crowd start chanting HaRdCoRe Disorder. The arena becomes a mosh pit as Reaper appears on top of the ramp with a grey-ish trench coat type thing on. He raises his right arm with an open palm facing the roof, then throws it down violently. Fireworks go off behind him and Maelström appears as Reaper walks down the ramp. He taunts the crowd on the way down, then climbs into the ring. He holds the ring rope down for Maelström and Maelström climbs in. He makes sure his mask is on proper and then kneels before Maelström. When he arises he removes the coat and hands it to a stagehand and helps Maelström exit the ring. He waits for the match to begin

Shultz – And the opponent, weighing in at 296lbs, at 6ft4, hailing from The Grave, “The Iron Man” Reaper!

The crowd boo fiercly but all Reaper does is laugh, he taunts them, before turning to all four of the men in the chambers in turn, and taunting them. Reeves instructs Reaper to wait in the ring.

Seven Nation Army plays, and Virus makes his way down to the ring. As he walks down to the ring, silver pyros explode from either side of him. When he enters the ring, he makes an "X" sign, and a giant V shaped gold pyro explodes around him. Virus climbs into the ring and looks at the massive chamber around him. He smiles and looks at the other five men. He spits at them all, hitting the chamber for each, before spitting in Reaper’s face. Reaper gets pissed off, and Reeves has to restrain him.

Shultz – And the opponent, weighing in at 270lbs, at 7ft2, hailing from Manchester, England, current JWA:EWA Universal Champion, Virus!

Virus laughs as the crowd boo him, and waves to them, as Reeves sets him in the middle of the ring, and tells him to wait.

Reeves goes to the chamber door and locks it.

Speaks – Looks like Reaper and Virus are the unlucky pair to start this match

Dawe – Woo, these two men I like, I want either one of these two, or Shane Diamond to win, they would all be worthy champions

Speaks – Worthy Champions? Yeah right! I’m rooting for Tony Lee, White Dragon, and of course, JWA:EWA Champion, Triple D!

Dawe – He won’t be champion by the end of tonight. Infact. He’ll be dead.

Reeves gives the signal to Emile Heskey that everything is ready and safe, and Heskey rings the bell for the start of the match.

Virus paces around Reaper, who looks a little anxious. Virus on the other hand looks raring to go, and he fakes punching Reaper a few times, just to test his opponent. Then from nowhere Reaper pounces on Virus, knocking him to the floor. Virus looks shocked as the crowd start laughing at him. Reaper is punching Virus in the face, but Virus shakes it off, and uses sheer strength to throw Reaper across the other side of the ring. Virus gets up, and charges at Reaper. Reaper moves out of the way, and Virus flies over the ropes and onto the steel outside. Virus reaches for his back and screams. The four men inside the chambers are banging hard on the glass doors, making a horrendous thumping noise. Reaper flings himself over the ropes in an attempt to land on Virus, but Virus rolls out of the way and Reaper feels the full force of the steel floor. Virus gets up and picks up Reaper. Virus flings Reaper against the chains, and he begins to grate his face. Blood pours down from Reaper’s face, onto his chest, then dripping onto the steel floor. Virus releases Reaper, and when Reaper turns, Virus hits a Hard drive to Reaper, nearly snapping his neck. Reaper lies on the floor as Virus gets up, foaming at the mouth, he picks up Reaper once again, and powerbombs him against the chains, as Reaper falls back down onto the floor.

Speaks – J.C., Reaper is getting absolutely slaughtered, I feel sorry for him, even when you consider how much I hate him, no man should have to go through this, and look at Virus the sick bastard, he’s enjoying it.

Dawe – He’s got a point to prove, and he’s proving it, go Virus! Kick Reaper’s scrawny ass!

Virus picks up Reaper once again, and throws him over the ropes and back into the ring. Virus follows and climbs back in. He picks up Reaper and Debug Powerbombs him into the turnbuckle Reaper’s neck twists in a peculiar way, and a snap can be heard. Reaper’s body crumples on the floor, as the fans look on silently and anxiously.

Dawe – Did you see that? Holy Shit!

Speaks – It looks like Virus could have just broken Reaper’s neck. Reaper isn’t moving, get some EMTs in there now!

The EMTs rush to the chamber, but Reeves isn’t allowed to let them in, so all they can do is wait outside for the match to end. Virus looks on at Reaper, and then at the crowd, and smiles.

Speaks – Sick phuck! You shouldn’t be allowed near a ring! Look at that mess! That’s Reaper’s body!

Virus continues on with his onslaught, as the other superstars look on sickened. Virus picks up Reaper, and lifts him onto his shoulders. Virus climbs out of the ring, Reaper still with him, and goes over to Tony Lee’s cell. He Legendeers Reaper against the cell and onto the steel floor, denting Tony Lee’s Chamber. Reaper is not conscious, and is as limp as anything.

Virus towers over the floor Reaper, and begins laying kicks into him. Reeves shields Reaper from the blows, and escorts Virus away. Virus still has 30 seconds left before anyone joins him, so he gets out of the ring and grabs a sledgehammer from the chains. He walks over to Triple D’s chamber, and begins to smash the glass. The glass starts to become slightly smashed, and Virus continues to hammer away, getting closer and closer to Triple D. Triple D is waiting and gives Virus the “Just Bring It” taunt. Virus smashes and smashes.


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Winter Sanderson

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PostSubject: Re: ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----   Sat Aug 29, 2009 3:53 am

JWA:EWA Classic Match
Action Zone, 2005
Garden Of Evil Match

Triple D (c) vs. Virus vs. Tony Lee Vs. White Dragon Vs. Shane Diamond Vs. Tony Lee vs. Reaper, Undisputed Title

Quote :

The lights in the arena go off, then flicker back on, and a spotlight from above goes around the four chambers, in random, before stopping fixed on one cell. Triple D storms out of his cell and he vaults over the ropes getting into the ring.

Speaks – Triple D is here!

Dawe – Great…..

Triple D runs at Tony Lee and takes him down with a clothesline, before hitting a flying lariat to Shane Diamond, he gets back up and nails a dropkick to White Dragon. Virus is approaching him, and he pair stand there. Triple D leans across, and slaps Virus across the face, before unleashing a flurry of punches to Virus’ head, and then grabbing Virus, before hitting a dominator, decimating Virus. Triple D picks up the chair lying in the ring and smashes a rising White Dragon, smashes a rising Shane Diamond, smashes a rising Tony Lee. He raises the chair in the air, and taunts the fans. He points to the title above him, and beats his chest. The crowd are fit to burst, cheering like mad for their champion.

Triple D is too busy with the fans to notice Virus crawling towards him from behind. Virus manages to get right next to Triple D, and hits a low blow. Triple D drops the chair and falls to his knees. Virus gets up, and picks up Triple D. He hoists Triple D onto his shoulders and Legendeers him to the floor. Virus stands up and raises both arms in the air. Shane Diamond has grabbed the chair, and jumps up, surprising Virus. Virus tries to defend himself, but Shane Diamond blasts the chair onto Virus’ skull. Virus stumbles backwards and falls over the top rope, lying next to Virus. Virus looks at all the blood around him, and jumps up. Virus throws himself over the top rope and towards Shane Diamond, but White Dragon jumps in and dropkicks Virus.

Diamond gets angry, and bashes the chair on White Dragon three times. Dragon drops down, but Virus, Triple D, and Tony Lee are all getting to their feet. Diamond and Virus nod to each other, and Virus picks up the sledgehammer he had before. They team against the three other, and Virus swings the sledgehammer at White Dragon, knocking him down. Diamond nails Triple D with the chair. The pair then look at Tony Lee. Virus smiles and Diamond nods. Virus runs at Tony Lee and hits an incredible hurracarana sending Tony Lee flying over the ropes and onto the steel outside. Shane Diamond runs at the ropes and vaults over them, landing right ontop of the reeling Tony Lee. Virus climbs over, and sets Tony Lee up against the cell. Shane Diamond gets to his feet, and the pair lift Tony Lee into the air, before hitting a huge powerbomb onto Tony Lee, through the glass casing of the cell. Glass flies everywhere and Tony Lee lies in a bloody mess with glass all over him, and Virus and Shane Diamond lie near him.

Speaks – Damn! Did you see that! Tony Lee went straight through the bullet-proof glass!

Dawe – Ewwww, look at the shards of glass in his back!

Triple D is getting up, and he runs at the ropes and dives over the top, taking down the now standing Virus and Shane Diamond, and sending them flying into the chain wall, causing it to shake and rattle.

White Dragon sits up, and steadily begins to rise, he slowly walks over to the mass of bodies, and climbes over the ropes, he picks up Virus, and rams his head into the other cell door. Blood begins to seep from Virus’ forehead and onto his chest. Seconds later his entire face is drenched in blood. White Dragon releases him, and goes to do the same to Shane Diamond, but Diamond is fast and grabs a telephone from the wall, he smashes it into the mouth of White Dragon, making his lip bleed. Diamond senses the weakness and begins smashing the phone into White Dragon’s face again and again. Blood dribbles down White Dragon’s front, until Triple D leaps in and beats down Shane Diamond, White Dragon turns and is met by a hard right hand from Virus, followed up by a debug powerbomb.


A loud siren sounds, and the spotlights circle the Garden. The ladder gets lowered down into the ring, and stands there, directly below the JWA:EWA Championship.

Speaks – We’re so close now!

Dawe – It can’t come to soon for Reaper, he’s still lying there.

Virus and Triple D jump over the ropes and towards the Ladder, Virus trips Triple D up, and Triple D falls onto the ladder, knocking it over. Virus curses loudly as the two begin to scrap on the floor. Tony Lee is still out cold, and White Dragon and Shane Diamond are coming round. Diamond gets over the top rope, and takes Virus’ side. White Dragon gets over the top rope and takes Triple D’s side. The four are brawling, until Virus sneaks out, and grabs a chair, he gets back into the brawl, and smashes Shane Diamond and White Dragon, leaving them out cold. Virus turns to hit Triple D, but Triple D blocks and nails Virus with a low blow. Virus crumples to his knees.

Triple D seizes his opportunity and sets the ladder up. He begins to climb it, but Virus gets to his feet and rushes up the ladder, when Triple D gets to the top, he notices Virus a few rungs down. He reaches for the belt, but he can’t reach it. He kicks Virus in the face a few times, and tries to climb further up, but Virus has his foot and won’t let him. Virus climbs closer, until he is level with Triple D. The pair start exchanging blows, until they notice White Dragon and Shane Diamond rocking the ladder, trying to topple it. Virus and Triple D are holding on, but Virus wraps a hand around the neck of Triple D. He goes for the chokeslam, but Triple D kicks Virus in the chest, Virus lets go, and Triple D hits a dominator to him off the top. Triple D remains on the ladder, but Virus falls to the bottom, knocking out himself, and both Shane Diamond and White Dragon.

Triple D climbs to the top of the ladder

Speaks – Go Triple D!

Dawe – No! No! No!

Triple Reaches into the air, and grabs the belt, he unhooks the back, and drops down onto the floor, clutching his beloved JWA:EWA Championship in his arms


The crowd erupt, and Triple D lies exhausted, as Reeves rushes to the door to let in the EMTs. After several minutes Shultz makes an announcement

Shultz – “The Iron Man” Reaper, is dead. He died after massive blood loss and a broken neck.

Dawe – phuck me! Reaper is dead!

Triple D exists the ring and parades up the ramp,as EMTS check on the other participants

Speaks – Well goodnight folks, that was truly amazing, see you next week!
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Winter Sanderson

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PostSubject: JWA:EWA Action Zone hall of Fame Inductees   Sat Aug 29, 2009 3:55 am

*After that classic JWA:EWA flashback airs on the big screen, the crowd begin to get more and more vocal. The show intro and flashback have hyped them up, and now they’re ready for the real deal. An ‘Action Zone’ hall of fame video appears on the screen, and the crowd start voicing their approval in recognition of the stars about to be immortalised with their hall of fame induction. Winter Sanderson walks onto the stage to a round of applause.*

Winter Sanderson
Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for your kind applause. Now it is time for us to officially induct five JWA:EWA Superstars, who were integral to the survival and growth of the premier JWA brand, Action Zone. Without these five men, JWA:EWA and particularly Action Zone would never have looked or been the same. This is where we recognise and appreciate their efforts to the cause, and thank them for all the hard work they put in over the years. In no particular order, let me introduce these men to you. Firstly, a former Action Zone champion who stood for integrity, consistency, and hardcore chaos. I’m proud to present to you, the first member of Action Zone’s official hall of fame, Senor Gomez!

*Gomez makes his way out onto the stage, and gives a gracious wave to all his cheering fans. He makes his way over to the podium, as Winter Sanderson takes a step back and gives Gomez the stage, as a video package of the hardcore legend plays over the big screen*

Senor Gomez: Firstly I’d like to say it’s good to be here in the JWA:EWA Arena! *Cheap Pop*
I’d Like to thank my peers, in particular the corpse who brought me into the JWA, but more importantly I’d like to thank the fans, whether you loved or you hated me, i thank you for being here, i thank you for voicing your opinions because without you there would be no show, you made it worth going out there every night and giving it my all, sorry for the cliché but i gave my blood sweet and tears to this industry and i thank you for the recognition and acknowledgment of that through this award. This award cements my legacy in the history of JWA:EWA, thank you....

*Gomez leaves the stage smiling and waving to the fans, as a chant breaks out bearing his name. Winter steps up to the podium again, and carries on with proceedings.*

Winter Sanderson
Next up is a man who no doubt made history on Action Zone. This is a man whom main evented No Mercy two years in a row, and came out on top twice. He rised all the way through the system, from a young man with no experience under his belt, to one of the most influential and recognisable faces in JWA. To top it all off, he was a two time and the last ever, Undisputed Action Zone Champion. Now as a little surprise, we’ve got a guest inductor lined up for Folks, give it up for our next inductee The Invincible!


(Barack Obama walks out on stage as there is a mixed reaction from the crowd. However, many conservative wrestling fans stand to cheer their President as he approaches the podium. Barack puts his mouth to the microphone, waits for the fan’s cheering to die down and begins to speak.)


Obama: Hello JWA:EWA!

(The crowd pops.)

Obama: Today is a time to celebrate. Not only do we celebrate the one-night resurrection of the greatest federation in wrestling history, but we celebrate the legendary names that this place built its business around. I know that even as I was campaigning for my local political seat in Illinois, I watched the television and noticed a bright young man who was not afraid to stand up to his country. People could be doing anything to disrespect it, and they could be from Canada, Russia, Australia, or even Great Britain. The point is that this person did not care who they were or what they said. All he cared about was being HaRdCoRe and dishing out as much punishment as possible.

(The crowd grows a little more ruckus as Barack continues his speech.)

Obama: When JWA:EWA closed its doors, I was sad to see this man go off of the wrestling scene. But somehow I knew he would, because there was nothing like JWA:EWA.

(The crowd goes a little bit louder yet as Barack finishes his speech.)

Obama: My fellow Americans, please welcome the only rags-to-riches story in wrestling, the two-time Action Zone Champion, the HaRdCoRe Patriot, and the next person to be inducted into the JWA:EWA Hall of Fame, THE INVINCIBLE!

(“Gold Medal” by Tha Trademarc blasts over the PA as The Invincible steps out onto the stage clad in a white tuxedo. His head is a bit bandaged up from his match with Shadow, but he still walks confidently to the stage. He shakes President Obama’s hand and gives him a quick hug. The President then does a gesture as if to say, “the podium is all yours” and TI nods back in a friendly manner. TI arrives at the podium and waits for the crowd to die down before he speaks.)

H-a-R-d—C-o-R-e Pat-ri-ot! *clap clap clap clap clap* H-a-R-d—C-o-R-e Pat-ri-ot! *clap clap clap clap clap* H-a-R-d—C-o-R-e Pat-ri-ot! *clap clap clap clap clap* H-a-R-d—C-o-R-e Pat-ri-ot! *clap clap clap clap clap*

(A small tear forms in TI’s right eye. He quickly swipes it away and begins his speech.)

The Invincible
I would first like to start off by telling you a little bit of my story in JWA:EWA. When I first started in this business, I expected myself to do well. The one problem was… I didn’t. I was not the best wrestler by any means. The person you know as the Hardcore Patriot was manhandled on many occasions. There were many people who I saw in JWA:EWA that I aspired to be like, and I looked up to. After a few weeks of losing, I sat down to talk to Al Powers. In short, he said, “Troy, you need to show me that you are worth a main event spot.” Now, at that moment, many people would have hung up their boots and counted their losses. But I went back to Al and asked him who I should face in order to prove I was for real. He said… Tommy Polo.

For many of you, you know that the rest is history, but the trail along the way was not the most fun one. There were many times I would have loved to quit. Luckily, there were many people in this business who convinced me otherwise. Now, I am thankful; not only because those people helped me to make the right decision, but because I was able to be a leader in this organization. I was no longer looking up to the greats, but walking beside them and mentoring the future superstars in our federation. We have achieved some great things before we closed up, and it is truly mind numbing to think of where we could have gone.

It is an honor to have been a part of this federation, especially in the capacity that I was. We were at the top of the food chain. I mean, you know that a federation is good when you have haters, and man, we had many people who did not like us. We had many who tried to invade and many who tried to steal our talent. But one thing I have noticed is that in JWA:EWA, the cream rises to the top. Even if a few people left, that is okay. We still remained number one, and I am so thankful to have been a part of all the mayhem and the jubilation.

I had never thought I would be considered one of this federation’s best wrestlers. I will wear my Hall of Fame ring with pride, even when I am an old man. Moreover, I will always remain loyal to JWA:EWA. I will not wrestle for another federation, unless it is run by one of my JWA:EWA brothers or sisters. This federation, even with the turmoil, is the perfect organization for me, and I do not intend to leave it to pursue a lesser version of it. I was born JWA:EWA, I will die JWA:EWA.

In the end though, I did not do it for myself, or for my fellow wrestlers. I did it for the fans. I did it for the spots that stole the show. I did it for the laughs, and for the tears. I did it for the applause, for a few boos here and there. I did this all for you.

(The crowd stands up and begins cheering loudly. After about six seconds of cheering, a chant begins)


No, no… thank you all. Thank you for the moments, for the heartbreaks and for the memories. I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me out throughout my stay in the business, especially a few select people. If I miss anyone on this list, I apologize dearly. Thank you Corpse for guiding me through the business and helping me to improve my skills. Thank you Reaper, for teaming up with me and staying by my side even when the days were long and the future looked bleak. Thank you Winter Sanderson for believing in me, on Action Zone and in the Winter Wrestling Alliance. Thank you Chronic, Vegito and Senor Gomez for helping me to improve my craft. Thank you Pohatu for being a great training partner over the years. Thank you Shadow for all of the great battles. Thank you to all of the great opponents over the years. Virus, Tommy Polo, Triple D, Vengance, and Brimstone are just a few. Thank you to Al Powers for giving me a chance and for challenging me and my abilities. Thank you to my sister, Shorty, you are truly magnificent. Thank you Emily for being the best wife I could ever ask for. Thank you Stephanie McMahon for allowing me to realize that I should not date stupid people.

(The crowd laughs and cheers intensely)

And thank you to Jenny and Lizzy, my two beautiful little girls. You inspire me everyday and I hope you both know that daddy loves you very much.

Many people say that JWA:EWA is gone and dead. I disagree. JWA:EWA has never died. Whether it motivated someone to put forth an extra effort outside of wrestling, or if it was a catalyst for something greater in life, JWA:EWA lives on as an indirect influence on the world, and a direct influence on those who participated in it. I do not consider my fellow former wrestlers to be my friends. To me, they are family, and this family can not, and will never die.

