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Where sleeping giants wake
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Winter Sanderson

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PostSubject: Re: ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----   ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ---- - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 4:34 am

JWA:EWA Classic Match
Action Zone, 2005
Rusty Invitational Match

Action Zone Vs. Extreme Zone Match

Quote :

*Reaper slowly gets up, and crawls across to help his fallen comrade, but Rusty gets up, and picks Reaper up, and grabs Reaper by the back of the neck, and throws him over the top. One of Reaper’s feet touch the floor, but the other one is desperately clawing at the apron, trying to get a footing. Virus gets up, and as Rusty tries to finish Reaper off, hits Rusty with a spinebuster. Virus walks across to the ailing Reaper, and looks him in the eyes, smiling. Virus raises his hand as though to strike Reaper and eliminate him, but Al Powers comes out of nowhere with a top rope hurracarana, devastating Virus, and flinging him across the ring. Reaper manages to climb up, and vaults back into the ring. Gomez kicks Vegito in the nuts, knocking Vegito back, and Reaper charges at Vegito with a clothesline, sending him flying over the top rope and onto the concrete floor, eliminating him from the match*

Malenko – The HaRdCoRe Legends running wild!

Maria Shultz: Vegito has been eliminated from the Rusty Invitational

*Vegito looks up, shocked, and Reaper is exposed, taunting Vegito, Rusty comes charging up behind Reaper, and goes to throw him over the top, but Gomez flings himself in the way, and gets caught with a nasty elbow just above the eye, cutting him open and leaving him bleeding everywhere. Reaper turns round and sees what happened, and grabs Rusty, and smashes Rusty’s head against his knee, before throwing him across the other side of the ring, where a recovering Virus takes advantage, and whips Rusty over the top, and onto the concrete outside, which receives the largest amount of booing and heckling of the night so far.*

Maria Shultz: Rusty has been eliminated from the Rusty Invitational

Dawe – The fans are revolting, they are going crazy, smashing up the arena, this is not good, Virus has done a very bad thing, and for it, he will burn in hell….

*Virus starts laughing, and taunting the fans, and they start throwing things at him. However, sadly for him, the last three participants decide Virus must die…Al Powers charges him down with a stunning German Suplex, and the crowd cheer wildly, as Gomez picks Virus up, and nails him with an Ohm Slam into the turnbuckle, incapacitating Virus’ back, and Virus rolls on the floor in pain. Reaper walks over with Mr. Socko, and rams it down Virus’ throat, as the crowd are going absolutely wild, Virus can’t escape, and while Reaper is keeping the hold locked in, Gomez and Al pick Virus up, and Reaper releases the hold, and Al hits a stunner to Virus, sending him flying over the top rope, and he hits his head on the concrete floor, as the crowd erupt in a booming response, giving the biggest pop of the night*

Malenko – Wooo, everyone hates Virus! He’s gone! That slimy bastard is gone!

Maria Shultz: Virus has been eliminated from the Rusty Invitational

Fury – We’re down to our last three, Reaper, Gomez, and Al Powers

Speaks – I don’t fancy Mr. Powers’ chances against The HaRdCoRe Legends…

*Gomez and Reaper turn their attention to Al Powers, who is slowly trying to back away. Gomez goes to hit AP, but he blocks it with his forearm, and nails Gomez with a stiff uppercut, sending Gomez staggering backwards, but Reaper makes no mistake, and nails Al right between the eyes, knocking him to the mat. AP tries to roll away, but reaches the turnbuckle, and Reaper begins laying in the boots to him, followed by Gomez joining him, as the pair mudhole stomp the JWA:EWA Chairman.*

Malenko – This isn’t right! The Chairman of the Board is being viciously assaulted by the HaRdCoRe Legends! Somebody do something!

*A figure hops the barricade, and the camera pans in*

Dawe – No! It can’t be! I thought she left!

Malenko –She?!

Speaks – Can’t you see? Look, it’s Star!

*Star climbs into the ring, and The HaRdCoRe Legends don’t see her*

*Star attacks Gomez from behind with a stiff forearm, and Gomez staggers backwards, Star slaps him across the face, and goes for an implant DDT, but Gomez pulls himself away, but in the fury, pulls Star’s top off*

Fury – Sweet baby Jesus and the orphans! Star is topless! Somebody do something!

Dawe – No, wait a couple of minutes….

*Faint rustle under the AZ announce table*

*Gomez starts laughing, as Reaper continues his assault on AP. Star goes to hit Gomez again, but Gomez catches her arm, and wiggles his finger, motioning “No!” Gomez goes to throw Star out of the ring by her hair, but to his amazement, it falls off, to reveal that it’s nothing more than a wig. Gomez collapses laughing on the floor, as Star is completely embarrassed, being topless and hairless.*

Speaks – There really are, no words for that. Hang on, look closely…isn’t that?!

Dawe – IT IS! IT IS!

Malenko – Tell me that isn’t The Inv----

Fury – No don’t say it! It’ll break the conditions of the lawsuit!

*Star rolls out of the ring, and runs back through the crowd. Reaper and Gomez are both in hysterics at this point, and AP seizes his chance. He punches Reaper in the groin, causing him to fall backwards, and grabs Gomez by the back of the neck, and throws him over the top rope and onto the concrete floor outside*

Speaks – The crowd are going crazy! Al Powers has got a chance!

Maria Shultz: Senor Gomez has been eliminated from the Rusty Invitational

Fury – We’re down to just two men now!

*Al Powers turns and looks at Reaper, who is still recovering. Al has that big smile on his face, and grabs Reaper by the back of the neck, and picks him up. He tries to fling Reaper over the top, but Reaper reverses the move, and kicks Al in the gut, before hitting a Soul Reaver Chokeslam. He picks AP up, and throws him against the ropes, before running after him, and nailing him with a big clothesline, knocking him over the top and to the outside. The crowd erupt, and go absolutely nuts, as Keith Reeves grabs Reaper’s hand, and raises it into the air*

Maria Shultz: Al Powers has been eliminated, and here is your winner of the Rusty Invitational….. ‘The Iron Man’ REAPER!

Malenko – Damn, Damn you Reaper!

Dawe – Ha Ha! Action Zone Rules! Well done Reapy-Baby!

*Senor Gomez slides back into the ring, as does Rusty, and Reaper is celebrating, Gomez hugs Reaper, and Rusty has a gift in a wrapped box. He stumbles over to Reaper, and begins to speak*

Rusty – Yuo has won. Wel doen, now you has a prise. Yuo is Champoin!

*Reaper bows before Rusty, and takes the gift from him, before ripping off the wrapping excitedly to reveal a cardboard box. Reaper hurls the lid off the box, and pulls out it’s content….a t-shirt. Reaper looks confused, and Rusty starts clapping. Reaper opens out the t-shirt, to reveal it’s a Rusty “AIDS!” T-shirt. Reaper looks proud, and he takes the T-shirt and puts it on*

Fury – Well, there we have it folks, that’s it from us tonight

Speaks – Reaper wins the Rusty Invitational and claims his prize, see you next week!

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Winter Sanderson

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---- JWA:EWA Requiem ---- - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: JWA:EWA Classic hall of Fame Inductees   ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ---- - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 4:39 am

*JWA:EWA Requiem returns from a break, and we see the stage is set for another set of hall of fame inductions. This time instead of the blue set for Extreme Zone and the red set for Action Zone, we’re given a purple one. The fans know this means that they are about to find out which men have been inducted into the classic wing of the JWA:EWA hall of fame. Winter Sanderson is again stood at the podium, and he waits for the crowd to die down before continuing on with the show.*

Winter Sanderson
Welcome back folks, good to see you’re all still with us. Now it’s time for us to move on to the portion of the show where I announce the official members of the JWA:EWA hall of fame classic wing. Now some of you may not be familiar with the names on this list, but that isn’t important. What is important are that these men in some way changed the very fabric of JWA:EWA and what it evolved into from that point onwards. They were integral in changing JWA:EWA into what we now know it as today. I will be from hereon in, inducting these men one by one with a brief description of whom they were and what they did for JWA:EWA that makes them so special.

Firstly, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you, the first member of the Classic hall of fame, Tommy Polo. You’ll all be familiar with this man, and I don’t need to run over his accomplishments to explain exactly what he’s achieved in this federation. His menacing persona was one that was constant in JWA:EWA from the moment Al Powers took over, and he stayed for much of the show’s tenure. Always a controversial figure, some claimed he was only in business for himself. That may have been true at times, but it must be noted that he helped put over, nurture and train some of the younger talent, and helped provide incentives to keep them around. Rumours about a close relationship with Al Powers clouded much of his career, but it cannot be denied he was an imposing physical specimen who had the stars of JWA:EWA running scared like no other. Tonight we honor Tommy Polo by inducting him into our Classic Wing of the hall of fame.

Next up is none other than Hagar Hart. Hart was a man who changed the way in which superstars learnt to deliver their performances. Hart blended the seriousness that wrestling demanded, with a dark comedic twist that gave his performances an edgy authenticity that had never been seen before in JWA:EWA. He did this with great effect and success, becoming the first ever Action Zone Champion after merging the title with the WCWF Hardcore Championship he won from Magnum, during the original brand split extension when The ‘Original’ Corpse became interim GM of Action Zone. Hart blindsided opponents with his intensity and skill, and had it not been for a tragic suicidal depression, he would’ve undoubtedly been one of the most recognisable names in JWA:EWA history.

Moving on to the next recipient of our prestigious Classic hall of fame place, is a man you will all be fully aware of. He was a tyrannical JWA:EWA World Heavyweight Champion who held the belt hostage from all other contenders. Easily one of the most feared men, let alone champions, the company ever saw, he made his triumphant return by dismantling all the top talent JWA:EWA had at the time, by capturing the title in an Elimination Chamber match at Holiday Hell in 2004. He ran rampant over JWA:EWA until he eventually ran out of steam and left the federation under a dark cloud. Even so, in his prime he really set the bar for championship reigns in JWA:EWA and is an eternally recognisable figure. Please welcome Brimstone into our hallowed hall of fame.

Next up is a man that truthfully, only I remember, and I remember him less and less well the more time passes. La-Z Bone was a man on the scene when I first broke into the game in WCWF, and he was a formidable wrestler with a strong character and an even stronger personality. He goes into our hall of fame to recognise all of those who laid the foundations in JWA:EWA in it’s early days before it grew into what we know today. Representing the likes of T-Money, The LOC, Tommy ‘The Machine’ Gun and ‘Lady’s Man’ Noah Hanson, he stands for all those men who we never really knew that contributed to the company we loved so much.