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Winter Sanderson

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PostSubject: Re: ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----   Sat Aug 29, 2009 3:56 am

*Winter claps in the background, and he walks over to the podium, leaning across The Invincible.*

Winter Sanderson
And now, we have a special guest inductor. Please put your hands together for The Invincible, inducting none other than ‘The Iron Man’ himself, Reaper!

And presenting the next hall of fame induction, please welcome The Invincible!

The crowd cheer and applaud as The Invincible takes to the podium. He waves and smiles, then pauses as the crowd die down.

The Invincible: It is a privilege for me to induct the next JWA:EWA superstar into the Hall of fame, he and I have known each other a long time, and alongside with that we have clashed many a time. The man is more than a legend, he is the HaRdCoRe Legend, and I’d love for you all to show the respect this man deserves! The next inductee, Reaper!

Reaper appears from behind the curtain to a standing ovation. He seems overly shocked and afraid as he nervously approaches The Invincible, who is clapping and smiling also. Reapers eyes dart in all directions as The Invincible offers a hand and the induction plaque, but Reaper just lurches forward and hugs him tight, suddenly smiling insanely overwhelmed with joy. The Invincible hugs back, but attempts to push Reaper off for a few seconds. When he does, Reaper gently shakes his hands and takes the plaque, The Invincible steps back clapping and Reaper faces the JWA:EWA audience, waiting for them to die down.

Reaper: Wow…jeez…this is something I’m not used to competing for. First things first, I would like to say, how incredibly proud I am to be receiving this. It’s not something I expected to receive during my career, but it definitely shows, that my efforts in the ring meant something to somebody. It’s been, a crazy and exciting ride, I’ve held a number of titles during my years of abuse and misuse, but this is something I will only receive once, and I will never lose. Wow...Look how shiny it is. The next few things are the bits everyone will say, but even though everyone says these words, they still mean as much as they did when they were first spoken, which was a whole lot. First things first, the audience, you guys out there in that big world, you are just as important to the JWA:EWA as it’s contracted butchers are. If it wasn’t for you we just couldn’t exist. Not only buying your tickets for the shows, or the merchandise, but coming to support your favourite superstars every week. I can guarantee you, that there isn’t a man or woman, back there in that locker room that would have the will to keep going if it wasn’t for the people in the stands chanting their name. This plaque and induction is proof to me that I am supported, and that this wasn’t for nothing. It makes me feel loved, and I hope you all feel loved too, because I love each and every one of you just as much, if not more, than you love me.

The crowd cheer loudly, breaking into a three syllable chant of ‘Ir-on Man! Ir-on man!’

Reaper: Hush now sirs and ladies, I also have to thank the employees of this very corporation. From the management to the superstars, they have all been an absolute wonder, I’ve made some wonderful friends, and they have put up with some crazy shit from me over the years. There have been so many people on the receiving end of my assaults, and some people have been real sports about it. But I won’t apologise, because it isn’t going to be the end. There will be more violence and bloodshed, because there will always be a Reaper. Always.

The crowd cheer once more.

Reaper: And finally, I think I’ll call it an end here, I would like to thank Irvin Fury. I’ve always found his commentary incredibly amusing…but I’m still gonna have to grate you to make my fucking day perfect. Come on Fury Make my day!

Reaper pulls Slater out of his leggings and leans menacingly over the podium, grinning sadistically at Fury, daring him to come back. The crowd go nuts encouraging him to do it. Reaper points at fury and mouths that he’ll have him after the show, raises Slater in the air to the crowd and yells ‘Thank You!’ As loud as he can, heading back to the locker room.

Winter Sanderson
Now for our fourth induction. This man is no stranger to controversy, you’ll all have heard his name. Our only heel to be inducted tonight, a man central to the growth of Action Zone, and the record holder for the most Action Zone championship title reigns in history, give it up for ‘The Virtual Virtuoso’ Virus!

*The crowd reaction is a mixture of boos and cheers, with people obviously recognising the effort and hard work dedicated to JWA by the man, even though he’s always been a bad guy. Virus walks out onto the stage, a wry smile plastered on the corner of his mouth, and he waves ironically, before taking his place at the podium.*

’The Virtual Virtuoso’ Virus
Tonight isn’t about me trying to draw heat from all of you. I did that for long enough back in the day, and I’m not going to milk you anymore. Tonight is about me coming out here and thanking all those who made my career possible. I know I said and did things that a lof of you didn’t like. That was kind of the point. Please don’t get confused with Virus the character, and Virus the man. Everything I said and did out there to garner your attentions were done for simply that, to draw heat and provide you with the entertainment you paid to see.

It’s very strange for me now, seeing all this going on around me, and myself being inducted into the hall of fame. Playing the bad guy is a tough gig, but somebody’s got to do it, and I like to think I was damn good at it. I worked hard to hone my craft over the years, wrestling in Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico and the United States. I called all of those places home, but truth be told I never felt as at home anywhere as I did in JWA:EWA. It had its trials and tribulations that’s for sure, but at the end of the day we were all a family. I worked against some tremendous talent over the years, people like The Corpse, Tommy Polo, Billion Dollar Man and many, many more. I’m not going to name everyone who I feel deserves to be thanked, because I’d be out here all night. I simply want to thank Al Powers, Shane Powers, and Winter Sanderson for allowing us all to grow and develop in a place that most of us took for granted. I can guarantee you more work went into running the shows from those three men, than you can ever imagine, and I’m grateful for that.

My career had its ups and its downs, a lot like anybody else. I suffered some horrible, horrible injuries that took me out of the game for longer than I wanted to be, but I also had some fantastic victories that made it all worth while. My proudest accomplishment would probably have to be holding the Action Zone Championship three times, more than anybody else in history. Now I know there are a lot of doubters out there that think I politicked and connived my way to those title reigns. I’m saying right here, right now, that those people are wrong. My title reigns were always free from my own meddling, and even free from the meddling of Winter Sanderson, whom I know most people are aware is a good friend of mine. Shane Powers and Al Powers can attest to that, my reigns were one hundred percent legitimate.

JWA:EWA will always be important to me because, I was around from close to the start, and saw nearly everyone come, make their impact, and disappear. I’ll never be ungrateful for being afforded that view of seeing JWA:EWA truly evolve and develop. It was truly breathtaking. I know a lot of people wanted to see me compete tonight, but truth be told is that I’m retired, and I have been since JWA shut its door. I’m an old man now, and this is a young man’s game. Besides, I’ve had fun working as a road agent and helping the talent in whatever way I could. The men that comprised this federation will always have my adulation and respect. Tonight is about celebrating what made JWA great...everybody at home, the fans, the managers, but most importantly and crucially...the superstars. I accept my place in the JWA:EWA Action Zone hall of fame with pride, and dedicate it to all the men who put their bodies on the line every week, year and after year. Thank you so much for the memories, goodnight and farewell.

Winter Sanderson
And last, but certainly not least is another man who stuck around for a very long time, and who made his mark by capturing the Action Zone Championship in a series of memorable matches. Our final Action Zone hall of fame inductee, give it up for Triple D!

*Triple D makes his way out onto the stage to a roaring round of applause, and he smiles and removes his shades with a flick of the wrist, before making his way over to the podium as the crowd start chanting his name.*

Triple D
Now, ‘The Great One’ wants to start by thanking firstly and foremost, all of his millions *Triple D puts the microphone to the crowd*


Of his fans, for making this possible. Without them, none of this would be possible. ‘The Great One’ is honoured to receive this accolade, and wants to thank all of the men and women who helped him get to the top over the years. Thank you.

*Fades to commercial.*
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PostSubject: Shane Powers Promo   Sat Aug 29, 2009 3:58 am

Here comes the money!!!

Shane Powers comes dancing onto the stage, and jog-skips to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and grabbing a microphone from a stagehand. He beams widely, looking out at the crowd, who are cheering loudly.

Shane Powers: Thank you, thank you all. It's a pleasure to be able to stand before you all one last time. And let me assure you, tonight will be like no other. For one night only, I promise you, the lights will be bright, the stars will shine, the matches will be five star. Feuds will be relived, and in some cases ended. You will see legends return, matches that will blow your mind, promos that will leave you on your knees begging for more, and sending you reeling towards your JWA:EWA video or dvd collections.

Shane Powers: Unfortunately, before the show starts, I feel it is necessary for me to respond to some accusations sent my way when JWA:EWA closed. First, let me quickly talk about ExWA, as a reference point for our newer viewers. ExWA was founded when my father took a mysterious leave of absence. ExWA was born from the seed of JWA, not the seed of Al Powers, not the seed of Shane Powers. ExWA was a product of it's roster, merely the sum of its parts. ExWA was home to creativity, where dreams were realised, where ideas and ingenuity were rewarded, not plageurised. And, most of all, ExWA was known for delivering exactly what the people wanted. Not some preconceived dream of its owner, but what the people and the roster wanted to see. If a match was requested, it was usually accepted. If a feud began, we added fuel to the fire. We didn't interject our own bizarre ill-conceived ideas into people's storylines. Take Senor Gomez as an example. Under Al Powers on Action Zone, he was forced into a program he had no interest in with someone my father drafted in. This guy didn't bother showing up week after week, but still Gomez was forced to try and perpetuate the weak storyline imposed on him by Al. Conversely, in ExWA Senor Gomez wanted to form a tag team with Reaper. We told him to take the ball and run with it, and one of the most hellacious tag teams in the history of this industry was formed. See the difference?

Shane Powers: ExWA was a cult classic in it's time. But ExWA never pretended to be anything more than what it was; a stop gap until Al Powers returned. It's somewhat telling that, on my father's return, and the roster's subsequent return to JWA:EWA, my father showed not a hint of displeasure at ExWA's provenance or it's willing end. In fact he most graciously thanked myself and Winter Sanderson for creating it, and keeping everyone together.

Shane rests himself over the top rope, then looks at the floor on the outside. Momentarily he looks sad, and shakes his head.

Shane Powers: But don't get me wrong. I was sad to see JWA:EWA die. But the circumstances were complicated. You see, my father only reopened for a 'One Night Stand', much like the event we will be holding here shortly. But my father secretly had other ideas; he believed that if his show came off well enough, he could kickstart JWA:EWA. This was his idea of resuscitation. Unfortunately, he was the only one with that in mind. Before the show, he ran Warzone Underground. Always the C show, noone really wanted to be on it. And his idea of punishment for this was to think up more and more ridiculous ways to have no-showers 'killed off' on the shows. Clever prosthetics and stunt men cost a bomb and he spent so much effort on these that he forgot to pay half the guys around at the time. And so alot of guys never bothered turning up at all. Guys like Virus, Vegito, and other great names were all made to look insignificant, despite their lasting and show-I daresay fed defining careers. The whole spirit of JWA:EWA was lost. In a bid to give the show some credibility my father even drafted in no hopers from a 'predetermined fed' which Tommy Polo was a part of, but this only served to disgust the loyal members still remaining. The only quality match of the night was the main event, and even that left alot to be desired. In all respects, JWA:EWA One Night Stand was a disappointment and left a sour taste in people's mouths. Worse still, in the post ONS environment, Al Powers took people's disinterest in the show he continued to run after the pay per view to heart and started 'killing them off' as well. He didn't understand that people had no interest in WZU, they'd signed up for a One Night Stand, and nothing more. They wanted no part of WZU, especially as it was just home to lowly talent and 'death scenes' at this stage. Al offended alot of people by questioning their loyalty to JWA:EWA in lieu of their disinterest.

Shane kicks the bottom rope in frustration.

Shane Powers: And to top it all off he fired me. Why? Because I made mention of an ExWA version of a One Night Stand. My father apparently felt so threatened by this post- JWA:EWA ONS suggestion that he got rid of me and tried his hardest to defame me. Which might've worked if anyone was still watching. But, this is not the time to be bitter. In honesty, I am mindful of the situation from his perspective. Everyone retired, and yet they said they'd be willing to appear on an ExWA show one more time. This must have looked bad to Al, especially as the majority of the people who would've turned up were those who had left JWA:EWA somewhat acrimoniously. Hindsight is a magnificent tool. It is only a shame that, at the time, we didn't have it to hand. Al acted in reflex, I acted in reflex, and ill feeling was procreated. To this day, he probably thinks that I killed JWA. But this is not true.
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PostSubject: Re: ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----   Sat Aug 29, 2009 3:59 am

Shane hangs his head, and looks disheartened.

Shane Powers: For so long, we were a powerful force together. Noone whatsoever disputes that when doing the right thing, my father is the best there is at running shows. His matches are second to none. Perhaps the booking may be a little short sighted on occasion, but that is forgivable, noone ever said they are perfect. I sure made my share of mistakes in my time, as I am sure everyone does. But one thing I did do was defend JWA:EWA to the death. When JWA:EWA was invaded by people like The 'Original' Corpse, Dark Hal0, Franchise, Enlow and so forth, who was it who went into the shark infested water to solve the situation? When WCXF members and JWA:EWA members thought they were at war, who was the go between? When my father and Makaveli fell out, who was it who smoothed those waters? Every time my father became incommunicado, who was it who banded the roster together and kept everyone together? I'll give you a clue, you're looking at him. I did all these things, not for my father, not for myself, not for anyone's ego, but to keep the spirit of JWA:EWA alive. It is this spirit that made JWA:EWA what it was. Not me, not my father, not Winter Sanderson, not Tommy Polo, not The Corpse, not The Invincible, not Virus, not...you see my point. No one person was the sum total of JWA:EWA. If that were true, then it wouldn't have fallen to dust when it was running soley on Warzone Underground. I admit to some clandestine activities in WWCWF, but these were undertaken...to protect JWA:EWA. Dad, I don't, haven't, never will, hated JWA. Noone here has. The only reason this show hasnt happened sooner, and why you've refused to help run it, is that you let your paranoia rule your mind.

Shane shakes his head, and some rowdy fans start chanting for Needles 'The Snitch'. Shane can't help a little smile at hearing the name chanted.

Shane Powers: Ah...a true ExWA original. Ironic that...considering he was probably the last guy to work a match in JWA:EWA. But back to my original point...Paranoia. Look around, daddy. This is the house that paranoia built. You see, I had no hand in anyone retiring. Half the guys didnt retire anyway. You think people follow me like I'm a shepherd, but I'd have as much luck running a fed today as you would. People said yes to a possible ExWA show because a; it was a one off show, and not a commitment, and b; it allowed them to revisit a fun time, which hadn't been recreated for most of them at ONS. Either they'd been forced out before the show, or they'd been disatisfied with how the show turned out. You know who I am talking about when I say that. And yet, because they are a close friend, you think I put the thought in their head, because it couldn't possibly be true that they didn't enjoy something. Like, not being on camera for 90% of a match. Put that down to production. But dont blame me if someone wants to have a bit more memorable final match in their career than 10% of camera time, half of that being their entrance. Do you know the funniest thing, dad? There never even was an ExWA show! It was just an idea. I thought of it after JWA:EWA ONS. It was an IDEA. You fired your only son because of your paranoia over an idea.

Shane looks up, purposefully, into the crowd, who are all listening intently.

Shane Powers: I want to show you all something. I think it will help put my point across, as well as letting you truly see my father's stance.

The screen comes to life, and shows a clip from JWA:EWA Warzone Underground

Warzone Underground 20 wrote:
Al Powers – As many of you know, many old JWA:EWA superstars have retired at least from a JWA:EWA ring. Reason, hell if I know. I understand if the toll of a strenuous career in JWA:EWA has finally caught up with them. Or the massive beatings they put on each other has forced them to give up wrestling. But for the reasons given to me are down right……….selfish and dumb. Mind you, JWA:EWA wasn’t supposed to last to this point. The doors were supposed to be shut down long ago, even before the alleged One Night Stand a couple weeks ago, but the doors stayed open because several old superstars wanted to continue their careers. But over that time between me announcing One Night Stand and the event actually happening, many stars grew tired and weary. It was not me who wanted to push the event back two months. I wanted to have it back in the winter, but to accommodate the schedules of many of these stars, I scheduled the event when it took place. By this time, many stars had been booted from the promotion for being juvenile and disrespectful. Thus, leaving scraps to pick through to create the One Night Stand. Somewhere in the midst of everything, even the most so-called loyal JWA:EWA stars turned coat. Once they saw that JWA:EWA was going to keep the doors open for later explained reasons, they felt that the legacy of JWA:EWA would be tarnished, if not by the One Night Stand because not many original members took part in the event.

* The crowd continues to listen. *

Al Powers – Though later talks with a former JWA:EWA member, it was revealed that the reason many of these stars didn’t return was because of a few individuals talking to them for another venture. A venture that would mimic what my original plan was for under another banner. As if that banner would have existed if not me taking a unwanted hiatus from running this promotion. They will call it their One Night Stand and put the legacy of JWA:EWA to rest for good, but say it was all about them. I say………………..GO FOR IT!!!!! Knock yourselves out. Just because it doesn’t involve me, doesn’t mean my influence won’t be felt. I birthed many of you so-called superstars. Superstars who never wondered beyond the yard that I created and found success elsewhere. You can say that I have nothing to do with what you’re planning, but truth be told, I have plenty to do with it. Without JWA:EWA, there wouldn’t be any of you. I was the home that you sought when you needed a friend to talk to, because I created that home. I won’t go as far as saying, these so-called superstars are biting the hand that fed them, because quite frankly, all dogs play amongst each other, as the master sits and laughs at his children play. The master doesn’t have to get involved, as long as he knows that his children will be alright in their playful state. I know unkind words will be spoken against my name, but hey, that’s their childish ways. They are children. Children who don’t have a mind of their own, lead by a figurehead who poisons everything he touches. The others look up to this “figurehead” as their leader, as if he created the yard they play in. They do as he does, think as he thinks, and when he say jump, they ask how high.

Shane Powers: Juvenile and disrespectful; this refers to the guys who went to WWCWF. The likes of Bryan Stinberg and Shane O Riley. Big losses?

Shane shakes his head, and several fans hold up 'JobbeRLY' signs.

Shane Powers: So these 'scraps'. Let's see who comprised the show, shall we? Pohatu, Dan Piechowski, Senor Gomez, The Corpse, The Dawg, Ric Flair, The Invincible, Satan's Priest, Needles, Shadow, 3T, Reaper, Triple D.

Shane clears his throat, as some fans shout 'Po-hat-who?' at the top of their lungs.

Shane Powers: From the top. Pohatu stayed around, had also gone to WWCWF in the meridian, and was always known for being in more than one spot at once. To suggest I coerced his career is spurious. Dan Piechowski, I have no contact with, and seems to have stayed the course with you. Senor Gomez, we covered above. He wanted to retire at JWA:EWA ONS, but was dissatisfied with his match. The Corpse retired at ONS, stated so before and after, and has stayed true to that promise. The Dawg, a scrap of JWA history? I couldnt even put a name to a face. Ric Flair didn't even show for ONS, never mind after. That is down to him and his issues. The Invincible was retired anyway, and made a promo that night. Funnily enough, he's performing tonight, purely because he misses JWA. That's no slight on you, that's a Goddamn compliment. Satan's Priest, God knows. Needles stayed with you to the end despite being an ExWA original and despite being misused as a talent. Shadow left because his friends left, I will give you that one. But that doesnt mean he did so out of malice. 3T stuck around, and has always been true to JWA. Reaper stuck around only to be screwed for being tag partners with Gomez. Your doing not mine. Triple D stuck around from what I can see. And so from the whole ONS card, we see one person who followed the rest, and not a shred of an inclination that I 'coerced' anyone to or from the show.

Shane sighs.

Shane Powers: I think it's a real shame I am reduced to Goddamned roster itineraries to stop my name being sullied and myself being fingered as the progenitor of JWA's downfall as a fed. It's sad that you feel you 'birthed' everyone though. You take credit for everyone's creativity. You should take pride in keeping creativity and morale high, and procreating that atmosphere every week, not in taking credit for all that you see. And you should also accept the fact that Action Zone was a big success. How many of your Extreme Zone stars appeared at One Night Stand? Only The Corpse. The rest who showed were all active on Action Zone. You realised this and wrestled the book from my hands so that you could claim credit for its success, when in actuality it was the continued efforts of Winter Sanderson, despite several disagreements with you, and myself at different junctures, that helped those stars flourish on Action Zone. Your contribution was to try and bring in 'Executioner' from Polo's predetermined fed, who ran and never appeared after his debut, most likely because he couldn't handle real competition, nevermind competition the calibre of Gomez. Yet still you booked the feud for weeks on end, wasting Gomez's time and trying his patience to the limit. One of the show's biggest stars, being burnt out and wasted perpetually for no good reason. And you wonder why he wasn't happy with One Night Stand. Gomez is just one example. The fact is, you pushed your way into booking Action Zone when Extreme Zone was floundering, and you made a mess of it.

Shane looks around. People are on their feet, cheering for him, some finally realising the truth, and some acknowledging what they were scared to previously.

Shane Powers: But dad, I have no ill feeling towards you. You may find some of my words cutting, but they are not intended in such a way. You've known me long enough-my whole life in fact-to know that I am a straight talker. I hope you will actually digest what I said here tonight, and not just stew and think of a way to 'retort' and make me look bad. The fact is we both made mistakes. The fact is you misunderstood me. You underestimated my loyalty. You found the atmosphere of a sinking ship so alien that you pointed fingers as a means of coping. And I found the sight of a sinking ship so disappointing that, yes, I was overly blunt with you. Do you really throw years of hard work away on the basis of one fiery msn conversation? Surely you're bigger than that.

Shane's face lights up, and he looks out into the sea of fans, packing the arena to the rafters.

Shane Powers: With that episode out of the way, let's get this show started!
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PostSubject: JWA:EWA Classic Flashback 2   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:04 am

JWA:EWA Classic Match
No Mercy '04
The Invincible vs. Reaper, Undisputed Title

Quote :
TI gets an arm up and Reaper picks him up again, hitting a ‘Game Over’. Blood starts flowing from TI’s open wounds from the hardcore match and Reaper picks him up again, tossing him into the turnbuckle and as TI comes out of the corner Reaper unleashes the ‘last stand’ and TI falls against the ropes, the last Enziguiri kick having hit his ear. TI looks woozy and Reaper bounces him off the ropes, and catches him with a backdrop. Reaper lifts TI up again and whips him into the ropes, going for a clothesline, but TI ducks it and comes off the far ropes with a knee to Reaper’s gut. TI catches his breath a moment, putting a hand to his ear and cupping it around the open wound exposed by Reaper. TI kicks Reaper in the back and picks him up, hitting a Fifty State Suplex. TI whips Reaper into the ropes and hits ‘Old Glory’, and goes straight for the ‘Allegiance Lock’. Reaper struggles as TI arches his back more and more. Reaper claws forwards and somehow grabs the bottom rope, forcing TI to break the hold. TI is frustrated and pulls Reaper by his foot away from the bottom rope. TI whips Reaper into the ropes and goes for the ‘Soaring Eagle’ but Reaper ducks, and TI hits the referee. Reaper turns and faces TI, and yells at him.


TI looks confused but then remembers their conversation before. TI runs to the outside while the ref is out and grabs a chair. TI rolls back in and is apprehensive. Reaper is yelling at TI to hit him with the chair. TI complies finally and crushes the chair on Reaper’s head. Reaper snaps up and is smiling. TI hits him twice more, and Reaper reacts the same. TI hits the ropes and cracks the chair over Reaper’s head so hard that the seat flies off its hinges and the chair is just a frame. Reaper smiles and looks a little woozy, then takes a step back, forgetting to put his foot down, and lands on his a$$. TI throws the chair out and kicks away the debris. Reaper is sat starry-eyed looking forwards and TI hits as standing dropkick to his face. Reaper falls back and TI looks confident. TI locks in the De-Feater Anklelock and Reaper looks like tapping, but the referee is still out. TI holds on with the hold and Reaper makes the ropes. Despite the ref being out TI still breaks the hold. TI puts Reapers leg on the middle rope and jumps on it. Reaper rolls across the ring holding his ankle and the referee starts to recover. TI follows Reaper and hits the Freedom Slam, and covers Reaper. White drags himself forwards and makes the count:




Reaper somehow kicks out of TI’s finishing manoeuvre.

Dawe: I guess The Invincible must have not hit that move so hard because he is tired out.

Speaks: That could very well be. Fatigue will be setting in on both these men by now.

TI gets up and hits another Freedom Slam, this time going to the top rope and hitting a picture perfect Moonsault for the cover:




Reaper again kicks out. TI is frustrated and gets to his feet, looking questioningly at the referee. Reaper kicks the back of TI’s legs and gets to his feet. Reaper baits TI and locks on the Mandible claw. TI staggers about in the hold and starts to drop out of consciousness. Referee White lifts TI’s arm 1…2…No! TI raises his arm on the third attempt and somehow struggles to the ropes. Reaper is frustrated and as TI approaches him again he plants him with the Soul Reaver Chokeslam. Reaper covers TI and the referee makes the count:




TI gets a shoulder up. The fans applaud the effort of both men and people start to wonder what it will take for either man to win this match. Reaper raises TI up and tosses him into the turnbuckle. Reaper follows through with a clothesline and a bulldog. Reaper lifts TI up and positions him for a death valley driver, but TI rolls off Reaper’s back into a sunset flip position, and locks on the De-Feater Anklelock. Reaper falls forwards and TI grapevines his legs around Reaper’s leg. Reaper is yelling out in agony but not tapping. Timmy White is right in front of Reaper but still he doesn’t tap. Reaper tries to crawl to the ropes but TI is like a bulldog and wont let go, and forcibly stops him from moving at all. Reaper starts to fade and stops yelling, and the referee lifts his arm: 1…2…No! Reaper lifts his arm up, but almost immediately he collapses on his face. The referee asks him if he wants to quit, and he doesn’t respond. Again the referee lifts Reapers arm: 1………..2………...3! The referee hops to his feet and points to the bell.

Schultz: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this match, and, NEEEEEWWW, Undisputed Champion, The Invincible!

TI drops Reaper’s ankle and gets to his feet, soaking in the moment and the immense response from the crowd. TI looks down at Reaper and helps him to his feet. Timmy White hands TI the belt, and TI raises Reaper’s hand in the air with the belt.

Speaks: What a match.

Dawe: Now I really need those tissues!

Speaks: Tremendous show of class from The Invincible. These guys were friends coming into this match, and leaving with an even closer bond.

Reaper, still starry eyed, looks a little distant but recognises what has happened, and applauds his friend. Confetti falls from the ceiling as No Mercy comes to a close. *
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PostSubject: Winter Sanderson Promo   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:05 am

*After that classic flashback has finished airing on the big screen, the crowd’s attention is firmly back in the arena and to reality. A few seconds pass, before ‘Shot Through The heart’ By Bon Jovi blares loudly over the speakers, and the fans pop for the former Action Zone General Manager Winter Sanderson. Winter makes his way out onto the stage, and he gives a warm wave and smile to the crowd, before slowly making his way down to the ring, soaking up the atmosphere and living the experience. He gets to the ring, and climbs the steel steps on the outside, before climbing in between the ropes and positioning himself in the centre of the ring. He takes the mic in his hand and raises it to his lips. Winter waits for the crowd to eventually die down, as their obvious excitement at the first glimpse of tonight’s show boils over.*

Winter Sanderson
Well good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. Firstly I’d like to thank everyone for making the trip here tonight. To achieve a sell out crowd is more than impressive, and it says it all about JWA:EWA and it’s legacy that we’re so well supported tonight. Without the support of you fans over the years, JWA:EWA would never have grown to be the close knit community that it did.

A JWA:EWA chant breaks out over Winter’s words, but the former Action Zone General Manager continues to try and get through his speech.

Winter Sanderson
It is an honor for me and Shane Powers to be able to present this card to you today, a card that we hopes recaptures the essence of the real JWA:EWA and what it stood for, that you can all savour and enjoy. It’s been a long time since anything JWA:EWA was released, and so booking this card presented myself and Mr. Powers with a unique and challenging opportunity, and we hope that it paid off and you all enjoy what we’ve got in store for you tonight. It’s about celebrating what made JWA:EWA great...it’s talented and dedicated superstars. Tonight is a tribute to all those that put their bodies on the line night after night. We had some fantastically good times, we had some horribly bad times...but we had a hell of a bunch of memories, that’s for sure.

The crowd are peppering Winter’s speech with applause and aplomb

Winter Sanderson
On a personal note, I’d like to thank Shane Powers for helping pull all this together, and making it an authentic representation of what JWA:EWA was and is. I will hold up proceedings no longer, for tonight is about showcasing the undeniable talent that comprised our humble federation. It still makes me smile to know that people remember and think about JWA:EWA still, even though the doors closed with something of a slight nearly four years ago. Long may the legacy of JWA:EWA continue, many years into the future. Please make sure you enjoy the show and all the hard work that’s gone into forging it.

*The crowd cheer this announcement raucously, and Winter smiles, and drops the mic, before bowing his head a little, as the show fades to commercial with him standing alone in the ring, surrounded by manically cheering fans across the arena.*
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PostSubject: Extreme Zone Triple Threat   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:07 am

Johnny Vegas: Ladies and Gentlemen, our opening contest for the evening will now begin! Representing the Extreme Zone brand, this is the first match in the tournament to crown not only the dominant show in JWA:EWA, but also the official JWA:EWA 'MVP'. Introducting first, weighing in at 320lbs, from Parts Unknown, Vegito!

The lights go out and all of a sudden “Man Behind the Mask” is heard. Vegito emerges through the curtains to a standing ovation. He continues to walk slowly to the ring and then gets to the stairs. He raises one hand and enters the ring holding out his fists preparing to fight and almost as if he were preparing like a boxer.

Dean Malenko: Vegito looks lean and limbered up for the contest, and I consider him a strong favourite.

Irvin Fury: Well aren't you the brain surgeon.

Dean Malenko: We've had unconfirmed reports so far tonight that Ric Flair will not be here tonight due to a stroke. I'm being informed that indeed Mr. Flair is not here tonight.

Irvin Fury: As I say...arent you the brain surgeon. That news has been all over the net for more than a week now.

Dean Malenko: I don't know why I bother.

Irvin Fury: Nor do I.

Johnny Vegas: Aaand his opponent, introducing first, fro...

Johnny Vegas is tugged on the shoulder by an official for the show, who whispers something in his ear.

Johnny Vegas: Ah...Ladies and Gentlemen, I've been informed that Ric Flair has indeed suffered a stroke and is currently in hospital being treated. This match will now be a one on one match. Introducing Vegito's opponent, he weighs in at 255lbs, also from Parts Unknown, Vulcan!

Screams of ‘BURN IN HELL’ are heard and the stage erupts into flame,and Vulcan steps out. He turns around slowly as “Burn in Hell” by Cradle of Filth begins to blast and then Vulcan runs as flames follow him all the way, and surround the ring as he slides in. JWA:EWA fans pop loud for Vulcan, who hasn't been seen for some time.

Johnny Vegas: This match is a Buried Alive Match!

The bell rings, and Vulcan is looking a little tired, blown up from running to the ring. Suddenly he starts flailing, and as he spins in circles we notice that he didn't beat the fire to the ring, and his trousers are on fire. Vegito stands back, looking entirely bemused. Vulcan jumps out of the ring and towards the pile of earth next to the hole dug out for the match. He starts to writhe around in the earth, and manages to put out the flames. Vulcan lies exhausted on his back, and Vegito steps over the top rope, walking in his direction. Vegito nudges Vulcan with his foot and Vulcan feebly bats away his foot with his hand. Vegito picks Vulcan up, and hits the spirit bomb into the open hole in the floor. Vegito piles on the earth, and in no time Vulcan is completely covered and the bell rings.

Johnny Vegas: The winner of this match, and advancing to the Final, Vegito!

Vegito's eyes roll back into his head, and he raises an arm in celebration.

Irvin Fury: What the Hell was that? That wasn't even Warzone worthy.

Dean Malenko: Well, it seems Vulcan wasn't all with us tonight.

Irvin Fury: That's an understatement. He's lucky he was against a merciful guy like Vegito, or he could've been seriously hurt coming out in such a dire state.

Dean Malenko: Well, reports have indicated that Vulcan was experiencing alot of personal problems in the run up to the show. He was obviously not as focused as he could have been.

Irvin Fury: What a coincidence. If my memory serves, he only ever made an effort if he was being gifted title shots anyway. It's funny how he's had no time to promo yet he's been in the area every day watching what everyone else has done.

Dean Malenko: Steady on, lets not go casting aspersions. This night is about reliving the best of JWA:EWA, and a dominant Vegito certainly belongs in that category.

Irvin Fury: True enough.

Cameras pan in on the filled pit of earth, and in on Vegito, who looks as fresh as he was when he came out, and hasn't broken a sweat.

Up Next: Tag Team Hall of Fame!

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PostSubject: JWA:EWA Tag Team hall of Fame Inductions   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:09 am

Tag Team Hall of Fame Inductions

As the carnage from the last match is cleared away, a gold video package shows on the screen, showing a vast collection of classic JWA:EWA tag teams, and tag team matches. As soon as the package is finished, a very familiar song hits...


The crowd get to their feet and give a standing ovation as legendary tag team wrestler Road Warrior Animal steps out onto the stage, sans facepaint, in a sharp suit. Animal acknowledges the crowd, and waits for them to die down a little before holding up his mic and starting to speak.

Road Warrior Animal: Thank you everyone, thank you. Welcome to the first JWA:EWA Hall of Fame ceremony of the night! I'm here as compere for the occasion. We're here tonight to celebrate those men who not only forged great singles careers here in the JWA:EWA, but who also banded together and in the spirit of myself and Hawk, God rest his soul, created some Hellacious tag teams that will be remembered for as long as we live. First next up, presenting the first hall of fame induction, Bryan Stinberg!

‘I Am’ starts playing as Bryan appears from behind the curtain, looking smug and posing for the audience who have no idea how to react to this. He smiles and points at the camera’s, but his song is interrupted and shut down. He turns and looks around, yelling at technicians, demanding answers for the error but they can’t offer him any. Suddenly, from behind him, Reaper is flung up into the air, through the steel flooring, yelling in agony as his skull hits the metal, but terrifying the hell out of Stinberg. When Reaper lands Stinberg grabs him by the collar and starts yelling at him, but Reaper just cackles in his face. Meanwhile, Senor Gomez he run out from the back, grabbed Stinberg by the collar and flung him away from Reaper, he’s rolling around on the floor, laughing hard and kicking his legs. Stinberg recovers, but is immediately speared by Gomez, who stays on him and punches the snot right out of his face. He stops, maybe showing some mercy, or not satisfied with the level of resistance thus far, and turns to Reaper, ordering him to stop being such a child and do something. Reaper gets up and starts laughing at Reaper, taking the piss now, and Gomez frustratedly whips out a fluorescent light tube and smashes it over his head. Reaper keeps laughing and Gomez Reapers, this time prompting Reaper to tell him to settle down and get on with the job.

By this time, Stinbergs got to his feet and charged at the pair, taking them down with a double clothesline. He begins yelling egotistically, stomping at them until Reaper grabs his ankle and twists it, pulling Stinberg to the ground. Reaper keeps a hold of the ankle and drags Stinberg face down across the steel grating. Gomez gets up and hops down from the ramp and rummages amongst the random bits of furniture and equipment strewn in that area and pulls out a pair of steel chairs. Reaper sees this and grins, helping Stinberg to his knees, apologising and making excuses for behaving so badly, but tip toes towards Gomez who hands him a chair. As soon as Stinberg turns around the HaRdCoRe legends hit him with an explosive conchairto, bringing him back down onto the steel. Gomez and Reaper high five then wave and salute the standing ovation they are receiving. Stinberg begins to stir, which astounds Reaper, who reaches into his tights.

Reaper: Not that I’m aroused by this, which isn’t why I’m reaching into my tights, but he is a tough bugger ain’t he?

Reaper pulls Slater out of his tights and holds it up for all to see. He walks over to Stinberg and hands him Slater, then tells him to use him as a cup, for protective purposes. Stinbergs too beaten to understand why Reaper is doing this but obeys, only for Reaper to take a running kick, kicking Slater straight into his nads. Gomez reacts quick, and before Stinberg has a chance to scream, has a hand around his throat and hits a massive Om Slam, flatlining Stinberg. Reaper and Gomez high five again, then Reaper has an idea. He pops down to just below the rampway and finds some duct tape. He then, with the assistance of Gomez and a technician, straps various bits of metal and wood to his back, including Slater. Gomez and Reaper walk back to the crumpled mess that was Stinberg, and begin talking. Gomez looks confused for a second but all becomes clear when Reaper makes some kind of hand gesture involving going up, then coming back down hard again. Gomez and Reaper dish a two gun salute to the crowd, then Gomez Om Slams Reaper onto Stinberg, finishing him off. The crowd go nuts, and Gomez helps Reaper back up who is yelling in a mix of agony and excitement. The pair wave and smile, Reaper holding his side, as they begin to leave, until Gomez notices something on the floor. He picks it up and approaches the podium.

Senor Gomez: We’re not sure who’s this is but thanks.

The Hardcore Legends get a standing ovation, then leave the podium as Animal steps up again.

Road Warrior Animal: Ladies and Gentlemen, inducting our next tag team, The Invincible!

The Invincible strides out. Surprising due to his match coming up so soon, Mister No Mercy was wearing a suit, the black and white a stark difference to his his usual red, white and blue singlet. . Standing off to the side of the podium, TI then takes center stage, resting his hands on either side of the podium, and leaning to speak into the microphone.

TI: The next induction into our tag team Hall of Fame is for a team that, while they weren’t around for very long due to JWA’s impending doom, they still made an impact that made it so folks were forced to take notice of them. They took the tag titles from a pair of men that were gigantic, from men that were deemed as possibly being impossible to stop. They did it with ease, too. They did the same thing in JWA’s child, the ExWA, when they defeated Gomez and his partner. Nature, ladies and gentlemen, is a team that deserves this honor. So, it’s with great honor, that I now present this ring to YOUR new tag team Hall of Famer, ladies and gentlemen, Pohatu.

Picking up the two ring boxes from the podium, TI handed them both to Pohatu, who smiled as he took them from Mister No Mercy’s hands. Stepping back from the podium, one of the top stars of ActionZone gestured at the microphone. At first, the Electric Enigma shook his head, but as a loud ‘Speech! Speech! Speech!’ chant started up, Pohatu finally stepped forward, setting his hands down against the wooden podium, a ring case underneath each hand. His fingers were spread out in an almost protective manner over each case, the Iowan leaned forward, blinking a bit before finally beginning to speak.

Pohatu: To say...that this is a surprise would, for once, be telling the complete and total truth. I had figured with how long a history the great JWA had, that the impact that Tiger and I thought we had made was, in reality, nothing more than a splash. Clearly this ceremony and these rings say otherwise, though, huh? No, don’t worry, I won’t be holding onto both of them. Tiger will be receiving his. Only reason he isn’t here tonight is due simply to the fact of his family being in a tight spot.

Getting back on topic, though...thank you, to Winter Sanderson for running ActionZone, to The Invincible for his kind words, and to you, the audience of JWA:EWA for making it so that this was able to happen. JWA was what helped make it so that my career was able to take off, what made Tiger’s career take off...and what made Nature come together. Which means that, without a shadow of a doubt, that without the opportunities given by the JWA, that this very ceremony would not be taking place. Sure, we weren’t given that much of a chance to shine again when JWA died and came back shortly after we teamed together, but we made a name for ourselves during that brief time.