Lastly and by no means least, we have Vengance. Most of you know Vengance, and he takes his rightful place in our hall of fame tonight. The first JWA:EWA World Heavyweight Champion in it’s current incarnation. One of the true superstars on offer when JWA:EWA first opened it’s doors, he seized the chance to become Champion and act as the public figurehead for the company. He tried to carry the company on his back, but unfortunately eventually that pressure became too late. It was obvious that the title meant as much to him as he did to the title, and when they became separated Vengence disappeared for a time. Although he returned, he never recaptured the form that won him the title, and he clearly struggling in dealing with that. Will always be remembered as the first JWA:EWA World Heavyweight Champion.

That concludes our list of men inducted into the JWA:EWA Classic Wing of the hall of fame. All five men made outstanding contributions that will neither be forgotten nor unappreciated. Kudos to them for laying the foundations for JWA:EWA to grow and rise into the entity that it became.

*Winter takes a step back as the crowd applaude the efforts and recognision of the men.*
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Winter Sanderson

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PostSubject: Rusty Invitational   ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ---- - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 4:40 am

Teddy Speaks – Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, and everyone in between, this is the moment so many have been waiting for with baited breath. That’s right, it’s time for the Rusty Invitational Battle Royal!

Ian Dawe – With twenty superstars of past and present, together in one ring, you can only imagine the carnage that’s waiting to ensue. We’ve got some of those superstars awaiting the start of the match in the famed JWA:EWA ring.

Speaks – It sure is good to be back, and we’re all excited to see what blasts from the past surface here, at JWA:EWA Requiem

Dawe – For the last time ever, JWA:EWA returns to our screens, and what better way to say goodbye than humiliating and degrading some of the best loved faces from our federations chequered and illustrious history.

Speaks – I can now officially confirm some of the names that are to comprise this gruelling and jading gauntlet. Of the twenty participants we’ve got competing, two are surprise entrants chosen and announced by Rusty himself. Stars scheduled to attend include reigning champion Reaper, The Invincible Bryan Steinbeck *cough* I mean Stinberg

Dawe – Former Action Zone Champion hitman, my personal favourite Twiztid Tequilla Thomas, and ex-chairman of the board Al Powers are all down on the roll call of who’s who from JWA:EWA’s chequered history.

Speaks – ‘the Virtual Virtuoso’ Virus enters again, along with Nightmare and former champion Hagar Hart. Monkey makes a guest appearance with Respawn and Big Show.

Dawe – Lets not forget about possibly the most feared man through the annals of JWA:EWA past and present, the ‘devastating’ Demon. We’ve also got the Russian war machine Red Crush and the ‘man’s man’ Orlando Jordan.

Speaks – And news just in, we’ve got two late final additions to the confirmed line up, those being ‘The Rookie Killer’ Ryan Pilig, and ‘Shane O’RLY?’

Dawe – Yes Really.

Speaks – As you can see for yourselves, we’ve got those seventeen men in the ring, preparing themselves for the trials and tribulations that lay ahead, on this rocky road to either salvation or humiliation.

Dawe – Now all that remains is the entrance of the great man himself

*“Here comes your man” by the Pixies blares loudly over the speaker system, and the fans erupt into wild and crazed cheers, as the man known simply as ‘Rusty’ wanders out onto the stage. Looking as bemused and overwhelmed as always, the big man is wearing his trademark “AIDS!” T-Shirt. Rusty looks out at the sea of cheering fans, and salutes them. Smiling a wide, gap-toothed and gummy smile, he very slowly begins making his way down to the ring, leaving a trail of saliva in his wake.*

Speaks – So here we are at JWA:EWA Requiem, where sleeping giants wake.

Dawe – And it looks like Rusty’s been asleep for a hell of a long time. Would you listen to that reception for the great man though? Pretty much drowned out all the other competitors reactions combined!

Speaks – The suspense is literally killing me, at least I think it’s the suspense and not my advanced e-bola virus. Let’s have it then Ian, who do you think are going to be our surprise entrants this year?

Dawe – Well I’ve heard a few rumours backstage, but nobody seems certain. If I were a gambling man, which my bankruptcy attests that I am, I’d have to say I would’t be surprised to see ‘The Menace’ Tommy Polo march out here and try to swing things his way.

Speaks – What exactly do you mean by that?

Dawe – Well it wouldn’t be JWA:EWA unless we had Polo bitching to Al Powers about how everybody was out to get him.

Speaks – Very disturbed man that Polo, but the last I heard he was trying to make a living on Broadway, so I doubt we’ll see him here tonight. Personally I’d be inclined to say watch out for ‘The Extreme Butcher’ Fred Eliot. Nasty piece of work that lad.

Dawe – Look, Rusty has finally made it to the ring! Hell of an achievement for Rusty there.
*All the other Invitational Contestants take a step back as Rusty slides under the bottom rope and into the middle of the ring. He motions for a microphone, and timekeeper Emile Heskey duly obliges and throws one to him. The crowd noise is intense, but after a few moments it begins to die down, and Rusty stands solemnly, holding the microphone. Rusty raises the mic to his lips, and begins to speak as the crowd hang on his every word.*

Rusty - ........

Speaks – Is the big man getting a tad emotional here?

Dawe – Nope, I think he’s just forgotten where he is and who he is.

Rusty - ............. Holla.....If ya Rpsty!

*The crowd erupt again, and Rusty stands there looking chuffed with himself.*

Rusty – Fprst off, Rpsty want to thenk all hps loyal fans for being hea! 2ndly, ladees an gentlemen, lets hea it for JWA:EWA! Tis federaton is one of a kind. Why? What otha fed would’ve given Rpsty a chance? Ova tha yeers JWA gave a spotlite to all those that wpnted and ‘needled’ it. Speakng of ‘needled’, it’s now time for me to introduce the firsted misterie guest! You all know him well, you could never forget him. He is 1 of a kind and will b 4ever “my idol.” Tfats rite! Giv it p fr.........Neeeeeeeeeeeedles.....’T he Snitch!’

Speaks – Well I’ll be damned! None other than Needles ‘The Snitch’ folks, that’s certainly a turn up for the books.

Dawe – Yeah I’d never have had my money on Needles. Not that I bet my life savings on it or anything.... hot damn, I need to remortgage my house again.

*The crowd revel in the announcement that one of their favourite ever stars is the first mystery competitor. That leaves 19 men accounted for, with just one mystery guest left before the line-up is confirmed. Needles music hits over the speakers, and he appears on the stage before running down the ramp and jumping onto the apron. He waves to all his adoring fans and then walks over to Rusty and shakes his hand. Rusty takes a few seconds to compose himself, and all the other superstars watch on, keen to learn who the last man will be. *

Rusty – An now, teh last competitor wil finale b reveled. Tis is a man tat caused huge amounts of carnaje in JWA and was teh most dominant man in da companie at 1 point. A former champion and a very scary man...plese giv it up for......Rimstone!

Speaks – I think he means Brimstone.

Dawe – Rimstone sounds more like my kind of man *winks*

Speaks – I thought Polo wasn’t attending? Oh wait, that’s supposed to be inside information. To hell with it, he’s wearing a mask at least.

*Brimstone’s music hits and he marches out onto the stage like a colossus. The other men in the ring all look on nervously, as his pyros erupt and he storms down the ramp towards the ring. The crowd reaction is mixed but audible. Brimstone climbs over the top rope, and before he’s even fully made it into the ring, Bryan Stinberg charges at him and tries to eliminate him. Brimstone catches Stinberg with one arm, and hoists him into the air before bringing him crashing down to the mat with a thunderous chokeslam.*

Dawe – Ouch, I minced there, I really did. I said winced, right?

Speaks –Looks like this match is finally underway then folks, and it will continue until there is just one man left.

Dawe – 19 men need to be thrown over the top rope and have both feet touch the floor before we can call an end to this thing, so let the action commence!
*The bell rings, and Rusty is first to react. He still has a mic in hand, and he’s fully aware of it. Rusty turns to his right to see Respawn aiming a left hook at him. He manages to dodge it, and smacks Respawn full force in the face with the microphone, knocking him out cold. The crowd are roaring on the action, but stop for a moment to poke fun at Respawn. Rusty picks him up with one hand and hoists him up for a military press, before hurling him high over the top rope and onto the concrete outside.*

Maria Shultz –Respawn has been eliminated!

Dawe – Well that certainly didn’t take long, did it! Respawn picking up where he left off in JWA....

Speaks – Getting creamed in a heartbeat.

Dawe – It’s oddly reassuring to know some things never change.

*Respawn slowly gets to his feet and realises what’s happened. He doesn’t look pleased, and a referee tries to escort him away, but Respawn breaks free of his grasp and dives under the bottom rope and back into the action.*

Speaks – I don’t think Respawn quite has a handle on the rules to be honest.

Dawe – Let children play, it’s not like he’s going to win! Respawning indeed.

*The action is a jumble of fists and kicks at first glance, with twenty men leaving not much room in the ring, so for now, the match is turning into a slugfest. ‘The Man’s Man’ Orlando Jordan is trying to match The Invincible’s punches, but he is simply not in the last ever Action Zone Champion’s league. *

Dawe - TI looks like he’s enjoying pounding Orlando’s face.....with punches.

*Red Crush looks like a formidable physical specimen, and he’s the only one brave enough to try and take on Brimstone blow for blow. Surprisingly, he’s holding his own against Extreme Zone’s monster. Reaper is locked in a series of exchanges with none other than former AZ Champion Hitman. Neither man is coming out on top, but they’re definitely damaging each other. ‘The Virtual Virtuoso’ Virus is having his wicked way with 3T. Drop toe hold by Virus...and he follows it up with a huge stink face to Twiztid Tequilla Thomas. That looked brutal.*

Speaks – 3T can’t be enjoying that punishment from Virus.

Dawe – Oh believe me, he certainly is.