So, it is with all this in mind that I accept these rings with the pride of what was done. Thank you...all of you.

Stepping back from the podium, with a ring case in each hand, Pohatu then raised his arms up...and brought them down in a repetitive motion, turning on the heels of his feet as he did this motion, facing towards the fans each time he did it. After he had finished paying homage to the people that had made him successful, the Electric Enigma then walked to the curtain with TI right behind him, the two of them disappearing behind it.

Road Warrior Animal: Aaand introducing our next inductees, Winter Sanderson!

Winter Sanderson: Your next inductees are...Shades of Sin!

A highlight package is shown showing the Three Shades of Sin in it's different incarnations, then the video starts to show individual and tag team highlights from Chronic and Vegito specifically. The package ends, and Vegito emerges onto the JWA:EWA stage for the first time in over four years, to a huge crowd pop.

Vegito: To accept this award for the Shades of Sin is an honor. The only thing missing was Chronic not being here as he had a major hand in it. I could not have done it without him. It was a great time to be a team and we just had to prove ourselves to be in the elite. To do that and be remembered as part of that team is just amazing. It is an honor and something that I will hold greater than being a major champion because this is a symbol of being a champion of champions.

Road Warrior Animal: Ladies and Germs, your next inductees, are to be inducted by Randy Orton!

Randy Orton makes his way to the podium to the Requiem theme, and the crowd reign boos down on him.

Randy Orton: That's what I thought! You people never gave a damn about Randy Orton. In fact no matter how many faces I tried, you always tired of me. But the joke is on you all! The next tag team inducted was comprised of my former tag team partner, Batista, and Tommy Polo, aka...

Randy Orton pulls off a mask, and reveals himself as Tommy Polo.

Randy Orton: Me! Together known as the Treacherous Two! So on behalf of me, and Batista, who is out right now with uhh...an injury...yes thats it...I want to thank Al Powers for giving me such a successful career, pushing me further than I could ever imagine, and thank the riff raff running the show tonight for...nothing! Yes, before I was bemoaning the world and his wife week in and out, demanding the title shots I was used to under Al Powers from other GM's, and complaining when anyone but me was pushed, I actually had a pretty damn good tag team going! Now, allow me to rant.

Orton/Polo/half of the JWA:EWA roster at different times is suddenly escorted backstage by security, all the while shouting 'I made you! I made you all!' and a confused Animal raises his eyebrows, shake his head and continues.

Road Warrior Animal: Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the next Hall of fame induction, Reaper!

Reaper appears from behind the curtain to an applauding audience. In one hand he carries a plague, the other is waving. He stands at the podium and gives a cheesy smile.

Reaper: Thank you ladies and gentleman. Tonight I have the honour of inducting two of my favourite drinking buddies into JWA:EWA’s hall of fame. The two wouldn’t need an introduction due to their infamy throughout the mainstream wrestling world, but without introductions we would have awkward situations where no one would know when to come out! So, with much pleasure, allow me to introduce, my brothers in founding JWA’s brand of the New World Order, The Outsiders, Big Daddy Cool Kevin Nash and Scott Hall!

Reaper stands back and holds an extended arm towards the curtain welcoming the Outsiders back to the ramp way. The new world order theme song plays as Kevin Nash appears first, smiling, happy to be back in a JWA ring. Hall appears shortly afterwards, stumbling out of the curtain and hitting Nash, who has to hold him up. Nash’s eyes roll in his head before he helps Hall to the podium where Reaper is giggling in amusement. He shakes Nash’s hand, then Hall jumps onto Reaper, latching onto him. Reaper laughs more and tells him that he needs to speak to the crowd. Nash looms over the podium and pulls Hall by the shirt next to him.

Kevin Nash: I’d like to first off thank everyone responsible for booking us, signing us and all that junk, things have been a bit difficult, spesh for Scott but…

Scott Hall: I’m shhooo glad that the JWA’ssshhh had tassstteessss!

This causes a cheer to erupt from the crowd, though Nash nudges Hall aside.

Kevin Nash: I’d like to thank some of the superstars and management, especially Reaper back there for trying to help Scott with his alcohol problems…It’s just a shame it hasn’t really worked…

Scott Hall: I don’t have a problem! I drink, I laugh, I fall down, simple and problemlessshh! At least I can resist finger pokessss from geezers!

The crowd laugh and whoooo loudly and Reaper is seen to burst into hysterics behind them. Nash goes to throttle Hall, but then laughs with him, and the two hug.

Kevin Nash: Well played Scott, well played.

Scott scrunches up his face in an extreme forced cheeky smile.

Kevin Nash: We’d like to thank everyone who came down to the shows to watch me and Scott dominate that ring down there, we had a lot of fun. We took home the tag titles for a little while together, had a great laugh, and kept some of the guys down here in check. But…uh…I can’t really think of a lot to say…

Scott Hall: Happy New years!!

Kevin Nash: That’d work, but not here. I guess to round up, we’d like to thank you guys out there in the audience, for this award, for your continual support of us, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed the show so far, and that you’ll continue to enjoy it. It’s going to be amazing. Thank you everyone!

The crowd stand and cheer as Nash raises a fist. Hall looks up at what he’s doing and imitates, then takes the plaque with his free hand and raises that too. Reaper applauds and steps forward shaking their hands, points to them and yells, then disappears behind the curtain with the pair of them.

Road Warrior Animal: And on that note, let's hear it once more for your Hall of Fame inductees!

The crowd give a standing applause, and the inductees celebrate a little, before moving backstage as the official for the night's first contest runs down to the ring/

Next Up: Shadow vs. The Invincible!

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PostSubject: The Invincible Vs. Shadow 3 Stages of hell   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:11 am

Bonus Footage

Quote :
Schultz: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is our main event, and is for the Undisputed Action Zone Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, hailing from The Crypt, the Quebec Phenom, Shadow!

Fans rise to their feet as the lights in the arena cut, and mist engulfs the rampway. Shadow appears and takes a long walk down to the ring, soaking up the atmosphere. Shadow climbs the ringsteps, raises his arms in the air, and the lights raise. Shadow steps into the ring and waits.

Schultz: And his opponent, from Milwaukee Wisconsin, The hardcore Patriot, The Invincible!

God Bless The U.S.A by Lee Greenwood plays over the pa as a wide variety of patriotic images appear on Action Vision. The Invincible emerges from behind the curtain with an American Flag to receive the showers of cheers and dozens of flags waving gallantly in the Greenwich audience. TI stops on the stage and waves the flag proudly. Red, White and Blue pyro go off as TI puts the flag over his shoulder and walks down to the ring. When TI gets to the ring, he climbs a turnbuckle and starts waving the flag again while millions of the fans snap photographs. TI climbs into the ring and hands his flag to Maria Schultz. TI looks into the eyes of Shadow and his music cuts.

Speaks: Billed as ‘settling an old rivalry’, these two will finally get to settle their differences, and with gold on the line.

Dawe: I cant wait.

Schultz: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just been informed that this match has now become a street fight!

*Shadow licks his lips and TI smiles at the announcement. Right from the bell, TI charges Shadow and goes for ‘Old Gory’, but Shadow feints left and uses TI’s momentum to throw him into the turnbuckle. Shadow follows TI into the turnbuckle and clotheslines him from behind, hitting lefts and rights to his abdominal area. Shadow whips TI out towards the far turnbuckle and TI comes reeling off, hitting the turnbuckle with force. TI takes a few impact steps forwards and Shadow hits a big boot.

Speaks: Shadow isn’t taking any prisoners here tonight, huh?

Dawe: I don’t think he liked that name The Invincible made for him.

Speaks: All fuel for the fire.

Shadow beats on TI some more and rolls to the outside. Shadow looks under the ring and comes out with a clay pot.

Dawe: Is that an urn?

Speaks: no, it’s a clay pot *Speaks slaps the back of Dawe’s head off-air*

TI gets to his feet, and Shadow puts the clay pot over his head. TI starts fumbling for his face and Shadow whips him into the ropes and hits a big boot, shattering the pot.

Dawe: Just like the liberty bell! Shattered!

Speaks: Ho ho ho. Very good.

Shadow laughs and goes under the ring again, this time pulling out a ladder.

Speaks: Seems ladders are a trademark of Shane’s Action Zone these days.

Dawe: Better than glass fists.

Shadow slides the ladder into the ring and goes to pick TI up, but TI flips him onto his back. Surprised, Shadow leaps to his feet, and TI meets him with a clothesline. TI picks Shadow up again and hits the Star Spangled Slam. TI goes to the outside and starts foraging under the ring. TI comes out carrying the back end of another pot, and as he drags it out it is recognisable as a large cactus.

Speaks: The cacti making its Hardcore debut!

Dawe: You worry me too sometimes.

TI slides into the ring and swings the cactus like he was Darryl Strawberry, whacking a home run in Shadow’s face. Shadow falls back into the turnbuckle, clutching at the pins stuck into his cheek. TI puts the Cactus down and sets the ladder up. TI starts to climb and Shadow follows on the other side. As both men reach the top, they begin exchanging rights and lefts. TI gets the better and swings so hard that Shadow falters, and falls off the ladder, landing side first on the cactus and rolling off it immediately, clutching at his pin encrusted side.

Speaks: The hardcore cactus! Gotta love it!

Shadow rolls in pain under the bottom rope and TI starts to climb down the ladder. Shadow grabs at something but TI doesn’t see it. TI goes between the ropes to fetch Shadow but Shadow sprays a fire extinguisher in his face. TI recoils back into the ring and Shadow grabs something from under the ring.

Dawe: Is that a pizza custer?

Speaks: I think it is…

Shadow goes behind TI and slices the custer over his forehead, busting him wide open. Shadow tosses it to the outside and puts TI in a sleeper hold. TI gets as high as his feet then uses a jawbreaker to relinquish the hold. TI is first to his feet and grabs the ladder, folding it in two. TI places the ladder in the turnbuckle, on the second ropes, looking like a platform. TI stands on the platform and leaps out at Shadow, but Shadow ducks. TI lands with a roll and the two men are stood face to face. The two exchange blows until TI is backed up against the ladder. Shadow swings for TI but TI ducks, and hits the freedom slam onto the Ladder. Shadow is lying on top of the ladder, but instead of covering him, TI grabs the cactus and lays it over Shadow’s chest. TI rolls to the outside and brings in another ladder. TI places the ladder in front of Shadow and ascends it. TI points out at all of his fans and hits the Stars and Stripes. TI lands chest first over the cactus and bounces over the top rope to the outside. The ladder is crushed under the weight and snaps in the middle. Shadow falls off the broken ladder and is lying in the center of the ring. TI gets slowly to his feet and pushes himself into the ring.

Speaks: That move could have evened the score inadvertently for Shadow.

Dawe: Idiocy. TI could have won with the Freedom Slam.

TI crawls over to Shadow and drapes an arm over. The referee runs across and makes the count:




Shadow sits up deadman style and TI looks shocked. Shadow gets to his feet and locks in the tombstone crab on TI. TI is yelling in agony but refusing to tap. TI uses his strength to get under the bottom rope and slide to the outside, forcing Shadow to break the hold. Shadow comes to the outside and throws TI back into the ring. Shadow looks under the ring and pulls out a basket.

Dawe: Aww, he’s gonna have a picnic

Shadow turns the basket on his head and out spill several Cobras.

Speaks: Oh my God!

Dawe: Agh! I’m scared of snakes! Hold me!

Speaks: Get away!

The snakes spill all over the ring and TI gets to his feet in shock. Shadow rushes Ti but TI catches him with another Freedom Slam. As Shadow’s back hits the mat, a Cobra bites TI’s ankle. TI is in shock and falls like a plank of wood directly over Shadow’s body. The referee makes the count among the snakes:




Schultz: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner, and still champion, The Invincible!

Ian Dawe: I remember that match. The Invincible won despite being a Grade A moron and nearly throwing the match away.

Teddy Speaks: You know, sometimes you walk a fine line with your criticisms.

Cameras close in on the ring, where Johnny Vegas is stood ready to make the introductions for the next match.

Johnny Vegas: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for our 2/3 falls match! Introducing first, he hails from Avalon England, weighing in at 300 lbs, Shadow!

The lights go dark and the camera zooms in on the titantron as we see moonlight at the same time as some sinister voices and some urgent music. The titantron shows a lot of soldiers destroying eachother in a battlefield, as we see in the sky Shadow who did a evil smirk at the titantron. After a couple of seconds we see a spotlight flashing Shadow who is suspend by a hook in the top of the titantron and he scroll down slowly like if he was about to levitate ( but in reality he is suspend by a rope) until he reaches the ramp of the stage. After the debut of the song of Spellbound blast in the P.A system, and the light go red at the same time some flame appears in the stage (to follow the rhytm of the song). Shadow who wears a black armor now, walks normaly down the ramp has some flame appears in both curtains of the ramps. After he reaches the ring, he goes and stops at the center of the ring and he raises both arms in the air, as the lights go dark) and when he slams down four flame appearss in the curtains of the ring like if an inferno match was beginning, and Shadow laughs evily. After the fireworks appear, the lights go normal and Shadow removes his armor, revealing his chest, covered in satanic tatoos, and he gives his armor to the referee as he stretches his body until TI comes.

Ian Dawe: Did I hear Shadow introduced as from Avalon?

Teddy Speaks: You certainly did.

Ian Dawe: I must ask him where that is sometime. I always thought it was a fictional place.

Teddy Speaks: Thanks for that reminder of your cutting edge contribution to the commentary booth.

Ian Dawe: You're welcome.

Teddy Speaks: One thing's for sure, Shadow still knows how to make an entrance.

Ian Dawe: Yeah, it's a shame I can't take it seriously. This guy is like a halfway house between Brimstone and Vegito, with none of the credibility.

Teddy Speaks: I find that remark highly spurious.

Ian Dawe: Thanks.

Teddy Speaks: That wasn't a compliment.

Johnny Vegas: Aaand his opponent, from Milwaukee Wisconsin, weighing in at 265 lbs, 'Mr No Mercy', The Invincible!

"God Bless the USA" by Lee Greenwood plays over the PA as the crowd erupts in a frenzy. The Invincible whips back the curtain and emerges onstage. He dawns his old wrestling singlet and has an American flag drapped over his shoulder. He looks around, and nods his head, holding back tears. Emily slowly emerges from behind the curtain as well and kisses TI on the cheek. TI gazes back lovingly at her and throws up his arms. Red, White and Blue pyro spray from the stage as TI slowly walks toward the ring. Stops right before the ring and closes his eyes. He takes a deep, releiving breath, and hops on the ring apron. He then mounts a turnbuckle from the outside and begins to wave the American flag galliantly. He gives the flag to a person near the ring and turns to Emily, giving her a slight kiss. Emily steps back and TI spins around on one foot with his arms extended.

Teddy Speaks: The Invincible and Shadow's history goes back a long way.

Ian Dawe: You're telling me. I had to sit and pretend Shadow had a chance six times already. Thank God this is our last show-I think I might've had to throw in the towel if I saw this mauling again.

Teddy Speaks: I'm not entirely sure what you're remembering, but the last few encounters between these two were extremely close.

Ian Dawe: Whatever Speaks, try and put the match over if you want. I think the fans are a little brighter than that personally.

Teddy Speaks: Right, I forgot how you have your finger on the pulse of society.

Ian Dawe: Where I put my finger during broadcasts is none of your concern.

*Audible silence*
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PostSubject: Re: ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:12 am

Johnny Vegas: This bout is set for 2/3 falls, and the first fall is...FIRST BLOOD!!! Your referee for this contest is Keith Reeves.

Shadow and The Invincible stare eachother down, and start to circle the ring. Shadow holds out his right hand occasionally to try and catch The Invincible, but The Invincible is too fast. In a flash, The Invincible is on Shadow and has him in a waist-lock. Shadow flings some wild elbows behind himself, and a wild right elbow makes contact with The Invincible's temple. The Invincible relinquishes his hold, and backs into the corner holding his head. Shadow snaps around, and backs into the opposite turnbuckle, then runs at The Invincible, hitting a strong high knee. The Invincible staggers out of the corner, and Shadow meets him with a sidewalk slam. Shadow gets to his feet and folds his arms, smirking down at The Invincible.

Teddy Speaks: Shadow is looking confident here early on. The Invincible has him licked when it comes to speed, but Shadow's power is winning out in the early exchange.

Ian Dawe: Tell me how power wins you a first blood match? No, really. I'm interested.

Teddy Speaks: You're an idiot. Wait..Shadow is taking a ladder from underneath the ring.

Ian Dawe: I hope he puts it back, we have a big TLC match coming later and we don't need him vandalising the equipment.

Teddy Speaks: Will you stop? It looks like Irvin Fury is standing and applauding Shadow over at the Extreme Zone announce table, but Shadow is ignoring him.

Ian Dawe: I once gave Irvin Fury a standing ovation, too.

Teddy Speaks: I despair.

Shadow pushes the ladder under the bottom rope, and slides into the ring behind it. The Invincible is getting to his feet, and as Shadow attempts to get to his feet, The Invincible hits the American Way (hangover leg drop). The crowd pop big for the athletic move from The Invincible, and start chanting his name. The Invincible takes a look at the ladder, and smiles. He points to it, and the crowd roar loudly. The Invincible picks up the ladder, and rams it repeatedly into Shadow's abdomen. Shadow coils up in a foetal position to try and protect his ribs from being broken. The Invincible places the ladder on the floor, then pulls Shadow to his feet. Almost instantaneously, TI hits the Slam of the Free (STO), right on top of the ladder.

Ian Dawe: It amazes me that despite a 7 inch size difference, in his favour, Shadow still manages to look small next to The Invincible. The Invincible just slammed Shadow to the mat as if he wasn't there.

The Invincible makes a rolling hand sign over his head, and fans look confused. The Invincible taps his head knowingly, and scales the turnbuckle. Still lying straddled over the ladder, Shadow limply raises a leg, which falls harmlessly back to the mat. The Invincible leaps from the turnbuckle and hits a Huston Hangover, right across Shadow's neck.

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teddy Speaks: Shadow's larynx just got crushed like City in a Manchester derby.

Ian Dawe: What?

Teddy Speaks: Nevermind. That was an incredible move from The Invincible, I'm not sure I've ever seen that move used in such a devastating fashion.

The Invincible holds his left knee tight, as if he's holding his leg together. Cameras zoom in on the knee, and it's clear instantly that whilst landing, his patella was knocked right out of place. Emily runs over to the side of the ring, shouting encouragement to her partner. The Invincible grits his teeth, as he looks down and sees his kneecap three inches closer to his shin than it should be.

Teddy Speaks: This is horrific, we need EMT's down here right now.

A hush comes over the crowd, and The Invincible's pained grunts are the most audible sound in the arena. EMT's rush down to the ring and start crowding around The Invincible. Meanwhile, Shadow stirs and sits up deadman style. The Invincible is trying to back away from the EMT's and stand up on one leg, completely refusing any help from them.

Teddy Speaks: The Invincible is showing a ridiculous amount of heart here, but he really should stop at this point. He may never walk on that leg again if he doesn't get it seen to.

Ian Dawe: The man's an arse, what does he think he is Rambo in there or something?

Teddy Speaks: Truly the greatest metaphor for 'high risk moves'.

The Invincible continues to push the EMT's away, when Shadow starts blasting his way through them. He pulls one back and immediately drops him with the Dreadful Breaker, then knocks the rest down with right hands, kicking them out of the ring afterwards. Seconds later, the ring is emptied, minus the participants. Shadow's eyes are burning, and The Invincible looks as intense in his will to fight as he does in his pain. Shadow mockingly walks to the center of the ring and beckons The Invincible to meet him there. The Invincible fearlessly tries to walk towards Shadow, but his left knee immediately gives way. Shadow is on The Invincible instantly, like a shark to blood. Shadow ruthlessly kicks at The Invincible's left knee, and The Invincible can do nothing but try and kick him away with his good leg. Shadow comes down over The Invincible's leg and hits a knocout right hand, then grapevines The Invincible's left leg. As he does, he pushes the kneecap back into place with the sole of his foot by accident.

Ian Dawe: Ugh! That thing is popping in and out, it's just not natural.

Teddy Speaks: However inadvertant, Shadow probably just saved The Invincible's ability to walk.

Ian Dawe: He's an idiot. I wanted to see The Invincible crippled for good.

Teddy Speaks: You're sick. At the end of the day, Shadow may look like he's wasting time, but remember we have at least 2 falls in this match. Even if he doesn't go for blood straight away, he needs to wear down The Invincible for the next fall.

Ian Dawe: Speaking of which. I understand the next fall is a Thru the Damn ring match. Pray tell me, how are we going to continue the show after that fall?

Teddy Speaks: We have a spare ring ready to be set up as soon as that fall is over.

Ian Dawe: What about the third fall?

Teddy Speaks: That is being kept secret, even from the ring announcer. We'll see if we come to it.

The Invincible looks almost unconscious, and Shadow releases the leg grapevine he had locked in. "Pitiful". Shadow speaks loud enough that the cameras can pick up what he said. The crowd start to boo him heavily, and he rolls his eyes back into his head, raising his arms over his head. Seconds later he snaps back into the match, and picks up the almost limp Invincible. Shadow hits a heavy tombstone piledriver for good measure, then stands up the ladder, dragging The Invincible with him as he ascends it. At ringside, Irvin Fury starts to jump up and down, and can no longer contain himself. He climbs into the ring and cheers for Shadow. Shadow looks down at him in disdain, but the Extreme Zone announcer keeps cheering. Suddenly a commotion is heard in the crowd, and pockets of them start to stand up and cheer. Fury looks around, feeling self satisfied, thinking he's whipped them up into a frenzy, then in an instant his illusions are shattered as he receives a low blow from behind. He slowly sinks to the floor, and turns his head to see Shorty smirking in his face. She slaps him, and he bails out of the ring. Shorty and Emily are both cheering for The Invincible to turn the tables on Shadow, and as Shadow and The Invincible reach the top of the ladder, The Invincible hooks his foot around one of the ladder rungs, and starts to hit Shadow in the face with stiff elbow shots. Shadow tries to fight back but the shots are too blunt and at short range.

Teddy Speaks: [i]How ironic, at the top of the ladder, Shadow's reach advantage is actually working against him.

Ian Dawe: I don't know what's worse, having to sit here and tell everyone The Invincible is the better man in a match, or having to take Shadow seriously.

Teddy Speaks: You're doing a sterling job at neither.

Shorty pokes her head out of the ring and whispers something to Emily, who ducks under the ring apron and pulls out a bag, passing it to Shorty. Shorty holds the bag aloft, then empties out its contents onto the mat. Thousands of red, white and blue thumbtacks spill onto the mat, and The Invincible roars as if he's getting his second wind in the match. He somehow positions Shadow correctly, and hits the Cherry Bomb right onto the pile of pins. Shadow rolls over in pain and reveals his back is a human pin cushion. The pins are all so deeply embedded, that no blood flows from any of them.

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teddy Speaks: The Invincible knows all he has to do is rip one of those drawing pins out of Shadow's back, and this fall is his.

Ian Dawe: That's going to be easier said than done, do you see how deep they are all embedded?

The Invincible gets to his feet, and is still limping heavily. He motions Shorty to leave the ring, and she ducks out, realising things are going to get intense. At ringside, she gives Irvin Fury a swift kick to the head for good measure. Shadow is writhing on the mat like a worm, and The Invincible surveys his options. He limps slowly towards the ladder, and folds it up, walking towards Shadow. As The Invincible raises the ladder to strike Shadow's head with it, Shadow, in desperation, kicks at The Invincible's midsection. The Invincible is knocked backwards, into the turnbuckle. The ladder goes flying after him, and momentarily he is trapped behind it. Shadow sees the opportunity before him, and from pure adrenaline he gets to his feet, and hits a running muay thai knee strike, which winds The Invincible and hurts Shadow's knee.

Ian Dawe: What exactly do these guys have against their knees?!

Shadow limps backwards and rolls out of the ring. The ladder falls to the mat, and The Invincible front bumps onto it. Shadow walks towards the Warzone Underground announce table, and threatens Noel Edmonds, who jumps out of his chair. Shadow grabs the chair, and limps around the ring towards the ring steps. Between him and the ring steps, Emily is unfortunately located. Shadow grabs her round the throat, but before he can do anything, Shorty jumps on his back. Shadow lets go of Emily, and starts trying to shake Shorty off like a ragdoll. As he finally gets her off his back, he looks up and sees The Invincible by the ropes. The Invincible leaps over the top rope, propelling himself with his arms, and tries to body press Shadow, but Shadow sees him way too early. As The Invincible flies through the air, Shadow smashes the chair over his head. The Invincible lands awkwardly on the outside, and Shadow rolls him over. Keith Reeves dives out of the ring to check on The Invincible, and immediately sees his forehead gushing with blood. Reeves points to Fred Elliot, who rings the bell.

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johnny Vegas: Ladies and gentlemen...the winner of the first fall, Shadow!
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PostSubject: Re: ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:14 am

Teddy Speaks: WHAT?! On his seventh attempt, Shadow has finally beat The Invincible.

Ian Dawe: Negatory, Speaks. Shadow has only won one fall, he needs to win two to win the match. This doesn't make them 6-1.

Teddy Speaks: I don't know the ins and outs well enough to confirm that or deny it. But one thing is for sure, that was a hellacious chair shot. All of Shadow's strength went into that swing, and all of The Invincible's weight met it on the other end.

Ian Dawe: Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Teddy Speaks: The two now have a 60 second break, before the next part of the match will begin. But considering the stipulation for that match, I think it might be a saving grace for these guys if they just get on with it.

Ian Dawe: Considering that cherry bomb from the ladder didn't collapse the ring, I'm quite interested to see just what lengths these two will have to go to in order to win the next fall.

A countdown appears on the screen, and the fans count down with it.











Johnny Vegas: The next match will now begin, and the stipulation is...THRU THE DAMN RING!!!

Ian Dawe: Shadow clearly has the upper hand now. I just hope the faggot hasn't brought a bunch of cobras again.

Teddy Speaks: Faggot? No, I think Irvin Fury is still recovering from a low blow to his own 'cobra'.

Ian Dawe: How dare you!

Shadow is reaching under the ring, and pulls out a table. The fans in the arena collectively groan, sensing that the next fall may be short and sweet. Shadow pushes the table into the ring, and starts pushing it between the 2nd and 3rd ropes, at the turnbuckle. While he's busy securing the table, guest timekeeper Fred Elliot sounds the bell for the second fall to begin. The Invincible slowly crawls into the ring, his face a crimson mass. Shadow sees him, but ignores him, instead grabbing another table from the outside, and places this one on the top rope, also at the turnbuckle. As this is done, Shadow turns his attention back to The Invincible, and grabs him around the throat. Shadow looks like he wants to hit a chokeslam, and he hoists The Invincible high above his head, but The Invincible reverses the move mid-air, whipping Shadow into the ropes. Shadow bounces back but The Invincible avoids him with a sleeper. As Shadow comes around again, The Invincible hits the Old Glory (spear) hard in the center of the ring. Shadow crumples to the mat and The Invincible limps to his feet. The crowd are chanting his name, all awed at the intestinal fortitude he's shown so far in the match. The Invincible acknowledges them, pointing to them all in a circular motion. The Invincible looks at the tables in the corner of the ring, and climbs to the outside, so he can ascend the same turnbuckle. Shadow is laid out almost perfectly for him, and he slowly positions himself on the top table. The Invincible turns around, and motions for a moonsault. Behind him, Shadow sits up deadman style. Oblivious, The Invincible leaps into the air. Shadow catches him perfectly over his shoulders, and instantaneously hits a powerslam.

Ian Dawe: That, I have to say, was a thing of beauty.

Teddy Speaks: Power and agility, a scary combination.

Shadow looks up at the table-construct in the corner of the ring, and drags The Invincible towards it, hoisting him onto it so that he's lying right across it. Shadow goes to the outside and ascends the turnbuckle in the same manner The Invincible did just moments before. Shadow pulls The Invincible to his feet, and the two try to hold their balance on the wooden surface. Shadow grabs The Invincible around the throat, and signals for a chokeslam, but as he does, The Invincible reaches an arm under Shadow's and wrenches the hold away. As soon as Shadow's hand is away from his throat, The Invincible grabs him around the waist, and hits a belly to belly suplex into the ring. The crowd hold their breath as the two hit the mat, but the ring holds. Shadow bounces a foot in the air from the impact, and The Invincible holds his back, winceing visibly.

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teddy Speaks: I don't know what it's going to take here, The Invincible has hit two extremely powerful moves from height and this ring has held fast.

Ian Dawe:The bar has been raised immeasurably. It's almost as if someone sadistically reinforced the ring to make sure someone was hurt here tonight.

The Invincible ruthlessly grabs Shadow's ankle and locks in the De-Feater anklelock. Shadow lets out a gutteral groan and tries to reach back and detach The Invincible from his foot, but The Invincible drops to the floor and grapevines Shadow's leg. Shadow's eyes are rolling into the back of his skull as he tries to claw his way to the ropes.

Ian Dawe: Shadow is actually a moron, does he not know there is no rope break in this match?

Shadow finally reaches the ropes, and drags himself under them. He pulls the ring apron up, and slides down behind it. The momentum of his body pulls The Invincible outside the ring as well, though he lands on the outside of the ring rather than under the ring apron. Shadow disappears under the ring, and for a few moments, cameras focus on the ring apron, then pan towards The Invincible, who is crawling towards the ring apron to look underneath. He pulls back the apron, and is met with red mist into his eyes. He spills backwards, and Emily rushes over to check on him. Between blood and red mist, it's hard to see how much got The Invincible in the face, but he is clearly struggling with his vision. He desperately rubs at his eyes, and doesn't notice as Shadow reemerges at ringside. Shadow starts fiddling with the struts next to each turnbuckle, loosening them all.

Teddy Speaks: Shadow is being very clever here. By loosening the ring supports, he is making it a whole lot easier to collapse the ring.

Ian Dawe: You mean that thing actually had an intelligent thought? Impressive.

By the time Shadow has finished with the ring adjustments, The Invincible has restored most of his vision. The Invincible slides into the ring, and Shadow follows, stepping over the top rope.

Teddy Speaks: We are right back where we started. Two men facing off, with only one thing in mind, pummeling their opponent through the ring.

Ian Dawe: How very poetic of you.

Shadow and The Invincible tie up, and Shadow locks on a headlock. Seconds later, The Invincible reverses it into a hammerlock, then releases the arm and grabs Shadow around the waist, hitting a German suplex. As he does, the whole ring shakes.

Teddy Speaks: Oh my, we could be witnessing the beginning of the end here.

The Invincible seems to realise how weakened the ring is, and hits two more consecutive German Suplexes, each time the ring shaking a little bit more. Finally, The Invincible lifts Shadow up somehow and hoists him onto the top turnbuckle. Shadow starts throwing wild defensive punches, and dazes The Invincible. Shadow grabs The Invincible around the throat, and tries to lift him for a chokeslam again, but The Invincible bluntly headbutts Shadow across the bridge of the nose. Shadow's nose caves in and starts gushing blood. As Shadow is in shock momentarily, The Invincible grabs him and hits a Freedom Slam...


Johnny Vegas: Ladies and gentlemen...the winner of the second fall, The Invincible!

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PostSubject: Re: ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:15 am

Ian Dawe: Okay, I admit, that was impressive. I can't really think of a better sight than The Invincible and Shadow both covered in blood and taken out.

Teddy Speaks: Well aren't you just a happy bunny.

Ian Dawe: I would be if this match didn't have another fall to come.

Teddy Speaks: Now we enjoy another short break before the final fall...

The countdown reappears on the screen, and the fans count down with it.











Johnny Vegas: The next match will now begin, and the stipulation is...CASKET MATCH!

Ian Dawe: Maybe Shadow should forcefeed The Invincible some of that disgusting Quebecan food. He'd quit in seconds.

The Invincible's eyes bulge as Shadow suddenly sits up in the middle of the wrecked ring. A casket is wheeled out onto the stage, just in front of the entranceway. Shadow grins and gets to his feet, never removing his gaze from The Invincible. The Invincible gets to his feet and hobbles towards Shadow, but Shadow hip tosses him out of the ring, and up to the entrance ramp. Shadow lumbers after him, and kicks The Invincible in the ass as he tries to stand. Shadow licks his lips and grabs The Invincible's ankle, locking in an ankle lock and mockingly imitating The Invincible, as if it was the De-Feater Anklelock. The Invincible groans in agony, and nimbly does a forward roll on the spot, throwing Shadow over his body and releasing himself from the hold. As Shadow faceplants the steel entranceway, The Invincible ruthlessly grabs Shadow's ankle and locks in the real DeFeater Anklelock. Shadow spasms and starts trying to crawl up the entranceramp to escape, but The Invincible grapevines his leg and wont let him move an inch. Shadow starts tapping desperately, but The Invincible refuses to let go.

Teddy Speaks: Troy is relentless here. Shadow's tapping but he refuses to let go.

Ian Dawe: Why should he?

Teddy Speaks: Well, he shouldn't. This is all to reminiscent of the night The Invincible made Tommy Polo tap out twice, only for the referee not to see it, and for him to be screwed in the end.

Ian Dawe: I wonder if Shadow will have the where-with-all to do what Polo did. Smart money is on not.

The Invincible torques Shadow's ankle so hard that an audible crack can be heard in the arena, at which point The Invincible lets go. Shadow has almost passed out from the pain, and doesn't move after the move is relinquished. The Invincible gets to his feet and drags Shadow halfway up the ramp, struggling with his weight and the fact his knee is still extremely painful after his patella dislocation. The Invincible realises he can't pull Shadow the whole way up, so he picks him up and drops him with a strong DDT, which dents the metal and sends more blood gushing from Shadow's forehead.

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teddy Speaks: The Invincible is trying to kill Shadow! This is incredible.

Ian Dawe: Arent we meant to kayfabe that Shadow is already dead?

Teddy Speaks: You're a moron.

Ian Dawe: What? What did I say?

The Invincible picks Shadow up again, and his body is totally limp. The Invincible hoists him over his shoulders and stumbles up the rampway, limping and buckling under his weight the whole way. As he reaches the top, the casket is right in front of him, with the lid closed. The Invincible grits his teeth and flips Shadow's body off his shoulders, and in front of him, hitting a sitout-snowplow like slam on the entranceway. The Invincible limps to his feet and opens the lid to the casket. He takes a moment to look out at the JWA:EWA crowd, saluting them and turning back to Shadow. The Invincible picks up Shadow, and hoists him into the casket. He grabs the lid, and goes to slam it shut, but Shadwo has a foot draped over the casket and the outside. The Invincible grabs the foot and swings it inside the casket, then looks in to check no other part of Shadow has to be moved. As he looks in, Shadow grabs him by the throat and sits up. The Invincible's eyes bulge and his face starts to turn red, as Shadow uses all his might to choke The Invincible. Shadow maneouvres himself out of the casket, and pushes The Invincible towards the edge of the stage, looking down. There is a drop of about 10 feet, to a hard concrete floor. Shadow rolls his eyes back into his skull, and lifts The Invincible up high, hitting the Chokeslam from the Darkness off the stage! The Invincible lands awkwardly on his shoulders and neck, and doesn't move.

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teddy Speaks: Good God, did you see how The Invincible landed? He could quite literally be paralysed for life.

Ian Dawe: This is...even I can't applaud this. We need medics out here right away.

Shadow slowly raises both arms over his head, and the crowd boo raucously. He looks down at The Invincible and a devilish look flickers across his face. Shadow crosses his thumb over his throat, and leaps into the aid, coming down with a Nocturnal Knee Press (Diving Double Knee Senton), right over The Invincible's neck. The Invincible goes literally motionless and a hush falls over the crowd. Shadow grabs The Invincible like a ragdoll and throws him onto the entrance ramp, then climbs after him, tossing him into the casket and closing the lid. The lights go out and Shadow stands suming over the casket, arms raised and an evil look plastered across his face. Fans either boo, or remain silent, concerned on a very real level about The Invincible's health.

Johnny Vegas: The winner of this match, Shadow!

Shadow limps backstage, and pulls the casket with him. A highlight package of the match is shown, as the shot fades out.

Up Next: The Corpse Speaks!
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PostSubject: JWA:EWA Classic Flashback 3   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:17 am

JWA:EWA Classic Moment
Action Zone XXIII
The Corpse vs. Tommy Polo

Quote :
Polo looks around at the crowd and this time he taunts and points to the top rope he goes up top and gets ready to execute an aerial move but Corpse again sits up deadman style much to Polo’s dismay. Polo leaps off anyway and attempts a double axe handle but Corpse is waiting and grabs him by the throat. Corpse glares at Polo and then hits a large chokeslam sending Polo crashing to the mat, Corpse goes for the cover and Reeves begins to make the count.


Polo gets a shoulder up, somehow Polo finds the strength to kick out, Corpse gets up and kicks the ropes in frustration and awaits Polo to get back to his feet. But instead Polo gets back to his knees and begins to call for a time out; Corpse looks disgusted at this display and shakes his head. He flips Polo off and snatches him up off the mat, Corpse then scoops Polo up onto his shoulders and attempts the Final Rite but somehow Polo escapes Corpse’s grasp and drops down to the mat and rolls out of the ring. Polo shakes his head and mouths screw this at the ref, he walks over to the timekeeper and snatches his belts off of the table. Polo shrugs his shoulders as the fans boo profusely and then head up the ramp, shaking his head and attempting to ignore the crowd. Reeves yells at polo to get back in the ring but polo carries on regardless, Reeves has not option but to start a ten count.








Polo reaches the stage then pauses the crowd cheer anticipating he has a change of heart he turns around and then simply jerks his arm at the crowd and yells screw you. He scowls the turns around and storms off through the curtains.




Reeves calls for the bell and corpse looks extremely pissed off he glares at reeves and then grabs he by the throat, he lifts Reeves high into the air then slams him into the mat. Corpse scowls at Maria Schultz as she announces the outcome.

Maria Schultz: Here is your winner by count out THE CORPSE, Both Belts, are now however, vacant!

The crowd boo deafeningly, appauled with the outcome of this match and polo’s cowardice. Corpse glares again then raises his hands above his head then sweeps them down in one motion as he does so the lights cut. When they rise corpse is nowhere to be seen.
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PostSubject: The Corpse Promo   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:20 am

Dean Malenko: Certainly a huge, controversial night in JWA:EWA history.

Irvin Fury: Pffft, maybe in Action Zone history.

Dean Malenko: Oh contraire, without those controversial events, The Corpse would never have come back to Extreme Zone, and Tommy Polo may never have left JWA:EWA.

Irvin Fury: Shame, that. I think I prefer a JWA:EWA fronted by a steroid pumped egoist than an egoist who doesn't wash.

Dean Malenko: You've been using that line about washing since you first saw Corpse.

Irvin Fury: And he still never took my advice.

The JWA:EWA screen flickers into life, and starts to show an intro package for The Corpse.