*Al Powers is being butchered with blows by hagar hart, the bearded and muscular hart is really laying into the former chairman of the board, and Al can barely defend himself. After a few moments of this, blood is gushing down Powers’ face and onto his suit. All he can do to defend himself is helplessly shout “I made you hart! I made all of you! Without me you’d be noth—“ before hagar gives him a massive boot to the face, taking out a couple of teeth.
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Winter Sanderson

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---- JWA:EWA Requiem ---- - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----   ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ---- - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 4:41 am

Speaks – The famed Al Powers humility on display right there folks.

*Big Show lifts Nightmare into the air, and goes for a scoop slam, but Stinberg dives in and tackles Big Show from behind, causing all three men to fall into a jumbled heap on the mat. Hitman and Reaper have moved away from each other and are causing all kinds of mayhem. Respawn seizes his chance and tries to attack Reaper from behind. The reigning Invitational Champion senses the shot from behind, and ducks, causing Respawn to miss. Reaper pulls Slater out from inside his tights, as the fans let out an almighty pop. Respawn regains his composure and goes to nail Reaper again, but this time Reaper pulls Slater into the line of fire and Respawn punches Slater full forces. He recoils in shock, as his hand is cut to ribbons and looks in pretty bad shape. Respawn falls back onto the ropes, and Reaper makes light work of him, flipping him over the top and onto the concrete.*

Dawe – Respawn has the dubious honour of being the first two men to be eliminated.

Speaks – A true testament to his ability, skill and dedication.

*Monkey is crouched under one of the turnbuckles, and has a devilish smile plastered on his woollen face. Shane O’Riley pulls ‘The Rookie Killer’ up for a flapjack, and brings him crashing back down to the mat. O’Riley is beating his chest and screaming.*

Dawe – O’Riley’s version of hulking up doesn’t look nearly as cool.

Speaks – Kind of looks like he’s having a power w*nk

*O’Riley shouts ‘Who’s Next?!’ before turning around to survey the ring. Unfortunately for him, he treads on Brimstone’s toes, and the big man is stood right before ‘The Australian Ass-Kisser’. O’Riley’s face turns from one of supreme confidence to the look of a man resigned to defeat. Brimstone grabs O’Riley’s head and hoists him incredibly high into the air, before bringing him crashing back down to reality with a thunderous Revelations Powerbomb, pretty much killing O’Riley.*

Speaks – I’ve got a feeling it could all go downhill from here for O’Riley

Dawe – What, like it hasn’t always been downhill for O’Riley?

Speaks – That’s simply not true, since he left JWA he’s been working part time as a referee for some low-rent Australian federation.

Dawe – Sounds like the big time.

*Brimstone looks like a man possessed, and he grabs the fallen Nightmare, and executes a vicious ragdoll bearhug, squeezing the life out of him. The Invincible is one of the few wrestlers playing the game, biding his time and surveying the scene. It works dividends for the two-time AZ Champion as hitman wanders into his path, and is quickly taken out of the equation with a belly-to-belly suplex. Al Powers is still lying on the mat, a bloody and toothless wreck. He slowly tries to get to his feet using the aid of the ropes, but is quickly knocked bad to the ground by a Red Crush running clothesline, that nearly takes the former owner’s head off.*

Dawe – To be fair, what was Powers even thinking getting into the ring with 19 professional wrestlers?

Speaks – And professional wrestlers with an axe to grind against him no less.

Dawe – I’m sure in his mind he still thinks he can win this thing.

*Al’s flailing about, with a pool of blood forming around him on the mat. Monkey spots this, and decides this is his chance. Springing over to the chairman of the board, he attacks with a series of quick punches and kicks, before the owner can even realise what has happened. Monkey jumps up and down on Power’s bloody face, doing the owner’s famed looks no favours. Monkey then pulls out a banana from his pants, and opens Power’s mouth. The crowd are going crazy as monkey rams the banana down Al’s throat, near choking the man who ‘created’ JWA. Al’s muffled screams are only heard as waffled noise, and Monkey looks like he’s having the time of his life.*

Dawe –how you like them apples Al?

Speaks – Al’s tasting his own bitter brand of medicine, and I don’t think he’s enjoying it one bit.

*Tears stream down Power’s face*

Dawe – Dear Al, Revenge is a dish best served cold, all the best, the lockerroom.

*Monkey starts howling with laughter at the sight of the owner bawling like a baby, and hops off to join the rest of the action. Rusty goes over to the owner, and picks him up, like he’s about to offer the troubled egotist a hand, but instead he aims a vicious headbutt right into Al’s nose, breaking it and spraying blood everywhere. Al stumbles backwards and flies over the top rope before landing on the cold hard concrete, a mess of blood, tears, and broken promises.*

Maria Shultz –Al Polo....erm, Powers has been eliminated!

Dawe – And I bet after all that he still believes he’s the only man that ever mattered to JWA’s history.

Speaks - I think that was the superstars’ way of saying ‘We made JWA, despite what you say.’

Dawe – Now all that unpleasantness is out of the way, the action can continue!

Speaks – So we’re down to 18 men now, with Al and Respawn biting the dust early on.

*Needles has been on the upper hand in a mini-slugfest with ‘The Dreadful’ Demon, and now he pokes him square in the eyes, forcing him to recoil in shock. Hitman takes advantage and nails Demon square in the back of the head with a Sniper Shot enziguri, knocking the glorified jobber out cold and flat on the mat.*

Dawe – I haven’t seen hitman assault anybody that badly since he abducted Timmy Meekster and kept him captive in that sex-dungeon for 3 days.

Speaks – Demon showing as much aptitude for wrestling as he did way back when in the original JWA.

*Needles needs no further invitation to take care of Demon, and he picks up the enigmatic musclehead and with the aid of hitman, throws him over the top rope.*

Dawe –Looks like Demon’s participation in this match ended the same way he lost in JWA every week...

Speaks – Without a sound.

Maria Shultz –Demon has been eliminated!

*Red Crush is causing havoc with his former tag team partner Hagar hart, the two behemoths using power moves to cut through the likes of Nightmare, Shane O’Riley, Monkey and Ryan Pilig. They turn their attentions to Brimstone, and manage the impressive feat of hoisting the three hundred pound monster into the air, before bringing him crashing back down onto the canvas with a thunderous double suplex. Virus creeps up behind The Invincible and slithers into a Russian leg sweep taking TI face first into the mat.*

Speaks – The most decorated Action Zone Champion gets the upper hand on the last ever Action Zone Champion there

Dawe – Most decorated? The Invincible was more of a champion than Virus ever was.

Speaks – Very true, but Virus never wore a wig

Dawe – God damn Speaks what did I tell you about that lawsuit?!

*Big Show is making short work of Ryan Pilig, tossing him around all over the place. Pilig is putting up little resistance, and he already looks a state. Big Show throws him headfirst into the turnbuckle, and Pilig bounces back in recoil. When he does, Show trips him over and applies a devastating looking colossal clutch to the job squad veteran Pilig, who is now screaming in pain and tapping the mat desperately in submission*

Dawe – Unlucky Pilig, submissions are irrelevant here, just like that time I forgot the ‘safe word’ when fooling around with 3T.

Speaks – Once again, the only way to be eliminated is to be thrown over the top rope and to touch the floor.

*Reaper’s managed to get to his feet, and has Slater on hand to deal with 3T. Reaper grabs Thomas in a side headlock, and as the ‘Twizted One’ struggles to break free, grates Slater back and forth over his forehead, causing 3T to writhe and scream in pain, with blood spraying everywhere, all over both competitors and the ring itself. The fans are loving this hardcore display and cheer it vehemently. Shane O’Riley tries to tangle with Orlando, but ‘The Man’s Man’ doesn’t seem to be fighting him off so much, in fact quite the opposite. O’Riley has to enlist the help of Bryan Stinberg to ward off the advances of the man recently voted the worst competitor in JWA:EWA’s long and illustrious history. The Invincible is standing again now, and joins forces with Needles ‘The Snitch’ to tackle the double team of The Conglomeration. Needles runs at The Invincible, and uses his body as a springboard, before TI grabs a hold of Needles at the highest point of his run, and expertly executes a vicious belly-to-belly suplex on Needles, hurling him hard at Red Crush and hagar hart, knocking both men to the ground with a heavy landing.*

Dawe – Did you just see that double team The Invincible and Needles just pulled on the Conglomeration?!

Speaks – Needles insanity and The Invincible’s ingenuity coupled together with deadly effect there.
*hitman is doing well, holding his own in the sea of bodies, until he turns into a modified power of the punch from Reaper, using Slater as a weapon. The force of the loaded blow spins hitman round, and as he turns, Virus scoops him onto his shoulders, and hits a picture perfect Legendeer to the former Action Zone Champion, straight over the top rope, causing hitman to collapse in a heap on the concrete outside. Monkey and Ryan Pilig are trading blows, and are both too preoccupied with each other to see Big Show looming over them. Grabbing them both by a hand each, he lifts them high into the air. In an amazing show of strength, he then walks over to the ropes, and brings each man crashing down onto the concrete floor outside with a double chokeslam, eliminating both from the invitational.*

Maria Shultz – Monkey, Ryan Pilig and hitman have been

Speaks – Three men culled off in quick succession there, looks like we’re steadily getting closer to crowning a winner here at JWA:EWA Requiem
Dawe – By the way, is anybody even sure about what’s at stake here? Does the winner even win anything?
Speaks – Pride.

*Nightmare tries to make a name for himself by standing up to Rusty, but Rusty is having non of it. Grabbing Nightmare by the face, Rusty proceeds to drool all over Nightmare, as he squeals and tries to squirm free.*

Dawe – Did Rusty just slime Nightmare?!

*Rusty then hoists Nightmare onto his shoulders and drives him into the mat with a running power slam. Red Crush and hagar hart have Big Show on the ropes, and they’re using every ounce of strength they’ve got to try and force the big man over the top and onto the floor. It looks pretty even, with all three men giving it everything they’ve got. It looks like Show might have the advantage, as he’s making the most ground. Brimstone then enters the equation, and the behemoth tips the scales in the Conglomeration’s favour, as the three men push and shove until slowly Big Show gets tipped over the top and he tumbles and lands on the concrete floor outside with a thud. Reaper is on look out for any movement in the sea of bodies, and Shane O’Riley has the dubious honour of being the first man to get to his feet. Reaper seizes his chance, and throws O’Riley into the air with a high angle backdrop, before spinning and slamming him down to the mat with a brutal Soul Reaver Chokeslam. O’Riley lands badly on his neck, and flops about in pain on the mat. The Invincible likes what he says, and looks like he’s about to strike Reaper, but instead he turns and starts laying the boots into O’Riley. Reaper pulls O’Riley back to his feet and invites The Invincible to do as he will. TI doesn’t need to be asked twice, and he hoists Shane up for a huge freedom slam, knocking the wind out of the Australian, and adding more misery to his state of affairs. Virus then spots what’s going on, and despite his uneasiness with Reaper and TI, they put their differences aside, and both men pick up O’Riley for him, as he nails a devastating modified wrist clutch exploder suplex System Shutdown*
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PostSubject: Re: ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----   ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ---- - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 4:43 am

Virus, Reaper and The Invincible pull O’Riley to his feet, and throw him effortlessly over the top rope.*

Speaks – Ouch, no dice O’Riley.