As the video package ends, 'Smooth Criminal' by Michael Jackson continues, and the lights dim a little, as colours ranging between teal and cyan strobe across the arena. Momentarily, The Corpse appears at the top of the rampway, looking very, very different to the Corpse known by the JWA:EWA faithful. He's dressed in casual clothes, jeans, a 'Team Tanner' t-shirt, and a pair of shades hanging from his collar. He is also, notably, carrying a black bag in his left hand. Corpse surveys the view for a moment, then looks to the roof, beating his chest twice, and pointing to the heavens in honour of both Evan Tanner and Michael Jackson. He then casually strolls to the ring, rolls under the bottom rope and takes a mic from Johnny Vegas at ringside.

Irvin Fury: Who the hell is this guy?

Dean Malenko: Who do you think?

Irvin Fury: I mean, I know it's Corpse, but what the Hell?

Dean Malenko: What were you expecting? The man's retired. He doesn't have to come out here and make a big impression with his entrance.

Irvin Fury: Jeez. I wish he thought that in the past. You know, when we had to sit through his hour long entrances.

Corpse takes in the atmosphere for a moment, surveying the crowd, who are mostly cheering, despite Corpse's status when he left JWA:EWA.

Corpse: A-HAAAA!!!

Corpse laughs to himself, knowing only a few people get it.

Corpse: What's up fuckers?!

Corpse laughs again, and takes a look at his own attire, as if he is also coming to terms with it. A sly grin permeates from the corners of his mouth.

Corpse: Not what you all expected, right? Well guess what, it isn't 2004 anymore. Nor is it 2005 or 2006. I retired from this game three years ago now, and I no longer have need to support some moribund gimmick in the way I dress and present myself to you all. You see, my whole career here was predicated on this whole 'dark' persona. I tried so hard to get away from that when I crossed over to Extreme Zone, but no matter what I did, I was still seen as 'just another dark guy'. I got to Extreme Zone and I was surrounded by it. Vegito, Vulcan, Morbid Angel, Demon, Shadow, The Dealer, and God knows who else. So many guys doing the same thing. Different toilet, same shit. So I stopped all the darkness. I just became myself. Some people never caught on; some people never listened anyway. But look at my final days, and you'll see what I mean. I even remember that nob-end Batista complaining that I 'was meant to be dark, but I came out talking like someone totally different'. Yeah, some people just never caught on. But it's forgivable in his case, since there's no blood left in his steroid riddled body to actually reach his brain. Of course, it didn't help that Al Powers had a hard on for booking things in his way. I was consistently promoted as the dark guy, no matter how clear I made it that I wasn't that guy anymore. Even my company bio was forced to keep the word 'supernatural' on it. Aside from my entrance, I was essentially not dark whatsoever. And tonight marks the first night where I am actually contractually allowed to make my own entrance, rather than stick with a dated one that I'm locked into using.

Corpse smiles, and looks at his clothing again.

Corpse: That said, the old production values were something, huh? I guess you are all confused by both my appearance and my entrance. Firstly, you'll notice my Team Tanner t-shirt. After JWA:EWA closed, I became a big fan of MMA. I followed the sport extremely closely. And no, I wasn't inspired to do so by Dan Piesnitsky and his hilarious fake MMA record. A few fighters caught my eye, but one stood out from the rest. He was a quiet, respectful fighter, who got in and did what he had to. He didn't act pompous and he didn't have an ego. And he was a solid all around fighter. In his private life, he conquered alot of demons. He turned his life around, thanks to fighting. You could say he fought for his life. But that would be false. See, he took to bringing up people who'd been in the bad situations he had. Much like the late, great Eddie Guerrero, he became a role model for all who followed him. I was fortunate enough to train with him one sunny afternoon, on a rare occasion I went to America after my retirement. He was a great man. He was everything I ever aspired to be, but he was a hundred times the man I'll ever be. This t-shirt is my sign of respect to a true great. And second, my entrance music. To borrow a phrase from Jay-Z, 'Real recognises real, and you're looking familiar'.
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PostSubject: Re: ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:21 am

Corpse looks down at the t-shirt for a moment, deep in thought.

Corpse: When I left JWA:EWA, the phone wouldn't stop ringing. I'm not here to advertise other companies, especially ones I never did business with. But so many companies tried to hire me. So many thought that, after the unceremonious way I left JWA:EWA, I was going to become an active wrestler again. But this simply was not true. You see, whilst management might have been petty with his idiosyncratic jibes and accusations humously, I am a man of my word. I said from the start that The Corpse's career began in JWA:EWA, and it would end there. I will never appear in another company. I will never compete again. This is, officially, the last time The Corpse will make a public appearance. Even if The Albert Polopolis's of the world decide to respond to tonight's show and verbally put me, or the show, down, I will not utter a word back. Not only am I retired, I am matured. I have no time for silly mindgames that are over the moment I speak anyway. No time for childish egos. Certainly no time for humouring the 'many faces of Al'.

Corpse brushes his hands together, as if cleansing them of some dirt.

Corpse: After tonight, you may remember me how you will. May my legacy be your prevalent memory of me. But I can't leave here without discussing my departure from JWA:EWA first. You see, it went down a little something like this. At ONS Al Powers brought in his bum boy Tommy Polo. Before the show I punked him out and he ran away. By all accounts he then cut a drab 'sorry for myself' promo on ONS. I didn't bother watching. You see, Powers brought his boy back in the hope that he would lead the show. All along he'd hoped to get rid of me. As a champion I was everything he hated. I didn't respect the system, I didn't stand for bullshit, I wouldn't suck his dick to get ahead. See I just got my head down and worked my ass off, rather than putting my ass up and getting my 'head' down like his past champion Batista did. But I digress. The fact is he didn't want me as champion. And he thought that bringing in that whiney freak Polo would piss me off enough to make me retire.

Corpse paces around, laughing to himself and shaking his head.

Corpse: You see it was all so fucking ironic. Powers was the one who put me in the title match to start with. For months and months I'd said I had no interest in it. I wanted to carry the IC title and make it mean something. And that's just what I did. While Batista was beating jobbers and dodging real challengers week by week, I was fighting the best of them-and coming out on top. People stopped giving a damn about Batista's title and cared more about mine. Mission accomplished. Powers wanted me to feud with Batista like mad, but I could see what I was being set up for if I went for it. And so I told him to fuck off, and worried about my belt. Funny he never challenged me for the IC belt, isn't it? I would have been happy to oblige. But no, this was about his ego and the World Title. So eventually, as history tells us, Batista did a Polo and fucked off big style. Ran away and vacated the belt. See he couldn't handle the fact that it meant shit all and noone respected him. He was no longer the sheriff in town. And it ate him alive. Just like it ate Polo alive on Action Zone when I came on and kicked his ass all around the ring until he ran away. Neither of them had the balls to face me. And neither of them had what it took to challenge me. Without management in pocket, Polo didn't know what to do with himself. And since Powers couldn't handle me and couldn't force me into a World Title match with Batista, Batista flipped out and didn't know what time of day it was. Anyway, I digress greatly.

Corpse dusts himself off, as if mentioning the aforementioned names made him feel dirty.

Corpse: Anyway, Powers expected me to challenge Polo or something. Instead I did what I always excelled at- I made him look like shit. And Powers fucking hated me for it. For him, it was another moneymaker down the drain. And for Polo it was a big kick in the balls, or whatever he had left after Tomko was at them.

Corpse chuckles.

Corpse: At any rate...Powers had enough. His boys were quitting left right and center. First Polo, then Batista. And now it looked like Polo had no reason to stick around and it was going to happen again. So he knew he couldn't keep hanging things on the tree, and he decided to cut the roots instead. He severed my contract and that was that. Ahaha. Apparently that gave him a nice warm feeling inside. Nevermind the fact the farce that was One Night Stand had already happened and I was retired anyway. See he decided to keep running Warshit underground just to make sure noone had any illusions that JWA:EWA was still the great fed it once was. No, he wanted to put out shit shows and have fat italians rub whipped cream on themselves, hire actors to pose as former superstars and make elaborate death scenes for them, and so on. Of the two or three actual matches on the card usually only one happened and the rest were messed up because guys wanted out of the hell hole that was forming before all our eyes.

Corpse shakes his head and leans over the top rope.

Corpse: Hell, at ONS Al even had me and Simon get in on it. Me and Meth were forced to do this stupid scene with a Vegito dummy and pretend Meth had just killed and tortured Vegito for being a 'traitor to JWA:EWA'. Now at the time Vegito wasn't popular with alot of JWA talent so there wasn't much tabboo around doing it. And since it was contractual, I didn't complain. But looking back it's a regret. See Vegito may have made mistakes, he may have helped Dave Masters out in closing ExWA the first time, and the same with the short lived experiment that was FEW, but other than that he was an honest enough guy, and a worthy opponent. Looking back, with hindsight, it was an act I don't pride myself with the memory of. But whatever. I didn't get where I did by apologising and harbouring regrets.
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PostSubject: Re: ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:22 am

Corpse looks down at his waist, then to the black bag he's holding, raising it up in front of his chest, making it the focal point for the viewers.

Corpse: But, shit. I didn't come out here to talk about all this. Yes, Al dicked me around in the final days of JWA:EWA, but alot of people were messed about. Alot of people are messed about in a lot of ways in all walks of life. It's just that; life. But life is the reason I am out here. I hold here something...my final reminder of JWA:EWA. After tonight, I will no longer hold it. The JWA:EWA chapter in my life will finally be over.

Corpse leans over the top rope, with a thoughtful look across his face.

Corpse: You see, history records me as the last ever champion of Extreme Zone. A title I quite obviously never intended to go for. But events transpired. At No Mercy, I was held up in England due to the London bombings. Morbid Angel and Vegito got to compete for my Intercontinental Title despite my absense-you could argue that I should still hold that too, on those grounds. Did you ever wonder how they had the title in the building when I was in another country? It was a replacement, I still have the original at home. But I digress. On that same show, there was a farce of a match booked. Batista versus Chronic.

Corpse has an inexplicable coughing fit, as if saying the previous sentence had disgusted his insides.

Corpse: For the World title. Now Batista was a weak champion. Aside from a couple of worthy challenges from Vulcan-including a loss-he never faced anyone of consequence. He chose instead to try and 'get inside my head' and annoy me, while refusing to fight me. Quite what he was trying to achieve, I don't think I'll ever know. Remember the kid at school, who'd insult you from afar, then run away? Yeah, I think that was Batista's role model as he was growing up. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if there are pictures of that little boy all over Batista's hard drive. Infact I hear he joined a private social network run by Hitman, but take that for what you will. I'll never forget the time Batista tried to justify Herod deserving to face him for the title on Extreme Zone more than anyone. Hilarious the lengths he went to avoid losing his title. But at the same time, he was being eaten alive inside. Because for all his wins over jobbers, and all his pathetic jibes in my direction, while this was happening I was beating the likes of Morbid Angel, Vulcan, Ric Flair and GDawg week in and week out. I was fulfilling my promise to make the Intercontinental Title relevant. I succeeded in making him look inconsequential.

Corpse swipes his hair back from his face and grins.

Corpse: And Al Powers knew this. He was ALL too aware of it. He started vesting his money elsewhere, into Polo's latest douchebaggery in a fed with predetermined results. Apparently helping their production was more important than JWA:EWA suddenly. With his pride all but gone, and his title all but worthless, Batista told Al he was going to quit. At least, I have to surmise that was the case, because Al booked Batista vs. Chronic at No Mercy, for the title. Why would Al set Batista up for a fall? Simply put...he didn't. And I am not putting Chronic down in saying that. You see, Chronic was nowhere near JWA:EWA at the time. Chronic was on fucking maternity leave! Chronic's beautiful wife, Mary Jane, was due to give birth the same weekend as No Mercy. Al Powers knew about this, I knew about this, most everyone knew about this. So why was it that this match was made? Simple. Al needed to take the title off his boy without him suffering any more in the process. And booking a main event where the two main eventers aren't at the show is such good business! Class act, Albert.

Corpse pauses, and looks to the roof of the arena, a frown crossing his temple.

Corpse: Now alot of people may be wondering why I am protecting Chronic's good name. After the way I left the Shades of Sin, and was disparaging about everyone in there, why would I come out here and speak on Chronic's behalf? Allow me to break kayfabe here. Me and Chronic are as good as best friends. Chronic is one of the best people you could ever meet, in and out of this industry. And I can handle being treated like shit by management; I thrive under those conditions, I survive and I adapt. But when it is a friend, I do not hold my tongue. Chronic was set up to look bad. Chronic worked for many years here. You all loved him. He loved his work. He strived to be the best. He fought and clawed his way to the top of the ladder, so that one day he could get a shot at the title. See, Chronic is a man of integrity, like me. Laugh all you want at that last sentence, but try and deny that I didn't bring prestige to any title I ever held. Tell me that I was ever anything but 'the man to beat'. Chronic wanted that too. He worked as hard as any son of a bitch who walked into this ring. And in one fell swoop, Al made all of his efforts look like a complete waste. He made Chronic look like a dick. And Chronic is twice the man Al Powers ever will or could be. Not only this, but in prior weeks, again, while Chronic was on maternity leave, Al 'booked' Chronic against Bryan Stinberg and Nightmare. Fucking Nightmare. Chronic was mimicked by some scrotum faced pussy and made to look like a complete jobber. To fucking Nightmare.

Corpse spits on the mat, and rubs the saliva into the mat with the tip of his shoe.

Corpse: And so, I came to a realisation a long time ago, that when the time was right, I had to stand up and let the world know what transpired that weekend. It's all so neatly packaged isn't it? Chronic gets jobbed out on the biggest show of the year, just as I am unable to make it. Coincidence? I'm not saying Powers was behind the London bombings, but put 2+2 together. We all know what happened in '97. People like Powers are all the same. They're rats.

Corpse holds the bag up once again.

Corpse: When I was 'fired' from JWA, and I say fired loosely, since my resignation was already handed in when it was rubberstamped, I kept my belt. Al had a new belt commissioned when he realised his mistake, and that was the one he carried out onto Warzone Underground in front of 5 adulating fans, when he tried to mock me with a very poor impostor Corpse. I'm carrying my title right now, for anyone who hasn't already guessed.

Corpse pulls out the belt, and holds it against his abdomen, so that the face of the title is concealed.

Corpse: I have no idea what Powers did when I left. I ceased watching the product. There's only so many-I mean, I can only once- watch an episode of Warzone Underground where I see stunt men fake their deaths, fat fake Italians slurp food over themselves, and an impostor monkey shits on everything in the ultimate irony of a metaphor. As mentioned, I know that I was 'fired' on air, or rather a guy dressed as a zombie, ironically coming to the ring with generic gothic music, further proving the fact Powers never understood me as an entity, and 'announced' as me was fired. But it seems as though I was never 'stripped' of this title. If I was, I never received a memo instructing me to return my title. I have had this title with me since Vendetta of 2005. How does stripping dormant belts work anyway? Unless you count cheap replica belts, I guess that makes me the longest reigning World Champion in JWA:EWA history-sorry again Batista. Seems as though I best you without even trying doesn't it? Tosser.

Corpse chuckles to himself off the mic, and holds the belt up, reading the front with his eyes, then holding it aloft so the camera can get a proper shot.

Corpse: Who gives a damn about legalities anyway. This belt is not mine. Truth be told, I only came out here to clear up the issue of last JWA:EWA World Heavyweight Champion. This belt belongs to...Chronic.

The camera zooms right in on the title, and over the name plate, instead of the name 'The Corpse', the title reads 'Chronic'.

Corpse: I don't give a damn if this is official or not. We've had lie-down title changes, soft toys winning belts, and all kinds of crazy shit in this place's history. As far as I know, Al no longer owns the assets to JWA:EWA. They now belong to the consortium of Shane Powers and Winter Sanderson. So I leave it to them whether this becomes an official ruling. But either way, this belt is finding its way to its rightful owner.

Corpse places the belt in the center of the ring, facing the entrance ramp, then turns to face it too, tapping his clenched fist against his chest twice, and pointing backstage symbolically. He then pulls out a long glass bong from the same bag the title was in.

Corpse: Now everyone here knows this aint my style, but I'll be damned, Dellan, this one's for you!

Corpse takes a huge hit from the bong and throws it into the crowd. He looks a little staggered for a moment, then a wry grin crosses his face, and he nods knowingly, before looking serious once more.

Corpse: So now I leave this ring for the last time, and before I do, I want to hear every fucker out there cheering for the true world champion in this company.

Corpse walks back and forth in the ring, waving his arms and raising the volume of the crowd into a furore, then quietly slips out of the ring and walks backstage. Inexplicably, a small malteser rolls up the entrance ramp in his wake. The crowd keep chanting...

Chronic! Chronic! Chronic! Chronic! Chronic! Chronic! Chronic! Chronic! Chronic! Chronic! Chronic! Chronic! Chronic! Chronic! Chronic! Chronic! Chronic! Chronic!
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PostSubject: War Zone Underground Triple Threat   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:24 am

William Regal: Well, here we are again Mr. Edmonds.

Noel Edmonds: That's Edmonds not Edmunds.

William Regal: Yes, best point that out. A bad impersonator accompanied me at ringside in WZU's dying days, and apparently swapping an o with a u was enough to confuse most people.

Noel Edmonds: In much the same way they thought replacing monkey would be acceptable. Like there's no difference between the original Monkey and that rabid animal they replaced him with.

William Regal: Well, I hear the original Monkey became a bit of a prima donna after he got a deal advertising PG Tips.

Noel Edmonds: Which, by the way, is one of our principle sponsors tonight.

Briefly, a PG Tips advert is shown on screen, accompanied by the true Monkey of JWA:EWA

William Regal: That looked familiar, I smell a lawsuit. Anyway, that nonsense out of the way, lets get back to the ring, shall we?

Johnny Vegas: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall! This is the Warzone Underground bracket of the MVP Tournament! Introducting first, weighing in at 234 lbs, he hails from Las Vegas Nevada, Matt 'the Man'!

"Butterflies and Hurricanes" by Muse kicks off the entrance with flashing lights shooting off into the audience. With the each thunderous sound leads up to the camera angle changing every second until finally we see a man standing with his arms stretched out. He does a fist pump while spinning around to reveal his face to the crowd.

William Regal: Coming out to Muse eh? I wasn't aware the young whippersnappers in America were aware of good English music.

Johnny Vegas: Introducing next, weighing in at 240lbs and hailing from Sheffield, England, The Angel!

Fury by Muse hits as the lights cut out, replaced by searching white beams, these beams rise and dim in time with the music. As the main guitar starts Angel appears from the centre. the white lights replace the red of those from the video. The Angel walks to the start of the ramp, looking from left to right, observing the crowd. As the verse starts he makes his down to the ring. The chorus signals his entrance to the ring, sliding in, he pauses momentarily, nipping up he climbs the 2nd turnbuckle, standing tall in front of the crowd, walking to the opposite turnbuckle he repeats this.

Johnny Vegas: And from Fulton New York, weighing in at 182lbs, the man formerly known as Genocide, Scott Briggs! This match will be a Falls Count Anywhere match! Your referee for this matchup is Nick Cotton.

The arena goes quiet, and there is red and green lights. As Scott runs down the ramp, slapping fans hands, "Always" by Saliva blasts over the loudspeaker. Scott slides into the ring, and jumps on the second turbuckle, taunting the crowd.

Noel Edmonds: In many ways this is one of the biggest matches of the night.

William Regal: Indeed, Warzone Underground was originally a feeder show, but in the end it was the only show.

Noel Edmonds: Not only that, but it was home of fresh, new young talent. In other words, these are the guys that are still around, doing their thing. These are the guys who have had 4 years plus to improve their game. These are the guys who will be sharpest and with the least to lose-and the most to gain.

William Regal: I smell an upset tonight, I really do.

Noel Edmonds: As do I.

William Regal:

Noel Edmonds: Nick Cotton is the referee, so something is already off about this match. The man hasn't made a legitimate call in his career.

William Regal: I don't know what you mean Mr. Edmonds, Nick Cotton is an innocent, loving mothers boy. His only crime is wearing that leather jacket to the ring!

The bell rings, and all three men stand in different corners of the ring. The crowd are raucous, still ridiculously over hyped at being at a JWA:EWA show one last time. Alot of them are carrying weapons, anxious for the action to spill into the crowd. Ladels, frying pans, chairs, 2'4"'s, and even a kitchen sink are being waved around in the air. Hapless security guards employed by the JWA:EWA arena for the night look on nervously, with no idea how to handle the situation. Everyone in the ring seems to have a section of the crowd on their side, with no defined favourite, though it seems as though Scott may be edging their support.

William Regal: What an atmosphere Edmonds, simply electric.

Noel Edmonds: And Triple D isn't even out yet!

William Regal: Please don't sully this segment with mentions of Action Zone talent.

Noel Edmonds: Maybe it's me, but it seems as though Scott has a marginal lead in crowd support tonight. His new attitude has opened alot of eyes in the wrestling world.

William Regal: His message is good, but I don't appreciate the religious overtones. Wait a minute-what's this commotion at ringside?

Noel Edmonds: I have a bad feeling I know what it is...

Cameras cut to ringside, and fans are on their feet cheering the arrival of Mystery, Scott's special enforcer.

William Regal: Show some respect Edmonds! Have you not seen the list of people this guy beat in his hey?

Noel Edmonds: I honestly don't care. If it wasn't in JWA, it didn't happen.

William Regal: Pathetic, Edmonds. You probably aren't even aware that some of the people on his list were once in JWA:EWA's hallowed halls. And not small names by any stretch.

Noel Edmonds: Whatever the case, this presents a huge advantage for Scott. Having an enforcer at his side for a whole match, and a match where there are no disqualifications?

William Regal: Smart, is what it is. Smart!

Mystery stands next to the ring, arms folded, and looks onwards at the ring. Matt and Angel look at him with curiosity, then towards eachother. They seem to be on the same wavelength momentarily, and simultaneously close in on Scott. Scott holds out his fists to fend both men off, but Angel ducks under one and starts to unload with some heavy punches. Matt stands back a moment, then pulls Angel back, unloading with his own punches. On the outside, Mystery is pacing around but doesn't seem concerned. Angel pulls Matt back and pushes him, into the same turnbuckle Scott is propped against. Scott pushes Matt hard in the back, and Matt runs into an overhand right from Angel, knocking him to the mat. Angel picks Matt up, and chucks him over the top rope. Matt lands just by Mystery's feet, and Mystery steps away with his hands in the air.

William Regal: And you were worried about Mystery, look at this. He's being fair and taking a backseat.

Noel Edmonds:But tell me, for how long? Because I can't think of a single reason to have an 'enforcer' in a match with no rules to enforce. He's clearly there for a reason, ultimately. But not a fair one.

William Regal: And pray tell me what's unfair when there are no rules in the first place?

Noel Edmonds:Pah.
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PostSubject: Re: ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:25 am

Angel looks over the top rope, and takes flight, hitting a cross body press just as Matt is getting to his feet, sending both bodies careering into the ringside barrier. Some overzealous fans start whacking both men's backs with various implements. Security try and calm them, but end up getting battered as well, falling limply over the barrier. Angel and Matt claw their way towards the ring apron to avoid the blows from the crowd.

William Regal: Disgraceful! These people came to see a contest and a few ruffians are ruining it for us all.

Noel Edmonds:Well I-wait a sec, Mystery just threw Scott a chair.

William Regal: GOOD LORD!

Noel Edmonds:Scott just leap frogged the ropes, and hit a leg drop onto both men's backs, with the chair under his leg.

William Regal: Insanity.

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott gets to his feet and violently swings his arms, implying the match is already over. He kicks both his opponents in the ribs, and turns them both over, covering the simultaneously.



Noel Edmonds:Far too early.

William Regal: Barely a 2 count.

Both men push Scott off at once, sending him rolling towards the announce tables. Scott gets to his feet, but is surprised as Matt hits a Pele kick to the back of his head, sending him flying over the Extreme Zone announce table onto Dean Malenko's lap. Malenko leaps up, and next to him Irvin Fury is holding his hands over his head in shock. Behind all the action, Angel has picked up the chair Scott used previously. Angel swings the chair hard towards Matt's head, but Matt ducks the impact and kicks Angel in the gut. With Angel momentarily stunned and doubled over, Matt deftly hops onto the announce table and leaps off in one fluidic movement, hitting a Whisper in the wind-like splash over Angel's back. Angel slumps to the floor, faceplanting corner of the chair he was holding. Cameras pan in on his face and show a large gash under his eye. The crowd pop loudly for the first blood of the night.

William Regal: Ahh, I'd forgotten the bloodlust of a JWA:EWA crowd.

Matt clambers to his feet and raises his hands in the air, looking for approval, receiving a somewhat mixed response.

Noel Edmonds:I think that may be a recurring motif here tonight. Matt 'the Man' was treated like a jobber when JWA was last around-in fairness he was one. But now he feels he has improved and he is out to show the world that Matt 'the Jobber' is no more.

William Regal: So we wont be seeing moves like the 'philedriver' and the 'combination move's 4' in this match?

Noel Edmonds: Right.

William Regal: I'm almost disappointed.

Matt picks up Angel, and hits a couple of knees to his temple, then rolls him into the ring. Matt unloads with some muay thai knee strikes, then throws Angel to the turnbuckle, following him in with a heavy clothesline. Matt grabs Angel and places him on the top turnbuckle, and climbs up after him, positioning him for a C-4. Scott slides into the ring at the same time, and climbs up on the same turnbuckle. For a moment, both men seem to be on the same page, and set up for a Spanish Fly. As they flip backwards, Angel hooks his feet around the ropes and pushes both men off, sending them both flipping backwards, almost looking like simultaneous moonsaults. Angel wipes blood from under his eye, then slicks his hair back with the same hand, the blood almost gelling it back. Angel surveys the scene in front of him, and sees Scott and Matt both lying on their backs. He tentatively stands up, a little concussed, and leaps into the air, hitting an elbow drop across Scott's chest, and using his slailing legs to hit an unorthodox leg drop on Matt at the same time.

Noel Edmonds: Angel is possibly at the biggest disadvantage here, he's been inactive until the last three months or so.

William Regal: Wouldn't know it though, looking at his performance so far.

Noel Edmonds: Indeed. Bust open early on, potentially concussed, and still able to pull off a move like that.

Angel calls over referee Nick Cotton, and Cotton nods. He covers Scott, and Cotton goes down to count, suspiciously fast...


As Cotton's hand is almost at the mat for a three count, Mystery grabs Angel's leg and drags him out of the ring.

Noel Edmonds: Thank God for that, Angel nearly made a mockery of this matchup by bribing that crooked Nick Cotton. No wonder they call him Tricky.

William Regal: I have no idea what you mean. At any rate, Mystery saved the match for young Scotty Briggs.

Noel Edmonds: OH! Mystery is completely flattening Angel on the outside with a series of chair shots, this is despicable!

William Regal: At least he knows how to share-he just threw Angel into the crowd, where he's being battered with all kinds of weapons.

Noel Edmonds: And here come the hapless security guards!

Security guards rush in force to the spot where Angel is in the crowd, and make a protective circle around him, their backs being clobbered with weapon shots the whole time. While this is going on, Matt gets to his feet in the ring, and backs into a corner, baiting Scott as he gets to his feet. As Scott reaches his feet and turns around, Matt deftly rushes towards him and hits a picture perfect busaiku kick that would make Kenta proud. Scott's body goes stiff and he falls backwards like a tree falling. Matt covers Scott and Nick Cotton goes down with a normal count.




Once again Mystery breaks up the pinfall. Fans are starting to get fed up with the interference, and are turning on Scott gradually. Matt holds his hands by his sides, looking pleadingly at Nick Cotton. Cotton just shrugs, and struts to the opposite side of the ring, adjusting his trademark leather coat and ignoring the situation. Matt points to Cotton, and looks out at the crowd, who cheer, as if they are on the same wavelength as him. Matt acknowledges their approval, and grabs Cotton's jacket, swinging him around to face him. He kicks him hard in the gut, and hits a sitout tombstone piledriver, as the crowd go crazy.

William Regal: He just put his hands on the referee! There are going to be fines!

Noel Edmonds: I highly doubt it, we have visual evidence that he took a bribe earlier in this match. Matt is well within his remit to attack him.

William Regal: Whatever Edmonds, you know nothing. We have a problem at hand now, though, as we have no referee out here.

Noel Edmonds: I'm sure someone will turn up...

Matt looks down at Scott, who is starting to recover from the Busaiku kick. He scales the turnbuckle, and motions for a Phoenix 630 splash. Fans stand up and grab their cameras to capture the moment, and Matt springs...to the outside.

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noel Edmonds: Matt just leapt to the outside and totally took out Mystery. He swerved us all.

William Regal: This one's anyone's for the taking now. Although presently, everyone has been taken out.

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PostSubject: Re: ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:26 am

Cameras pan around the scene, and Angel is somehow fighting his way back towards the ring, and fans are finally standing back and letting him cross the ring barrier, realising the point in the match. Inside the ring, Scott raises one leg in the air, and stamps on the mat a couple of times, trying to regain his composure. On the outside, a mysterious hooded figure of an odd stature leans over the ringside barrier and tucks a small sachet of sugar under Matt's face, and pats him on the cheek. Matt's body starts to shake, and he gets to his knees. He grasps the sachet of sugar and tips it down his throat. Suddenly he looks revitalised, and he slides into the ring, only to be greeted with a legdrop over the back of his head from Angel. Angel picks him up and turns him to face Scott, who is holding a chair. Scott swings the chair hard, but Matt ducks, the chair smashing against Angel's head. Scott turns back to Matt, but is met with a dropkick to the chair, which smashes into his face. Scott drops the chair and reels backwards, and lands draped over the turnbuckle. Matt picks Angel up and hits a C-4 on the chair, and covers him...










William Regal: The fans are counting, but we have no referee.

Noel Edmonds: Besides, he's making the pin in the ring. What a spoilsport.

Scott breaks up the pin with a stiff kick to Matt's back, and baits Matt as he gets to his feet, hitting a blackhole slam as he gets there. Scott surveys the situation, and no referee is present. He leaves the ring, searching for a weapon. As he does, Angel rolls out behind him, and as Scott is rummaging under the ring, Angel kicks him hard in the ribs. The pair start brawling, exchanging blows and making their way up the entrance ramp. As they reach the top, Angel gets the better of Scott and throws him hard against the stage, bouncing his head off the metal. As his head bounces back Angel hooks Scott's neck and drops him with a Reverse DDT. Angel looks around and heads behind the curtain, then returns seconds later with a trashcan. Angel whacks the trashcan over Scott's head, and goes to cover him. A referee runs out and makes the count...




William Regal: That couldn't have been closer.

Angel looks frustrated, and grabs the referee by the shirt, threatening him to count faster. Out of nowhere, Matt hits a Pele kick on Angel, and he slumps to the floor.

Noel Edmonds: Where did Matt come from?!

William Regal: If you spent less time preening your beard and a little more watching the action, you might know the answer to that question.

Matt leaves the stage, and grabs a series of tables, throwing them onto the entranceway, underneath the stage. He sets them up one atop the other, and places Scott and Angel across them both. He then starts to climb the stage, reaching the top, at least 50 feet in the air. Matt looks down at his prone opponents, then out to the sea of fans, who look on pensively. He looks down again, in time to see both men roll off the table. They start to climb the stage after him, and as they reach the top, all three start to brawl, with noone getting the upper hand. They teeter on the edge of the stage, with less than 10 feet of stage above the entranceway, each punch is tentative. Angel low blows Matt, and Matt doubles over. Scott kicks Matt's head and tries to push him off the stage, but Angel grabs Scott by the hair and pulls him up to lock him in a front headlock. Matt clambers to his feet and Angel tries to grab him in a front facelock, but Matt ducks under. Suddenly, Matt is stood between Angel and Scott, breaking up the headlock. He kicks them both in the gut in succession, then hooks them both for DDT's...but as he goes to pull the trigger, both men fight back, suddenly leaving Matt facing the 50 foot drop onto the tables. Angel and Scott cooperate to pick Matt up for a suplex, and as Matt's body is vertical, he reverses, turning 180degrees. Both Angel and Scott spin around, and instantaneously Matt grabs them both and hits a C-4...Off the stage! All three bodies plummet through the tables, and Matt lands on top of Angel.

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Johnny Vegas: The winner of this match, and advancing to the final...Matt 'The Man'!

All three men are rushed to by medics, who put them all in neck braces, none of the men moving all the while. The JWA:EWA crowd give a standing ovation as the participants are escorted backstage on stretchers.

Up next: The Rusty Invitational!

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PostSubject: Reaper Segment   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:29 am

The camera opens up inside a corridor backstage. Various pieces of equipment are strewn over it, but only on one side of the corridor. Various technicians stand about the corridor, chatting, making routine checks and maintenance, though some of them closer to the camera seem distracted. The cameraman’s attention was drawn to the sounds of yelling and what seems to be equipment being thrown about around a corner. Just as he’s about to reach the corner, a backstage technician sprints around the corner looking terrified.

”Run for your life man! Run for it! He’s totally lost it!”

The technician sprints past the camera, and a few more follow from behind him. We hear loud thuds, sounding at an even pace, which sound like dinosaurs stomping on the ground in films such as Jurassic park. The cameraman is nervous to step forward and check as the sounds of the thud gets closer, and the sound of a T-rex roaring loudly comes from around the corner. The cameraman remains frozen in place, and a shadow appears on the wall opposite the corner. The cameraman is on the verge of wetting himself when, from around the corner, Reaper emerges with a boombox and a comically large hammer.

”Hello there peachy…”

The technicians in the background faces show a mix of fear and confusion. Reaper presses a button on his boombox and the loud T-Rex roar emits from it, then he slams the hammer on the ground, which would explain the sounds earlier. Reaper cackles maniacally and puts the boombox on a storage crate, takes the hammer in both hands, turns and runs at the technicians in the background. They scream and run away, and the cameraman, unsure if he should at first, follows Reaper as he swings the hammer into walls and the floor, trying to hit the fleeing technicians. They lead him into the parking lot and scatter, causing Reaper to lean against a wall and laugh, resting the hammer on the floor. Unbeknown to him there is a homeless bum behind him.

”Spare some change sir?”

”I can spare some of my brain if that’ll help.”

”No…I need something more..money like”

”Oh..then no. All I’ve got hanging around are a few marbles. Say, aren’t you…Demon?


”Do you suck dicks Demon?”


”Bullshit! I bet you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose!”

At this point Reaper latches onto the bum with an Iron Claw, crushing his face with his hand. Reaper doesn’t actually know who the bum is, or what he’s doing in the parking lot, but what he does know is he doesn’t like the smell. He slams the bums head against the wall and keeps applying pressure, listening to the hobo’s screams until they die down from his loss of consciousness. Reaper drops in and leaves the parking lot, running in front of traffic to cross the road and head into a big church opposite. Inside the church, there is an isle down the middle with pews on either side, with a few people inside and an archbishop standing at the alter delivering a sermon. Reaper snarls as he recognises the archbishop as a man named Oscar. The surname eluded him, but he already had the rage in his eyes. He marched up the isle and pulled a spring onion out of his pocket, then began slapping the archbishop with it. The archbishop cried out for help but wasn’t fast enough as Reaper picked him up and threw him through the font. He marched back down the isle, looking menacing at the terrified bystanders.

”He needed a bath”

Reaper laughed and left, wondering where he could go next. He ventured into a bingo hall and scanned the large room until he saw a face he recognised.

“Flair! I see you Flair! Where you been at!

Ric Flair turns and sees Reaper standing in the doorway, and is immediately unnerved by Reapers expression. Everyone else turns and looks, just as Flair gets up and runs off. Reaper gives chase, but loses him as Ric ducks out of sight when he left the building. Reaper, frustrated, runs back towards the JWA EWA arena, where he applies the touch of death to every member of JWA’s workforce he finds. After he’s done with the last one, he stands, leans against a wall, and thinks.

“I wonder who else I could find and have fun with…”

Reaper train of thought is distracted as he sees another terrified technician. The technician runs, and Reaper grabs a whip, hooks it around an overhead pipe and imitates Indiana Jones, swinging over some kind of chasm, that only Reaper can see, towards the technician. The Techie sees this and ducks, and Reaper keeps swinging. The whip unties, and Reaper flies through the window to the ladies locker room. We here a single woman scream and Reapers kicked back out the window by Shorty. Reaper sits and rubs his head.

”ooowwwiieeee. Why does the women’s locker room have a window anyway?! At least I got one of her melons.”

Reaper gets up, looking proud of him self and pulls a ripe watermelon out from under the cameras vision. He turns and trots merrily down the corridor as if nothing had even happened. He comes into the foyer, and the look of happiness fades away as he notices someone who eluded him earlier, Flair. Flair is chatting to a pretty young blond lady.

“And even if you have doubts, age is nothing but a number baby, Whooooo!”

Reaper grinds his teeth and throws the watermelon with all his might at Flair. It flies gracefully through the air, never straying from it’s intended flight path. Flair grins as he’s just about swooned his bird, when he looks up and gasps upon sight of the melon. He can’t react quick enough and it glides effortlessly into his gonads. Reaper yells in triumph as his direct hit.

“Bulls-eye! Or should I say, Balls-eye Ric?”

Reaper laughs hysterically as he walks off. Rics ‘girlfriend’ does the same. By this time word has spread and JWA’s security team has been dispatched to hunt Reaper. Meanwhile, Reaper has wandered into some random locker room. There is a window on the far side, and a table below it. On the table is a big plate of custard, which naturally attracted Reapers attention, as there didn’t seem any logical reason for it to be there. He picks it up and looks closely, examining it for flavour, just as security rush in through the door. They order him to stop what he’s doing at once, but he just screams in terror and flings the custard at the team, before opening the window and escaping outside.

The camera regains a visual of Reaper when he’s somehow found his way back inside the backstage area. Somehow, he’s managed to get his hands on a pogo stick. As he sneaks through the corridors, he tells everyone he sees to ‘Shhh’ as to not alert the team after him. However his attempts are futile as they’re right behind him, equipped with a straight jacket. Reaper sprints, with the pogo sticks spring end in front of him as the guards pursue, knocking over many technicians and pieces of equipment. He desperately tries to evade capture but throwing traps and obstacles behind him, such as pipes and crates. He even pulls an oversized mouse trap out of his tights and takes great amusement out of it when a security member steps on it and it traps his foot. As he turns a corner he notices JWA backstage announcer Lola Grand, chatting with Ric Flair, who is still seemingly reeling in pain from the earlier melon attack. Reaper stops for a second and kicks him in the nads, much to Lola’s shock, and leaves him lying across the corridor.

“Here Ric, help us out will ya?!”

Reaper laughs loudly and keeps running as two or three guards trip over Flair, burying him as Lola looks on bemused. Reaper spots another corridor intersection, with a sign saying ‘exit’ pointing right.

“You can’t catch me suckers!”

Unfortunately, as he yelled that remark he wasn’t looking where he was going, forgot to turn, and ran into the wall, causing the pogo stick to bounce into his chest and knock him on his back. Winded, he tries to get up but is pounced upon by the security team, who wrestle relentlessly with him to get him in the straight jacket. Reaper kicks and screams words such as ‘Freeeeeedom! Qapla!!! Rosebud!!! Mother?!!’as he tries to resist in vain. The team get him up and drag him away as he keeps screaming at them to let him go. It’s unsure where he’s being taken though.