Dawe – Maybe he’ll have more luck with being a referee for that backyard Australian federation.

Speaks – Maybe

Maria Shultz – Big Show and Shane O’Riley have been eliminated!

*The ring is clearing somewhat now, and the action is beginning to take shape more. 3T makes it to his feet eventually, and takes a quick scout around the ring to ascertain his best move. Sadly, he doesn’t have a best move, and gets pulled up by Red Crush for an amazing Red Dawn Powerbomb, planting his head and neck squarely into the mat, looking like it might have crushed a few vertebrae. Red Crush and hart high five each other, and continue their reign of terror. Needles is haunting Orlando, chasing him all around the ring, with Orlando darting in and out of superstars to get away from ‘The Snitch.’ The result of that isn’t that he isn’t really paying attention to exactly whom he’s darting past. Brimstone stretches out a huge arm and grabs Orlando by the throat, before hoisting him high into the air, before planting him with a massive chokeslam. Virus has been watching all of the developments with intrigue, and a devilish smile spreads on his face, and with a quick step and adjustment, he converts Brimstone’s colossal chokeslam, diving underneath the falling Orlando and curling his body into a ball, executing a devastating backstabber at the end of Brimstone’s slam.*

Speaks – That looked nothing short of Brutal folks

Dawe – Usually 3T is all for brutality...something tells me he wasn’t then.

Speaks – You’d be the one to know.

*Bryan Stinberg is parading around the ring with his chest puffed out, and he’s clearly under the impression that now this match is his for the taking. Grabbing Nightmare by the scruff of the neck, he pulls him back to his feet, and goes to hit an overdrive. Rusty however, is having none of it, and he punches Stinberg right on the nose, causing him to release his grasp on Nightmare. Rusty takes a step back, then unloads a mighty ‘Good AIDS’ superkick right under the chin of Stinberg, causing him to recoil back in shock. Nightmare doesn’t need to be asked twice, and the eternal jobber flips a dazed Stinberg over the top rope, earning him his first elimination.*

Speaks – Nightmare gets on the scoreboard there

Dawe – Even if it was only with the AID of Rusty. See what I did there?

Speaks – Don’t talk to me.

Maria Shultz – Bryan Stinberg has been eliminated!

*Reaper is unloading viciously on hagar hart, taking the almost Neanderthal warrior to the edge. Not many superstars could match hart blow for blow, but Reaper is proving he’s got what it takes. Red Crush sees this, and runs over to help his tag team partner, but en route The Invincible steps in and catches ‘The Russian Rage’ with a belly-to-belly suplex. Unluckily for Red Crush, Rusty is on hand, and he converts the suplex into a Sit-Out powerbomb, absolutely destroying the roided-up Russian. Red Crush flops to the side, and looks like he’s seriously hurt. Hart sees this in between punches for Reaper, and this provides the wake-up call he so desperately needs. Hagar blocks another blow from Reaper, and tosses him aside, making a beeline for The Invincible. TI sees things too late, and is unable to defend himself from a vicious chainsaw kick to the face, knocking him straight to the mat and rolling him under the ropes to the outside. Hart then turns his attentions to Rusty, but ‘The Super-Spreader’ is ready, and he ducks a massive hook from hart, before grabbing his head and placing it under his arm, before letting fly with a horrific ‘Bad AIDS’ dangerous DDT, planting hagar’s head straight into the canvas. The crowd let out a huge cheer for the big man, but their adulation soon turns to despair, as Virus ever the opportunist, grabs Rusty by the neck and lays him out with a mortal double-arm impaler DDT. Virus looks to be taking charge, but Needles has managed to sneak to a turnbuckle, and has scaled it, and as Virus turns round, he’s taken out by a massive cross-body block from everybody’s idol.*

Speaks – Needles showing he’s got the technical skills aswell as just ‘the look.’

Dawe – The look? If that’s the look, then I’m next in line for Superstardom

*Red Crush, 3T Rusty and hagar hart are all still down. The Invincible is slowly getting back into the ring, and he rolls under the bottom rope and back into the action. Brimstone stands tallest over the remaining competitors, and is looking around for somebody to ‘sacrifice.’ 3T is the obvious choice, and Brimstone lifts him into the air with one hand, with seemingly no effort, and pulls him to his body, crushing him and throwing him around with another devastating ragdoll bearhug. Brimstone squeezes the life out of 3T, and he simply marches over to the ropes and drops ‘Twiztid Transsexual Thomas’ to the unforgiving concrete outside, eliminating him. Nightmare is trying to remain incognito, and not to draw too much attention to himself. He notices Orlando’s been out of commission for quite some time, and starts stamping on ‘The Man’s Man’, laying mudhole after mudhole into him.*

Speaks – Nightmare preying on the weak and defenceless. Not very sportsman like, but effective.

Dawe – Let’s be honest here, he’s essentially date-raping Orlando.

Speaks – Date-rape implies the other person is not giving consent.

Dawe – Fair point, I stand corrected.

*Nightmare takes a step or two back, measures Orlando up, and runs up and punts him full force in the head. Orlando spits out a tooth or two, and his head follows suit with the rest of his body and collapses spectacularly on the mat. Nightmare looks around, and is clearly pleased with himself. He hoists the bloody and messy Orlando to his feet, and walks him over to the ropes, before propping him up. Nightmare makes sure nobody is about to attack him, then aims a precision kick right to Orlando’s temple, sending him flying back over the top rope, and towards the concrete floor below. Unfortunately, a well positioned steel chair breaks Orlando’s fall, with his neck snapping awkwardly before his body falls into a bloody heap.*

Speaks – It’s not exactly alls well that ends well here tonight for Orlando.

Dawe – Not yet, anyway *winks*

Speaks – I really don’t think Orlando’s in a position to be getting lucky.

Maria Shultz – 3T and Orlando Jordan have been eliminated!

Speaks – Nine men left now then ladies and gents, we’re past the halfway mark.

Dawe – Better get settled in for the long haul then.

*hagar hart is starting to get to his feet again, but he’s obviously still feeling the effects of his assault from the also fallen Rusty. The Invincible is up and on his feet, and anxious to garner revenge over the man who took him out. He manoeuvres around hart without him realising, and takes him out with a cherry bomb, the very move that he invented. Reaper has turned his attentions to the mammoth Brimstone, and is using his speed and agility to his advantage, managing to avoid any punishment from the big man. Brimstone is obviously getting infuriated with the troublesome Reaper, and he keeps reaching out a big fist to try and swat ‘The hardcore Legend’ away. The Invincible sneaks up behind him, and motions to Reaper. TI kneels next to the ropes, just behind Brimstone, and Reaper runs up and shoves him as hard as he can. Brimstone tumbles backwards, falling over TI and straight over the top rope, eliminating him.*

Speaks – Excellent teamwork by The Invincible and Reaper there, working together to quite literally take out on of the biggest threats in the match.

Maria Shultz – Brimstone has been eliminated!

Dawe – There goes one of the two special guests! Superstars are getting culled left and right here!

*Red Crush and hagar hart are finally getting back to their feet, after taking an incredible amount of punishment. Both still look dazed and confused, and Needles skips in to view. Both men swing at Needles, who ducks both shots, before running at Red Crush. He nails a beautiful shining wizard, knocking Red Crush into the ropes. Hart takes another swing, but Needles has him well scouted and ducks again, before grabbing him by the arm, and Irish whipping him at Red Crush on the ropes, causing both men to clatter into one another, and fall over the ropes in a mess and a heap. Nightmare has been scavenging around the ring looking for easy eliminations, but none are left now, and he’s playing with the big boys. Reaper spots him, and seizes a chance to lay into him with an Iron Claw, causing him to writhe in pain on the mat. Reaper relinquishes his hold, and Virus is up next, flying off the top turnbuckle with a hard drive leg drop across Nightmare’s throat. Rusty gets in on the action, and drops Nightmare with an embarrassing stink-face. The Invincible is last left to go, and the ‘hardcore Patriot’ picks up Nightmare, before nailing him with a Freedom Slam over the top rope, eliminating the jobber.*

Speaks – It must be said, full credit to Nightmare for lasting that long, I don’t think anybody thought he would

Dawe – It’s all about tactics.

Maria Shultz – Red Crush, hagar hart and Nightmare have been eliminated!

*Needles and Rusty square up to each other, all in the name of competition. Both men stare at each other straight in the eye, and each stretches out a hand for the other to shake. They lock up, and start off with a test of strength. Rusty manages to get the upper hand over Needles, but Needles breaks the hold and slips round Rusty, taking him down with a tackle to the legs. Needles uses his speed advantage to run the ropes and nail Rusty with a sommersault senton. The crowd are really going crazy for the action between the two men, but nobody has told Virus. Needles runs the ropes again in an attempt to further take advantage against Rusty, but Virus takes his momentum away with a stiff kick to the temple. Virus hits Needles with a stunner, and he follows that up with a couple of stiff right hands. A dropkick sends Needles hurtling backwards, and over the top rope, eliminating him.

Maria Shultz –Needles has been eliminated!
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PostSubject: Re: ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----   ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ---- - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 4:45 am

Dawe – Needles bites the dust, and the crowd don’t like it one bit.

Speaks – That Virus really is a total douche

Dawe – We had a thing once.

Speaks – Seriously?

Dawe – Kinda, it’s complicated...

Speaks – JWA:EWA Requiem folks, it’ll shake you to your very core.

*Rusty, The Invincible and Reaper look displeased with Virus for eliminating ‘their idol.’ Rusty nails Virus with a nasty right, and Reaper hits an inverted atomic drop. Virus staggers backwards into The Invincible, who hoists him high into the air, holds him up for a minute, and brings him crashing back down to the mat with an intense brainbuster DDT. The crowd pop for this, and The Invincible picks a dead weight Virus up and starts working over his ribs. Rusty and Reaper take a look at each other, and realise they’ve got no choice but to go up against one another. In the name of good sportsmanship, the two friends nod at the other, and then charge. Reaper dodges a Rusty big boot, and nails a flying cross-arm bar, taking Rusty down to the mat. Reaper pulls back, near yanking the big man’s arm from his body. Rusty screams in pain, but manages to roll through, forcing Reaper to release his grasp. The Invincible is dominating Virus, and uses a leg takedown to knock him onto his knees, then he flies at him with a massive double knee lift, near knocking Virus out. Rusty and Reaper are standing again, and this time Rusty ducks a Reaper punch, and he yanks the ‘Iron Man’ by the chest, before hoisting him up horizontally and unleashing a huge black hole slam, knocking the wind straight out of Reaper’s chest. Reaper wheezes and coughs whilst rolling around on the mat, and Rusty pulls him to his feet before hitting him with a bruising knife-edge chop to the chest. The Invincible Irish whips the fading Virus across the ropes, and goes to take him out with a massive clothesline. Virus uses what little sense he’s got left to duck underneath, and manages to aim a Trojan horse Superkick right on TI’s chin, sending him flying backwards and onto the mat.*

Speaks – Electrifying stuff out here tonight, with the man who made this invitational squaring off against the man who won the very first invitational!

Dawe – The Invincible had it in hand so that Virus’ system was about to crash, but the three time champion buying a reprieve for now.

Speaks – All four of these men want to win this so bad, you can see every ounce of determination in every move they make. We’ve sorted the men from the boys now.

*Virus aims a sloppy right at TI, but the last ever Action Zone champion has it well in hand, and blocks and fires his own. Virus recoils back, but swats away The Invincible’s second shot, and he aims a kick to TI’s midsection. TI bends forward in reflex, and Virus grabs his head and wrist in a pumphandle variant, before unleashing a massive System Shutdown Wrist Clutch Exploder Suplex, firing TI over the top rope but he miraculously manages to land on the apron and break most of his fall. He turns back towards the ring, to see Virus looking like he’s about to dropkick him away. Rusty and Reaper have seen the events unfolding, and both withdraw from their mini-epic to charge at ‘The Virtual Virtuoso’ with a double clothesline. Virus ducks, and TI sees the pair too late, as they clatter straight into him and send him crashing to the floor outside. TI curses and smacks the concrete floor with his fists, as Virus taunts him from inside the ring. The Invincible jumps up onto the apron and pulls Virus’ head down in a stunner/guillotine manoeuvre, stunning Virus temporarily. Reaper and Rusty come up on Virus from behind and tip him over the top rope and onto the floor. TI starts laughing as Virus looks pissed. Virus charges at The Invincible and nails his spine on the turnbuckle situated at the corner of the ring. The two start brawling as the referees try and separate them.*

Maria Shultz – The Invincible and Virus have been eliminated!

Speaks – Wow, both Virus and The Invincible biting the dust there, but I never imagined it’d be like that.

Dawe – I guess they were more bothered about scoring one up on each other than they were winning this thing. Shame really.

Speaks - Just down to two now then, with reigning champion Reaper and the man who brought this concept in to life, Rusty. Which man wants it more, which man is more determined to be crowned Rusty Invitational Champion at JWA:EWA Requiem, and hold it forever more.

Dawe – We’re about to find out.

*Reaper and Rusty are in the process of locking up, with both men very respectful of the other. Rusty scoops Reaper up and knocks him to the ground with a worlds strongest slam, and Reaper rolls into a far corner of the ring. Rusty won’t allow him any respite however, and marches straight over to him, applying a mammoth rear naked choke. Reaper is flailing around, he’s almost turning purple. Rusty reclines harder, applying more pressure. Reaper is frantically tapping the mat but submissions are worthless. He manages to get an elbow or two into the side of Rusty’s temple, causing him to relax his grip a little. Reaper wriggles free and takes a swift kick at Rusty’s head. Reaper jumps up and hits a painful looking codebreaker, dazing Rusty somewhat. Reaper senses this is his chance, and he hops to the turnbuckle before hitting massive hurracanrana, toppling the giant over the top rope and sending both men hurtling to the floor. Due to the trajectory of the move, Rusty’s head smacks off the floor well before Reaper lands, and as a consequence Reaper earns victory. The crowd are cheering like crazy, and Reaper slides back under the bottom rope, before celebrating on the turnbuckles.*

Maria Shultz – Rusty has been eliminated! And here is your winner of the Rusty Invitational Battle Royal.....Reaper!

Speaks – Reaper’s done it! The only two time winner of, and the only man to ever win, the Rusty Invitational Battle Royal!

Dawe – And nobody can say he didn’t earn it, he had to eliminate the very man who invented this match to snatch victory.

*Rusty climbs under the bottom rope with a small package. He claps Reaper, before shaking his hand, and raising it high in the air in a victory pose. He hands the package to Reaper, who duly unwraps it and shows the crowd his prize. It is a T-Shirt, almost identical to the one he originally won, but this time it bares the slogan ‘MORE AIDS!’ Reaper and Rusty celebrate as the show fades to commercial.*

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PostSubject: JWA:EWA Classic Flashback 5   ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ---- - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 4:48 am

JWA:EWA Classic Moment
Vendetta '04
Batista vs. Vulcan, World Title

Quote :
* The crowd is mixed on cheering for Vulcan as Batista is putting on the pressure. He then rams Vulcan’s back into a turnbuckle and hits a couple massive forearms to his chest. Vulcan is on one knee and Batista knudges him down. Batista does to the middle rope and tries to drop an elbow but misses. Vulcan rolls around and tries to get up. Batista is getting up, holding his elbow and then Vulcan runs, climbs up on his shoulders and rolls him up: 1…………2…………Batista escapes. Batista clotheslines Vulcan down and starts yelling. He falls against the ropes as he is sweating profusely. He shakes it off and then pulls Vulcan up, but Vulcan crawls between Batista’s legs and then sweeps his legs out from under him. Vulcan gets up, hits the ropes and hits a leg drop. He drags Batista out to the center of the ring, climbs the ropes and dives off but misses the 5-Star Frog Splash. Batista gets up real fast, places Vulcan’s head between his legs, flips him up and crushes him with the Batista Bomb but too exhausted to make the cover. *

Dean Malenko – He has the match won but he’s too tired to pin him.

Irvin Fury – That flaming doll has something to do with it.

* Ric Flair runs down to the ring with a bucket and douses the flaming voodoo doll. Batista suddenly begins to shake off the weariness and get to his feet. He looks over at Flair and Flair is still at ringside. Batista turns around and pins Vulcan: 1………………….2………………Vulcan kicks out and Batista is surprised. He hits him in the back a few more times with some forearms, places his head between his legs, flips him up but Vulcan reverses and hits a Dangerous DDT. Batista’s head is on the mat as Vulcan rolls him over and pins him: 1……………….2…………..Batista gets a shoulder up. Vulcan slowly gets to his feet and pulls Batista up. He locks both arms of Batista behind his back, and tries knees him a few times. He uses all of his power to flip Batista up and executes the Six Feet Under and holds it. He’s digging as the referee counts: 1…………………..2…………………….Batista barely escapes. Vulcan goes to the top rope, waits for Batista to stand and hits a Spike DDT. He hooks the leg: 1………………….2………………Batista escapes again. Vulcan hits the rope and clotheslines Batista down. He pulls him to his feet, but Batista swats the arm away and crushes Vulcan with a spinebuster. Batista pulls Vulcan up whips him, but Vulcan reverses, sending Batista into the corner. Vulcan charges but Batista knocks him out with the hard clothesline again and Flair puts his feet on the ropes as the referee counts his pin: 1……………………2…………………3!!!!!!!! The bell rings and the crowd boo’s as Batista exits the ring as Flair hands his belt and they try to walk head up the ramp. *


* Suddenly the music of Commissioner William Regal is heard and he sternly walks past Flair and Batista. They look on in astonishment as he takes the microphone from Lombard and makes an announcement. *

Regal – You bloody wart. You cheated to beat this devilish chap and you are ordered to get your touché back into this ring or be counted out and lose your belt. Restart the bloody match.

* The crowd is going crazy as the bell rings and Danny Davis is counting Batista out. He runs down to the ring and Vulcan meets him. The two are slugging out as Flair is jawing with Regal. Regal tries to walk away but Flair grabs him and Regal knocks him out with the Power of the Punch. Batista sees this going on outside and Vulcan rolls him up and pulls him all the way for the pin: 1…………………….2……………………….3!!!!!!!! The bell rings as Vulcan has won the World Heavyweight Championship!!!! He jumps out of the ring, grabs the belt and heads out through the sea of people. Batista is left on his knees staring at Regal. *



Irvin Fury – NO!!! NO!!!! NOT HIM!!!

* The crowd celebrates as Batista stands up and is visibly pissed at Regal. Regal straightens his jacket and walks away. Eugene shows up on stage wearing a Batman costume and waves at everyone. Batista sits on the apron then helps Flair to his feet. *

Dean Malenko – We have a new champion in Vulcan. This place is electric.
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PostSubject: Action Zone Triple Threat   ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ---- - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 4:49 am

Speaks – Look out ladies and gents, here comes the Action Zone bracket of our JWA:EWA MVP Tournament.

Dawe – If you ask me it’s easily the best bracket. At least none of our competitors had a stroke in the last 48 hours.

Speaks – That may be so, and we’ve got a real treat for you tonight. Triple D takes on Reaper and Pohatu in a TLC match, to see who advances to the final of our tournament

Dawe – Whoever makes it to the final is still going to be pretty banged up, I mean a TLC match in the opening round? These superstars are quite literally putting life and limb on the line to try and prove themselves JWA:EWA MVP here...

Speaks - ....And all in the name of entertaining you people at home and really giving you a show to remember. Who’s your money on then Dawe? I mean other than that stripper that looked a dead ringer for 3T?

Dawe – Yeah....ringer....Anyway, I’m going to have to go with ‘The Iron Man’ Reaper, he’s synonymous with both Action Zone and hardcore, which in my humble opinion gives him the strong advantage.