Probably the boiler room.
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PostSubject: JWA:EWA Classic Flashback 4   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:31 am

JWA:EWA Classic Match
Action Zone, 2005
Rusty Invitational Match

Action Zone Vs. Extreme Zone Match

Quote :
Teddy Speaks – Ladies and Gentlemen, hello, and welcome to England, we’re live at the Manchester Evening News arena, presenting to you, JWA:EWA, Extreme Zone Vs. Action Zone!

Ian Dawe – That’s right, damn those Extreme Zone Hillbillys, where are they now without Batista! Nowhere, nowhere I tell you!

Irvin Fury – Damn you to hell Dawe! Extreme Zone always has been, and always will be, the premier JWA:EWA brand! I mean, who’ve you got on Action Zone?

Dean Malenko – I’ll tell you who, A bald man who dresses in a wig for a champion, and “animal lovers” like The Tiger and Pohatu!

Dawe – Yeah well, Extreme Zone’s not exactly fantastic, I mean, let’s see….A pot head, who virtually never shows up, and loads of people pretending to be dead!

Speaks – Don’t forget that Psycho who thinks he’s a dog!

Fury – phuck you Teddy! We’ll just wait and see who comes up out on top

Malenko – That’s right folks, tonight is the long awaited “Rusty Invitational” commissioned by none other than ExWA Legend Rusty, who’s arrived in JWA:EWA

Dawe – The rules of the invitational are simple, all the men enter the ring, and an over the top rope battle royal ensues. To be eliminated, you need to be thrown over the top rope and to have both feet touch the floor. If that doesn’t happen, you’re not out.

Fury – Well, this match isn’t just for nothing either, Rusty has promised the winner a special, star prize

Malenko – But he won’t tell anyone what it is…sounds ominous to me…

Speaks – Rusty’s a stand up guy, but that prize is going to an Action Zone superstar!

Fury – Dream on Teddy! We’ve got Vegito, Ric Flair, Bryan Stinberg, and Rusty in this match!

Dawe – And what bitch? We’ve got Gomez, Reaper, Virus, and Shadow!

Malenko – Action Zone’s low class talent pool is obviously going to fail.

Fury – War Zone Underground is also represented, with Violent J secretly joining, and The Tiger being forced to participate…

All Commentators – WZU! Ha Ha Ha!

Speaks – Yeah whatever Dean, you’re nothing but a low priority WWE Road Agent. All I know is there are going to be two mystery guests, who promise to rock this event to it’s very core.

Fury – Wait, look, here comes Rusty! It looks like this event is finally about to get underway

*”Here Comes Your Man” by The Pixies hits the speaker system, and the crowd absolutely erupt for their idol, and the first and last “Needles Idol of The Week” Rusty. Rusty waltzes out onto the stage from behind the curtain, dawdling about looking gormless.*

Speaks – You’ve got to wonder how in the world a re---

Fury – REVERED! Yes, ahem, how in the world such a revered superstar such as Rusty manages to get his hair so shiney….

*Rusty begins waving to the fans, and is wearing his trademark “AIDS!” T-Shirt. He slowly marches down to the ring, looking pleased and over-awed with the occasion. He climbs onto the apron, and over the top rope, into the ring. He motions for a microphone. An assistant throws one into the ring, and it hits Rusty square on the forehead. The crowd wince, but Rusty doesn’t even notice. He looks down, and picks up the microphone, and begins to speak*

Rusty – Holla, If Ya Rpsty!

Rusty – I is Rpysty. Safe. I as made a macth and it is god. Teh winern getas a prise. I as tow speicla gests! Let us begin, mwahahahaha!

*The HaRdCoRe Legends, Reaper and Senor Gomez run down to the ring, and slide under the ropes, and climb a turnbuckle each, as the crowd go wild for the JWA:EWA World Tag Team Champions*

Speaks – Ah, Action Zone’s finest!

Fury – Seriously? I knew things were bad, but….damn!

*Next up, Bryan Stinberg and Ric Flair walk out to the ring, to a chorus of cheers, although a fair few boos are mixed in. Bryan shakes them off, and climbs into the ring, where he hugs Rusty, Ric stands behind, with an odd expression on his face.. He keeps a close eye on the HaRdCoRe legends, as Vegito makes his way to the ring, to a huge crowd ovation. He takes a bow, before climbing into the ring, and readying himself for action.*

Malenko – Ah, you’ve gotta love Extreme Zone.

*After that, Violent J and The Tiger rush out, looking like they are about to get beaten to a bloody pulp…The run down the ramp, as the crowd start chanting*

Malenko – The crowd showing just how appreciative they are to have Violent J and The Tiger in this match.

*Virus bursts through the curtain, as the crowd plunge the arena into a chorus of boos. Virus smiles, and motions for the fans to “Bring it” before Virus is ambushed from behind by Shadow. Virus fights back, pissed, as the crowd are going crazy for Shadow. The two brawl all the way down to the ring, before Virus rolls Shadow into the ring, and jumps in after him, but Referees Keith Reeves and William Malone separate them.*

Speaks – Hell yeah, what an athlete Virus is

Fury – Virus? You mean the guy who bought all of his title reigns?

Malenko – I’ve heard some pretty fruity things about him and Winter Sanderson!

Dawe – Cease your foolish arguing, can you not see the obvious? All the scheduled participants are in the ring! That means now it’s time for the special guests!

Dawe – Who could it be? Batista? Tommy Polo?

Malenko – Vulcan? Brimstone?

Fury – Triple D? The Executioner?

Speaks – Hagar Hart? 3T?

Dawe – Oooo, I do hope so!

*”Shot through the Heart” by Bon Jovi hits, and the entire crowd groans*

Fury – Winter Sanderson!? WINTER phuckING SANDERSON!? What the phuck is the deal with that!?

*Rusty is smiling a huge smile, as Winter Sanderson walks out onto the stage, he waves to the fans, and has a huge cocky smile. The camera pans to Virus, who has a huge smile on his face, and is waving to Winter. Winter waves back to Virus, and walks down to the ring, as the crowd are booing the roof off the MEN Arena.*

Speaks – Now, To be perfectly honest, I’m speechless. What on earth has possessed Winter Sanderson to take part in this match. The only time I’ve seen him wrestle, is when he beat 3T at Final Destination.

Dawe – Yeah exactly, he won!

Speaks – He had his ass beaten from one side of the ring to the other, until Hell Sent showed up, and kicked the crap out of 3T.

Malenko – Maybe he knows what prize is on offer?

Fury – Who knows with a phucking crackpot like Sanderson. I hope the last mystery guest is better than Winter phucking Sanderson.

*The crowd blow the roof off the MEN Arena and the announcers are left in shock, blown away.*

Speaks – I….I…

Malenko – It’s Al Powers Ladies and Gentlemen!

Dawe – Good God, would you look at that! The JWA:EWA Owner is here, and he’s taking part in the Rusty Invitational!

Fury – This evening is just getting more, and more bizarre. It looks like Rusty has friends in high places!

*All the men in the ring, including Winter Sanderson, look completely shocked, except for Rusty, who is dribbling, and can be seen mouthing the words “Hi Al”. Mr. Powers smiles, and waves back to Rusty, before storming down to the ring like a man possessed, and sliding under the ropes and standing up, as the entire ring takes a step away from the JWA:EWA Owner.*

Speaks – I sure as hell wouldn’t like to be in that match, imagine what happens if you hit the owner? Or eliminate him! It could cost you your job!

Maria Shultz – The referees for this match will be Extreme Zone’s William Malone, and Action Zone’s Keith Reeves. The match has begun!

Fury – Here we go!

*Reaper and Senor Gomez take the initiative, charging down Winter Sanderson and Virus, hitting them both with spears, and knocking them to the ground. Meanwhile, Stinberg has hit Vegito with a flying lariat, whilst Al and Rusty take advantage of a charging Shadow, as Rusty hits Shadow with a flapjack, AP takes the unlikely step of evolving the move into a devastating 3D, leaving an embarrassed Shadow rolling around on the crotch of the fallen Winter Sanderson, who quickly pushes Shadow away.*

Speaks – Tonight’s just gonna keep on getting weirder, and weirder….

*Vegito and Stinberg are in the corner, trading fierce punches, back and forth, trying to outgun each other*

Fury – Bryan Stinberg is trying to prove he can hang with the big boys, by taking on one of Extreme Zone’s premier stars, Vegito

Dawe – And so far, he’s proving just that

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PostSubject: Re: ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:33 am

JWA:EWA Classic Match
Action Zone, 2005
Rusty Invitational Match

Action Zone Vs. Extreme Zone Match

Quote :

*AP and Rusty High Five each other, before AP turns round and receives a devastating Gore from Virus, laying the owner out. Virus starts laying lefts and rights into the face of AP, before Rusty hurls himself at Virus knocking him to the ground. Virus and Rusty exchange power blows on the mat, as AP regains his composure, and gets up. Rusty holds Virus down, and AP points at Virus, and shouts something in his face, and punches him square in the jaw. Virus falls back, knocked out, and Rusty and AP pick him up, and attempt to bundle him over the top rope, but Winter Sanderson blind sides Rusty with a strong forearm, causing him to drop the head end of Virus. AP is left holding Virus’ legs, with his head and shoulders on the mat. Virus kicks out at AP, hitting a shot to the head causing AP to drop Virus.

Ric Flair and Bryan Stinberg team up against Violent J and The Tiger, kicking the shit out of them, with Stinberg hitting The Tiger with a Game Over, causing him to fall onto the ropes. Violent J is putting up more of a fight against Ric Flair though, showing he has potential. Ric chops VJ across the chest, and does a “Woooooooooooooo!” and Flair Strut.*

*Meanwhile, Senor Gomez and Reaper are pounding away at Shadow, causing the Quebec Phenom to droop against the ropes. It looks like Reaper and Gomez are about to finish Shadow off, until Stinberg and Vegito team together, attacking the HaRdCoRe Legends from behind, as Action Zone squares off against Extreme Zone. Gomez and Reaper whip Shadow into a turnbuckle, and turn their attention to Vegito and Stinberg, and the quartet fling themselves at each other, a flurry of kicks and punches light up the MEN Arena, as Reaper gets caught by a Spin-Out Tombstone from Vegito, at the same time Stinberg is driven into the canvas courtesy of a breathtaking Tenzan Tombstone Driver which causes the crowd to burst into applause. Gomez and Vegito stare each other down, Gomez getting in Vegito’s face.*

*Gomez goes to punch Vegito in the face, but Vegito catches the punch, and wraps his hand around the throat of Gomez, before lifting him high into the air for a chokeslam, but as he is about to bring Gomez down to earth, Reaper recovers, and hits a gore to the back of Vegito’s leg, taking him down, allowing Gomez to free himself. The pair beat down on Vegito, before Shadow hits them with a double clothesline, and all four men are laid out on the floor.

Ric Flair continues to beat on Violent J, and goes to whip him over the top, but Violent J reverses it, sending Ric over the top rope, but he clings onto the apron, and rolls back in, only to be met by a devastating flying heel kick from The Tiger, causing Ric to drop to the floor. Bryan Stinberg recovers from the attack from Gomez, and hits a dropkick to the back of The Tiger'

Bryan turns around, and is forced to duck a vicious forearm swing from Winter Sanderson. Stinberg takes advantage, and latches onto Winter, before hitting an impressive Side Effect, laying Winter out.

In an unlikely sight, Virus and Al Powers are trying to force the other over the top rope using sheer will power and might, but neither is giving in, and neither looks likely to budge.*

Malenko – Who’d have though…Virus and Al Powers…

Fury – Neither man likes each other, they’re both trying to destroy each other!

*Rusty gets up, and wanders across to the other side of the ring, and spies the Tiger. He walks up to the dazed TT, and plants a big, sloppy, wet kiss on the lips of The Tiger, causing TT to writhe in disgust, and try to escape but to no avail. TT wanders out of the turnbuckle, wiping his mouth and wretching, when Rusty turns around, and catches him with a stink face, knocking TT back, and sending him stumbling over the top rope, and onto the concrete outside, as he gets eliminated.*

Maria Shultz: The Tiger has been eliminated from the Rusty Invitational.

Speaks – We have our first elimination!

Dawe – And who could have guessed, it’s WZU fodder, the Tiger. I’d have been upset if he was still an Action Zone star….

*The Tiger gets up, and realizes what happened, he hits the floor in disgust, and points at Rusty, swearing. Violent J comes up behind Rusty, and tries to flip him over the top rope, but every other superstar in the Invitational decides this is inappropriate, and stops what they are doing, to come to the AIDS! Of Rusty, and pick up Violent J. The mob then launches VJ over the top rope, and straight into Dean Malenko and Irvin Fury’s announce table, destroying it.*

Maria Shultz: Violent J has been eliminated from the Rusty Invitational

Malenko – Oh my god! Look at you Violent J! You fat oaf! What have you done?!

Fury – Damn you to hell Violent J, now what are we supposed to do?!

Speaks – Hey guys, nice table you’ve got there, Ha Ha!

*Violent J rolls around, and is escorted away by EMTs. The superstars return to their places, and carry on as they were before. Shadow slowly gets up, but is speared straight to hell by Rusty, who stands over the body of Shadow, and starts dancing a little dance. Al Powers hits Virus with a stiff forearm, sending Virus stumbling into the ring, where he gets caught by Reaper, and Mr Socko. The crowd are going electric as Virus is struggling and crying out for help, water rolling down his face, as he is gagging on the putrid Mr Socko. Reaper is laughing a hideously evil laugh, and releases Virus, who staggers right round into a debilitating Ohm Slam from Senor Gomez, planting Virus flat into the mat. Al Powers wanders across the ring, and grabs Bryan Stinberg from behind by the hair, he runs across the ring with Stinberg, before flinging him over the top rope. Stinberg is clinging on, but AP runs at him, and hits him with an Enziguri, knocking Stinberg backwards off the apron, and onto the concrete, eliminating him from the Invitational.*

Maria Shultz: Bryan Stinberg has been eliminated from the Rusty Invitational

Speaks – Jesus, The Owner: Al Powers, is kicking some serious ass!

Malenko – Looks like he wants that prize real bad!

*Al Powers notices Ric Flair slowly getting up, and runs across the ring, nailing him with a shining wizard, and knocking him back onto his back. Reaper slides out of the ring, under the bottom rope, and looks underneath the apron, as the fans are going crazy. He gets two steel chairs wrapped in barbed wire, and throws one to Gomez, who catches it, before sliding back into the ring with the other. Winter Sanderson slowly returns to his feet, only to receive an annihilating Extreme Conchairto from Gomez and Reaper, knocking Sanderson completely out, with blood masking his face. Virus starts to come back to life, and looks around at the carnage before him, before lying back down, pretending to be unconscious, trying to avoid any trouble. Reaper and Gomez are laughing like crazy sons of bitches, before Shadow and Vegito run at them from nowhere, whipping them over the ropes. Both men cling on for dear life, and Shadow and Vegito charge again, but Virus jumps up, and nails both men with an amazing Gore, which sends Shadow flying over the top rope, and onto the concrete outside. Reaper and Gomez look at each other, with a feeling of confusion, and hop back over the ropes.*

Maria Shultz: Shadow has been eliminated from the Rusty Invitational

Malenko – Why would Virus save Gomez and Reaper?!

*Virus and Vegito are writhing on the floor in pain, and Gomez and Reaper pick up Vegito, and Gomez hits a pendulum backbreaker, he then hits another, and holds them in that position, whilst Reaper climbs the top rope, and hits a diving elbow drop off, onto the head of Vegito, executing a Splitting Headache, causing the entire crowd to start a “Their HaRdCoRe!” Chant.*

Fury – Looks like Reaper and Gomez decided to leave Virus, as a thanks for saving them.

*Gomez releases Vegito, and then walks over to Virus, and locks him in the Sharpshooter. Reaper walks up to the front of Virus, and rams Mr. Socko down his throat, causing Virus to scream out in pain, but to no avail, as The HaRdCoRe Legends continue with the Struggle is Optional…Pain is Inevitable submission.*

Speaks – Or Maybe Not…

*Vegito climbs to his feet, rubbing his head, and Rusty charges him, but Vegito sidesteps Rusty, and Rusty bounces into the ropes, and as he returns, Vegito catches Rusty with a huge Chokeslam, planting him to the mat with a thud, as the crowd erupt into boos.*

Dawe – Bad move Vegito, everyone loves Rusty!

*The HaRdCoRe Legends are still destroying Virus, and Winter Sanderson slowly gets up, and runs at Al Powers from behind, who is still working on Ric Flair. He hits AP in the back of the head with a running knee, and AP drops forwards. WS picks him up, and goes for a stunner, but AP pushes him away, and nails WS with a rock bottom. Vegito comes over, and helps AP bundle Winter over the top rope and onto the floor, to an absolutely booming crowd reaction*

Maria Shultz: Winter Sanderson has been eliminated from the Rusty Invitational

Malenko – How much do the fans hate Winter Sanderson? Certainly happy to see him go…

*Ric gets up, as does Rusty, and the pair stare each other down*

*Ric acts first, and nails a forehand blow to the temple of Rusty, and Rusty strikes back, before long the pair are hitting several full force punches every few seconds, until Rusty grabs Ric by the torso, and lifts him high into the air, before bringing him back down with a Derailleur. Ric rolls around on the floor in pain, and Rusty Holla’s to the crowd, who all Holla back. Al Powers and Vegito turn and look at each other, before charging each other down. Vegito hits Al with a flapjack. Vegito takes advantage, and locks a choke hold on AP, who is struggling, and looks like he’s fading. Ric gets up, and tries to hit Rusty with a flying knee, but Rusty catches the leg, and spins Ric over into a single legged boston crab, showing he has some technical potential. Virus is still crying like a baby, and looks as though he may fall unconscious at any moment.*

Speaks – Wow, three submission holds at once, although I feel sorry for Virus the most…

*Al Powers manages to free himself by elbowing Vegito to the head, and Vegito stumbles backwards, and leans on the ropes, whilst Vegito composes himself. Rusty releases Ric, and waits for Ric to get up. When he does, he charges Rusty, aiming for a Lou Thesz press, but Rusty counters with a bearhug as Ric lands, squeezing Ric around like a rag doll, before walking over to the ropes, and dropping him over the top, eliminating Ric.*

Dawe – There goes The Nature Boy!

Maria Shultz: ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair has been eliminated from the Rusty Invitational

*Al Powers drops an elbow onto the head of a recovering Vegito, and throws him into The HaRdCoRe Legends, breaking up the submission move still applied to Virus…Virus rolls on the mat, weeping, as Reaper turns his attention to AP, and chases after him with Mr Socko, before Rusty steps in the way, and bodyslams the hell out of Reaper. Rusty walks up to Gomez, who is cowering in fear, but Gomez manages to wrap his arm around the neck of Rusty, and hit a tornado DDT, taking him down. Virus tries to crawl across the ring to safety, but AP picks him up, and goes to hurl him over the top rope, but Virus hits a thumb to Al’s eye, and Virus knees AP in the gut, before hoisting him onto his shoulders, and hitting a Legendeer, flinging AP into the turnbuckle. AP drops to the floor, clutching his knee, and Virus turns around, and Reaper tries to aquaint Virus with Mr. Socko once again, but Virus ducks, and nails Reaper with a Shutdown Chokeslam. Virus turns, and Gomez hoists him onto his shoulders, before bringing him back down to earth with a B.A.H. Vegito catches Gomez unawares, and throws him into the turnbuckle on the other side of the ring, and Vegito unleashes a flurry of punches to Gomez’s head. Gomez starts to go dizzy, and looks like he might faint.*

Fury – Vegito proving he’s nothing short of an animal

Speaks – Who’s going to win this?

Dawe – Erm. Virus!

Malenko – phuck no, Al Powers!

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---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----
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