Speaks – Well I’m going with Triple D, we’ve seen earlier with our classic flashback, that he can go into a match he’s not considered the favourite for, take a tremendous amount of punishment and thrive in the hardcore environment, to come out on top.

Dawe – having said that, it would be foolish to discount Pohatu, who’s only got better and better since JWA:EWA closed it’s doors, and he was one hell of a competitor in the end anyway. I think what we’re trying to get at here, is that any man could win this match at any minute.

All the Arena lights go out, "Bad to the Bones" Theme plays, "Hes Back" flashes on the Video Screen, "Yo, Yo, Yo Its Me, Its Me, Its Triple D" Blares across the PA to the roar of the crowd, all the lights turn up and Out comes a Excited, Electrifing, Triple D out to the stage... The Crowd is going nuts, Triple D walks down the ramp and to the ring, He goes to each corner and smells the electricity of the crowd in the air..... Triple D walks over to the ring Announcer in the ring, takes the microphone and the music stops... The Crowd is still roaring and A "Triple D, Triple D, Triple D" chants starts... Triple D lifts his head towards the heavens and says, "Finally, "The One" Triple D is back in The J..W..A"..... Crowd cheers... Triple D hands the mic back to the ring announcer and readies himself for the match...

Speaks – Triple D is one of the greatest crowd entertainers our company ever saw, there’s no doubt about that.

Dawe – Too bad he never put any moves in his character profile, probably means he will be referenced in a generic context with no real personality.

Speaks – Sorry about that guys, insider reference, pay no attention.

A sound clip from an episode of Doctor who starts playing from the episode the empty child. It is the sound of a young boy called out for his mummy, scared. After a few seconds of this clip The code is red long live the code by Napalm Death explodes from the speakers as Reaper emerges from the curtain on a pogo stick, bouncing in time with the tune. He screams insanity at the crowd down the ramp, attempting to slap hands with his fans bit missing and hitting them elsewhere, until he loses his balance and falls from the stick, the stick bouncing into the crowd, into the arms of a loving fan. Reaper sits up and shakes his head, adjusts his mask and laughs heartily and stands up, continues walking down the ramp slapping the fans hands, stopping for pictures, never shy to show his toothless grin. He climbs into the ring, sliding under the ropes and walks around the outside of the ring, with one hand raised, fist clenched. He looks determined, and proud to return to the ring, and rests in one corner, waiting for the match to begin.

Speaks – ‘The Iron Man’ out to prove tonight that not only was he one of the shows longest serving patrons, but also one of the most hardcore, innovating, and very best.

Dawe – Reaper in a TLC match? This is going to be messy isn’t it? Really messy.

Speaks – What better way to celebrate the memory of JWA:EWA, I do say so.

The countdown that was heard across the speakers was mimicked on screen. As the drum beat started on, the lights around the entrance started pulsating in synch with the drums, the lights in the rest of the arenas fading out. As Hazel's voice was heard across the sound system, yellow strobe lights flashed briefly on the opposite side of the arena, though this didn't last long. The dominating sound of an obviously remixed version of Faint by Linkin' Park replaced by the sound of whatever song had been playing. The camera nearest the entrance zoomed in on the doorway as Mike Shinoda's voice was heard across the sounds system, a figure seen in the dim lighting, as the pulsating lights had stopped when the drum beat accompanying Hazel had ceased. When Faint was interrupted, a burst of bright yellow pyro surrounded the door, the figure finally stepping through the doorway, the lights in the arena coming to full brightness again.


Pohatu snapped his arms out to either side of his body, his hands pointing out towards the fans on either side of the packed arena. Dressed in an attire not all that different from when he had first debuted in the JWA, the 'Electric Enigma' started jogging down the ramp as Faint picked back up again, slapping hands with all the fans who were practically falling over the edge of the crowd barrier. Pausing as he reached the bottom of the entrance ramp, however, Pohatu turned back around, pointing at the screen as a single word on there accompanied the interrupting music again.


Spinning back around slowly, the Iowa wrestler finally walked off of the ramp, pulling off his hooded vest. Leaping up onto the ring apron as the music's pace increased, Pohatu tossed the apron behind him without even looking, the piece of clothing quickly disappearing into the masses that were the JWA fans. Waiting a few moments, his head tilting side to side in obvious appreciation of the gathering, he blue eyed man finally leaned back a bit before slingshotting himself over the top rope, landing easily on his feet and immediately snapping his arms back out to either side again in mimic of the taunt he had done at the top of the ramp. Spinning once, he put himself in the center of the ring, the cocky grin that had accompanied him through so many years of wrestling on his face as he pointed out at the fans one last time before dropping his arms to his sides.

Speaks – You know, I think Pohatu’s entrance might even be longer than The Undertaker’s.

Dawe – Are we talking record territory here?

Speaks – Potentially. In any case, whoever wins this match will be forever fixed in the record books, as the winner will go on to earn a spot in the triple threat tournament final to be crowned JWA:EWA’s MVP.

Dawe – What an honor that’d be. Do you think Pohatu has what it takes?

Speaks – I know he does, you’ve seen as well as I have some of the things that young man is capable of. I wouldn’t fancy my chances against any of these men in a match like this.

Dawe – All three men in the ring now, and it looks like this match is finally underway.

*Outside the ring there are tables folded up, chairs stacked against the barrier, and ladders stood up all over the place. The bell rings, as all three men begin circling one another, waiting for somebody to make the first move. Reaper drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring. He starts scavenging weapons, grabbing two tables and throwing them over the ropes and into the ring. Several chairs follow, and he grabs a ladder lengthways, and slots it under the bottom rope. He grabs another and does the same. Whilst this is going on, Triple D and Pohatu are feeling each other out. Triple D goes for a side headlock but ‘The Electric Enigma’ is way too quick. A lighting quick DDT by Pohatu draws the first blood, and Triple D can barely believe what just happened. He grabs a chair and swings it maniacally at Pohatu, who ducks each swing, before hitting a perfect Pele kick at Triple D, causing the chair to crumple into his face. Triple D falls back, and Reaper is back in the ring, having positioned a ladder horizontally between the ring apron and the crowd barrier. *

Speaks – Reaper proving to be the architect of hardcore here.

Dawe – I’ve got a feeling this is going to be really nasty.

*Reaper takes Pohatu down with a spear, and he starts pounding at his head. Reaper rises up, and sets up one table, then another table right on top of it. He grabs a ladder and sets it open on the other side of the ring. Triple D catches him with a swift knee, and ‘The Great One’ nails Reaper with a rock bottom straight onto a steel chair. Reaper rolls around desperately clutching his back. Triple D turns to scale the ladder, but Pohatu catches him with an enziguri, knocking his face against the unforgiving steel steps. *
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PostSubject: Re: ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----   ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ---- - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 4:50 am

Dawe – There’s absolutely no way that didn’t seriously hurt.

Speaks – You know when you hear ‘professional wrestlers are professionally trained to take falls?’ Bullshit. Try training for that.

*Reaper is looking for revenge on Triple D, and as ‘The Great One’ falls back, ‘The Iron Man’ applies a vicious touch of death mandible claw, forcing Triple D to squirm in pain. Pohatu climbs to near the top of the ladder, then flies back down to earth with a picture perfect corkscrew senton, dismantling both men and strewing carnage across the ring. Pohatu slowly gets to his feet, and he picks Triple D up. He positions ‘The Great One’ between the two stacked tables. Reaper is climbing the ladder on the other side of the ring. Pohatu lays a chair across Triple D’s sternum. He spots Reaper scaling the ladder and skips over to climb the other side. Both men are throwing shots at each other as the crowd are on the edge of their seats. Pohatu ducks a big left from Reaper, and he ducks under the flying arm with an ingenious sunset flip powerbomb, landing over the top of Reaper and on the other side of the ladder, his momentum flipping Reaper straight over and through the stack of tables, chairs and Triple D. The powerbomb looked insane, the crowd almost in disbelief as the wood crumples and both men are left collapsed in a heap of steel and wood, tangled up with one another.


Speaks –hot damn! Look at the chaos here at JWA:EWA Requiem! Pohatu just showed that he’s exactly the right man to win this tournament for Action Zone!

Dawe – Triple D and Reaper left for dead here, somebody dial 911!

Speaks – Quite. It’s hard to see either man making a comeback from here, all Pohatu has to do is climb the ladder and retrieve the title dangling above the ring.

*Pohatu duly does so, and he’s got one eye on Reaper and ‘The Great One’, neither of whom are showing any signs of life. Pohatu takes the ladder step by step, as the mess of bodies starts to stir. Pohatu is hurriedly approaching the top of the ladder, and is scrambling for the title above. Reaper starts to stand, and looks like he’s summoning all his energy to make a beeline for Pohatu. Triple D gives him a helping hand, hurling Reaper into the ladder, causing it to topple to the ground, sending Pohatu flying over the top rope and onto the concrete outside.*

Dawe – Ouch, nasty landing for Pohatu there

Speaks – Just an example of how this kind of match can turn on a knife-edge.

*Triple D and Reaper realise they’ve got to make the most of Pohatu being incapacitated, and they both start wildly throwing blows at each other. Reaper becomes distracted and starts trying to scale the ladder again. Triple D joins him, as Pohatu tosses a table into the ring. He slides under the ropes and sets up the table, as Reaper and Triple D are duelling atop the ladder. Pohatu keeps a watchful eye on proceedings, and he slips out of the ring and grabs another ladder. He puts it horizontally on top of the table, and waits to see what unfolds between Triple D and Reaper. Triple D goes for a Dominator, but Reaper squirms out of it and manages to set ‘The Great One’ up for a high angle backdrop off the ladder, before swinging in mid air and grabbing Triple D by the throat, before sending him crashing down towards the table with the ladder atop it. Time almost drags by whilst Triple D is in the air, as the fans wait with baited breath he smashes through the wreckage, completely destroying the table and ladder and leaving Triple D in a heap of broken metal and wood on the mat. The fans are going absolutely wild.*

Dawe – Two massive bumps for ‘The Great One’, and something tells me that could be the end of his quest to be MVP right there!

Speaks – Reaper is in poll position atop one of the ladders now, having just completely obliterated Triple D.

Pohatu picks up a ladder on the ring apron, and lies it between the bottom corner of one of the turnbuckles and the top of the central ladder Reaper’s on. In one swift movement, ‘The Electric Enigma’ uses the ladder as a stepping stones to join Reaper at the summit. ‘The Iron Man’ looks stunned by the speed and grace Pohatu effortlessly exudes. Reaper grabs his hand and rams it down Pohatu’s throat execution a debilitating touch of death mandible claw. Pohatu wriggles about trying to free himself, but Reaper refuses to relent his grip. Pohatu thrashes and thrashes, until he finally catches Reaper in the eye with an elbow, knocking ‘The Iron Man’ off balance. Pohatu seizes his moment and hoists Reaper across the ladder and onto his shoulders. He turns to face the ladder that was laid horizontally between the ring apron and the crowd barrier. Pohatu nods as the crowd are cheering loudly. He nails a Radio Tower modified Death Valley Driver, sending Reaper flying helplessly over the top rope and twisting and crashing through the steel ladder and onto the concrete floor below. Reaper looks like a car crash.


Dawe – Fuck me! Reaper absolutely decimated by Pohatu’s ingenuity there. That looked horrific.

Speaks – All Pohatu needs to do now is unhook that title and he advances to the final

*Pohatu obliges, using both arms to unhook the title, and he falls to the mat clutching the title as the bell rings, and Thunderstruck plays over the speakers. The referee raises Pohatu’s arm in victory as he stands alone amongst the debris and bodies.*

Speaks – hard fought victory allows Pohatu to make it to the final to represent Action Zone

Dawe – I couldn’t think of anybody better.
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PostSubject: JWA:EWA Extreme Zone hall of Fame Inductees   ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ---- - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 4:53 am

Extreme Zone Hall of Fame Inductions

As the carnage from the last match amazing is cleared away, a gold video package shows on the screen, showing a vast collection of classic JWA:EWA Extreme Zone moments and matches. As soon as the package is finished, 'Elevation' by U2 hits, and famous musician Bono makes his way to the stage to a large crowd pop.

Bono: Thank yhews ahll. Ahnd Befower yhew ask, teh Edge is fhyne. So is Adam Cleeton and Teh Dromoerh. With thath sid, oi'm here to annownce teh Extreeme Zown Holl of the Fheym. To Introdewse yewer fhirst inductee, Teh Cyannoyed assasseen, Teh Cawpse.

The Corpse walks out onto the podium, accompanied by the Requiem theme song.

The Corpse: Ladies and Gentlemen, the first inductee into the Extreme Zone Hall of Fame, JWA:EWA's last ever World Heavyweight Champion, Chronic!

A series of classic Chronic and Mary Jane moments are shown, culminating in a shot of the World Title with Chronic's name on the nameplate.

The Corpse: Quite obviously Chronic can't be with us tonight, so I will take it upon myself to accept this honour for him, and make sure he receives his Hall of Fame ring as well as his World Title. Please, everyone, give it up once more for Chronic.

The crowd pop one last time for Chronic, and as they die down, Bono resumes his duties as compere.

Bono: And inducting the next inductee to the Extreme Zone Hall of Fame, Rap and Hip-Hop superstar, Jay-Z!

Jay-Z arrives on stage in a sharp suit, with his song 'Justify My Thug' playing.

Jay-Z: You know when I heard there was going to be a final JWA:EWA show, your boy HOV had to get in on the action, and when I heard this next dude was going into the Hall of Fame, I was on the cell straight away to Shane Powers saying I wanted to be the one to induct him. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the realest of real, the Cyaneyed Assassin, haha gotta love that, The Corpse!

In a manner somewhat similar to The Outsiders earlier in the night, Corpse feigns surprise, before walking over to Jay-Z and shaking his hand enthusiastically, and makes his way to the podium. A highlight package airs, showing all his most famous moments and matches in JWA:EWA, then cuts to a shot of him on the podium.

The Corpse: Cheers!

Bono looks questioningly at The Corpse, who just shrugs and grins. Realising Corpse has nothing else to say, he quickly moves proceedings along.

Bono: And inducting our next inductee, George W. Bush!

The USA National Anthem hits, and the former president of the country emerges in some military regalia, having a ton of abuse hurled at him. Trash starts to reign down on the stage and guest timekeeper Emile Heskey pleads for sanity, but is himself pelted with trash and has to be escorted backstage nursing another groin strain.

George W. Bush: Ladies and er, what comes next...where are my notes? Sheesh can't do anything without Condoleeza around...er...ladies! The next inductee in this fine Hall of Fame. A man who makes the best food in the military...Maddog!

A Maddog highlight package is shown, and climaxes with a shot of the USA flag floating in the wind.

George W. Bush: Maddog is currently looking for ingredients for his new cookbook in Iraq, 'If it isn't breathing, we can cook it', inspired I'm told by the cannibalistic Mau Mau tribes in the 1800's. So on behalf of Maddog, and the USA Military, I am accepting this Emmy!

Bono literally facepalms, and tries to keep a straight face.

Bono: Inducting hour nehext inductee, The Corpse?

The Corpse grins, approaching the podium for a third time on the night.

The Corpse: For reasons you'll soon realise, I just couldn't pass this one up. This next man was feared and jeered, and quite possibly the most controversial person to ever step in a JWA:EWA ring. When he wasn't lying on his back for Bryan Stinberg-sorry, had to get that in there-this guy was winning multiple titles, striking fear in the hearts of most his competitors. Despite never beating me personally, he gave me all he had four seperate times and I can honestly attest to his toughness. Ladies and Gentlemen, your next inductee...Morbid Angel!

A package of some of the most controversial JWA:EWA moments is aired, and is followed by some of Morbid Angel's most memorable contests. The video package ends with a nazi flag blowing in the wind, and on stage, George Bush claps feverishly, and salutes as the arena collectively facepalms.

The Corpse: Unfortunately Jakub is incommunicado, and rumours abound that he has expatriated to Europe. Since he cannot be reached, I will keep his ring, because let's face it, he'll be pissed at that!

The Corpse chuckles and leaves the stage, and Bono moves to speak again.

Bono: And introducing our next inductee, Shadow!

Shadow makes his way to the stage, limping heavily.

Shadow: It sure then I'll inducting this worthy opp in my years. This guy it...Vegito!

Vegito: Vegito: Wow is all I can say on this. There is really not a lot I can really go into speaking so it will be pretty short. I am honored to be as a member of the JWA:EWA Hall of Fame. Looking back, it was never something that I would have expected but it is an honor and it means being among the elite that the organization has to offer. I am just at a loss of words so I’ll say thank you for being recognized as one of the best. If I had to thank someone for bringing me to JWA:EWA, it would have to be Winter Sanderson as he was the one that did a merger with his own promotion at the time the Winter Wrestling Alliance. Well, all I can say again is thank you and that is all.

Bono: And your next inductee, indoocted boy meself cos he couldna be bawthad te chews somone, Vulcan!

A highlight package is shown, showing Vulcan's career, and cameras return to a shot of Bono.

Bono: Hey alsow isna hear so oye'll be tekkin this fer sellin tae raise moneys in teh Gambia. Goodnoiyt!

Bono bows and the inductees are cheered as a highlight package for the next match is shown...

Next up: Method Cobra vs. Senor Gomez!

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PostSubject: Senor Gomez Vs. Method Cobra Steel Cage   ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ---- - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 4:55 am

Cameras cut to ringside momentarily, with a long camera shot of an odd looking steel cage hanging above the ring, illuminated by camera flashes...Suddenly a familiar theme hits, and it is recognisable as that of WWE old-favourite Dude Love. Momentarily, a familiar face steps out from the Gorilla position and down the rampway...

Johnny Vegas: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome your first guest commentator for the next contest, from Kernow England, Richard 'Mr' Man!

A tie-dye attired Mr Man stops to do a familiar dance at the top of the rampway, then dashes down to the announce tables almost apologetically. Cameras then pan back up to the entranceramp, as the Canadian national anthem hits, and another familiar face makes his way down to the announce table.

Johnny Vegas: And introducing your second guest commentator, from Montreal Canada, Jacques Rougeau!

Jacques Rougeau makes his way to the neutral commentary booth, and cameras briefly focus in on the guest commentators for the next contest.

Mr. Man: Well, good evening folks.

Jacques Rougeau: Evening! Comment ca va Monsieur Man?

Mr. Man: I, er, Mr. Man thank you.

Jacques Rougeau: Oh! Well it sure then we'll call this main event. Me I'll can't wait to saw this legend of Quebec wrestling. This Rated R Quebecois. It name Method Cobra.

Mr. Man: Yes, I'm aware of the participants...Senor Gomez happens to be a former pupil of mine...He learnt his trade watching myself, Bookeater and 'Taker' Armitage in some classic scaffold matches...but anyway...let's go to ringside shall we eh?

Jacques Rougeau: Oh! Good idea then I'll saw!

Mr. Man: Sigh...this is going to be a long night...

Johnny Vegas: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for our first main event of the evening! This match will be a cage match, with the escape only stipulation in full effect. Once both men are in the ring, the cage will be lowered and the door welded shut. The only way to win will be to climb out of the cage! And now, at this time let me introduce the first participant. Representing Action Zone, he weighs in at 255lbs, from Kilkhampton England, 'The Outlaw', Señnñnñnñnñnñoooooorrrrr Goooooommmeeezzzz!

The lights in the arena dim to darkness and then begin to strobe and flash through shades of red, green and blue. A burst of pyrotechnics discharge down the length of the ramp way as Ace Of Spades blasts out over the arena PA system. Senor Gomez steps out onto the ramp way and the crowd explode into cheering, as the husky voice of Lemmy Kilmister echoes across the arena. Gomez strides down the ramp looking left and right at the masses of fans and as he does so he taps his fist on his chest then raises his arm into the air saluting the fans. He carries on down to ringside and marches up the ring steps and climbs onto the apron; he then mounts the turnbuckle and again raises his arm high into the air as a gesture of respect to the fans and salutes them. As he does this, another burst of pyrotechnics explodes behind him along the length of the ring apron sending up plumes of sparkling debris. Gomez stops there for a moment absorbing the energy in the atmosphere before hopping down off the turnbuckle and stepping through the ring ropes. He paces up and down the ring and stretches a little on the ropes and shakes his fists, warming up for the match and then he turns and stares menacingly back toward the entryway, awaiting his forthcoming opponent.

Johnny Vegas: And his opponent, he weighs in at 300lbs, representing Extreme Zone, from Montreal Quebec, The RRrrated R Quebecois, MMMmmmethhoooooddd Coooobbrrraaaa!

Mr. Man: There seems to be a band setting up next to the entrance ramp.

Jacques Rougeau: This band it Fear Factory. Just to telling you this.

The band of Fear Factory are in the stage has Burton.C.Bell begin to talk to the people and a nice intro ( Similar to the new theme song of the Rock when he was heel but more industrial begin to heard) and we saw at the titantron the color of blue and white ( to represent the Quebec). The intro continue to play until two minute has the Fear factory band begin to start Replica song. The elevator raise up slowly has we see MC who wear the Quebec flag around both shoulder of him. When the music begin to rumble the stage and Burton.C.Bell begin to sing, MC lift the Quebec flag in the air with both arms has some firework ( Kurt angle Style with blue and white color) appears in the stage. MC begin to be energetic has he taunt on the two side of the stage (like Edge when he were face).

Jacques Rougeau: What an entrance then I'll saw. I'll got this bumps in the goose.

Mr. Man: Indeed, not sure I like the music though, why doesn't he come out to a nice BeeGees piece?

Method Cobra returns to the band, and starts headbanging to the riff section of Replica, but is suddenly blindsided by Gomez, who grabs him by the hair and throws him head first into the drumkit, his head piercing the skin of the bass drum, and his body falling off the top of the stage. Gomez shrugs, and the band drop their weapons and escape backstage, Gomez grabs one of the dropped guitars, hops off the stage and smacks it against the side of the bass drum. Method Cobra's body goes stiff for a brief second, then he grasps the sides of the bass drum and pulls his head out.

Jacques Rougeau: What this?! What this?! Gomez attacking this opp before I'll heard the bell. This match it a cage match not this hardcore one.

Mr. Man: Hey, it's a dream match, and noone said it had to start in the cage. People came to see these two at their brutal best. Besides, Method Cobra is on his feet now and Gomez is standing off.

Jacques Rougeau: It sure then Gomez letting this opp get to this feet.

Mr. Man: Indeed, Gomez is showing class. He made a statement but he doesn't want to gain an unfair advantage over his old friend.

Jacques Rougeau: It true then Gomez and Method Cobra got a long friendship.

Mr. Man: Which is why this is a dream match. Don't doubt for a second that these guys wont go all out to almost kill eachother. Gomez and Method Cobra may differ in fan reaction, but both have huge followings.

Jacques Rougeau: This pair both got standing now and I'll saw Gomez offer this hand.
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PostSubject: Re: ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----   ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ---- - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 4:56 am

Method Cobra nods his head and walks towards Gomez, and shakes his outstretched hand vigorously, following up with a gangster style clinch and hug. As the pair pull away, Method Cobra grabs Gomez's left forearm and pulls him into a short arm clothesline, sending him to the floor. Method Cobra raises a fist into the air and looks down at Gomez, who looks up at Method Cobra with a smirk on his face, as if to say touche.

Jacques Rougeau: Method Cobra got this perfect reply in Gomez.

Mr. Man: Indeed, but I think from here on in the games are well and truly over.

Jacques Rougeau: Well I'll didn't see we played at a game but I wonder what it this game? Chess? Monopoly?

Mr. Man: Give me strength...

Method Cobra helps Gomez to his feet, and the pair immediately start exchanging blows. Method Cobra gets the better of the exchange initially, and backs Gomez up towards the entrance ramp. As Gomez's back hits the entranceramp, Method Cobra knees him hard in the stomach and wraps his arm around Gomez's neck. Method Cobra lifts Gomez up in a suplex-like position, and drops him half onto the entrance ramp, leaving Gomez's upper torso hanging off the entrance ramp and his lower torso on the entrance ramp itself. Method Cobra pulls himself onto the entrance ramp, and takes a running start, leaping into the air and hitting a leg drop over Gomez's back, the force flipping Gomez's body back onto the hard flooring below the entrance ramp. Method Cobra looks around, surveying the equipment scattered around the flooring area, which is also the area where technicians set up the pyro and lighting in the arena for entrances (except Shadow's, which is purely supernatural). Method Cobra walks towards a technical looking table, adorned with a large panel of buttons and switches, and a tiny monitor, much like those next to the announce tables. Cobra grabs the small monitor, and a technician scurries away in fear. Suddenly the camera angle changes drastically, and an extremely fast shot of the crowd panning straight into Method Cobra's face is shown, and the crowd let out a roaring cheer.

Mr. Man: Gomez just smashed Method Cobra in the face with that hanging camera!

Jacques Rougeau: Did I'll saw blood in this face?

Cameras are scrambled to the area, as replays of the camera shot are shown. The cameras zoom in on Method Cobra and reveal that he is not busted open. Gomez grabs the pyro control panel and throws it to the floor, then grabs Method Cobra's hair, pulling him to his feet. He clambers up onto the table and pulls Method Cobra with him, then motions to the crowd, who roar in approval. Gomez hoists Method Cobra up, and drops him straight through the table with a Michinoku Driver!

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The table is flattened beneath the weight of both men, and Method Cobra's head bounces off the hard floor. Gomez clutches his pelvis momentarily, having landed awkwardly himself. Gomez gets to his feet and walks further into the technical area, rummaging around under another table and pulling out several light tubes. He holds them above his head and the crowd pops again.

Jacques Rougeau: This favourite weapons in Gomez.

Mr. Man: Ah, an old favourite...

Gomez carries five light tubes towards Method Cobra, throwing three onto the entrance ramp, and picking Method Cobra up. Method Cobra stands in a dazed state, his head lolling and his feet barely keeping him standing. Gomez places a light tube on the floor, and spins the other around in his right hand, then holds it against Method Cobra's temple, picking his spot, then smashing it against his temple in one broad sweeping movement. Method Cobra's head is pushed to one side, and Gomez immediately ducks down, grabs the other light tube and smashes it into the other side of Method Cobra's head. White powder and glass puff up into the air and Method Cobra raises a hand instinctively to protect his face. Cameras zoom in and show both sides of his forehead are streaming with blood, with little shards of glass dug into his skin. In just as swift a movement, Gomez kicks Method Cobra in the gut, doubling him over, and hits a jumping piledriver onto the remnants of the table.

Mr. Man: An incredible chain of offence from Gomez, Method Cobra looks like he's out of his depth at the moment.

Jacques Rougeau: It sure then this Innovator of Brutality will fighting back. It this biggest badass in Extreme Zone and I'll saw then he got worse situations than this.

Mr. Man: I don't know about that. Has he really ever faced someone the calibre of Senor Gomez?

Gomez heads back into the technical area, and finds a table lying against the crowd barrier. Fans mark out as he walks towards them and takes the table, and chucks it onto the stage. Gomez clambers onto the stage in its wake and sets the table up. From his pocket he pulls out a plastic bottle and starts emptying the contents onto the table, then pulls out a lighter and ignites the table. Flames roar into the air and the table burns at a steady pace. Gomez looks down at Method Cobra and sniffs the air, looking out into the sea of fans for a moment, soaking in the electricity inside the JWA arena. He looks down at Method Cobra, who is lying on his back, with the pyro control panel beside his head. Gomez salutes the fans momentarily, then leaps from the stage with an elbow drop...at the last moment, Method Cobra grabs the pyro control panel and throws it on Gomez's direction, and rolls to the side to avoid being hit. As the panel hits Gomez, it sets off a series of pyro explosions on the stage, far more than are meant to go off in tandem. Several erupt right next to the flaming table Gomez had erected, and in seconds one whole half of the stage is on fire. Tech and arena staff start dashing around, trying to extinguish the fire, and both competitors slowly get to their feet beneath the chaos.

Mr. Man: This is insanity! The whole stage could come down!

Jacques Rougeau: This pair gonna tear this arena apart with this brutality.

Method Cobra gets up before Gomez, and pulls himself onto the entranceramp. He looks towards the ring, and up towards the cage, then turns 180 degrees and walks backstage. The crowd start to boo, thinking he has left the fight, but moments later he emerges with a sledgehammer in his hand. He raises both arms in the air, then turns his attention to the stage, which is still on fire. One by one he scares away the technicians and arena staff trying to extinguish the fire, and when he's satisfied, he holds the sledgehammer against the flames.

Mr. Man: What is he doing?

Jacques Rougeau: I think I'll saw this innovators in brutality putting fire in the end of this sledgehammer.

Mr. Man: What? Since when does metal catch fire?

Jacques Rougeau: Well

Perhaps hearing Mr. Man's logic, Method Cobra pulls the sledgehammer out of the flames. Behind him Gomez is clambering up onto the entranceramp, and he turns to face him, then kneels and presses the metal end of the sledgehammer hard onto Gomez's temple. Gomez yells out in pain, and Method Cobra pulls it away, revealing a red rectangle branded onto Gomez's forehead. Method Cobra throws the sledgehammer away and pulls Gomez up onto the ramp, hoisting him over his shoulder. He looks towards the ravaging flames, and the still standing table, still adorned with three light tubes. Carefully he walks towards the blaze, then throws Gomez off his shoulders, swinging him down and into a black hole slam, right through the flaming light tube table!

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Man: Good Heavens, that killed him!
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PostSubject: Re: ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----   ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ---- - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 4:58 am

The move is less spectacular than brutal, as the flames quickly hide the carnage. Gomez rolls out of instinct but ends up going further into the fiery blaze. Perhaps in a turn of conscience, Method Cobra follows him in. For a moment, nothing can be seen except Method Cobra's towering silhouette amidst the flames, then suddenly both men come careering off the stage, looking like a flaming comet flying off stage as Method Cobra hits a huge Method X-Press (Spear). Both bodies fly through the air for almost too long, before landing on a couple of tables, which offer no resistance as they both smash right through them.

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Man: These guys are going to quite literally kill eachother before they even reach the ring.

Jacques Rougeau: Me too I'll got a fear for this safety.

The flames around Gomez and Method Cobra are extinguished by arena staff as soon as they become stationary, and for a brief moment the sight could quite literally be described as that of a car wreck. As soon as the flames on both men are doused out, the staff turn their attention to putting out the stage fire. Paramedics rush out and start trying to tend to Gomez and Method Cobra, and place them both on stretchers. Fans start to get rowdy, unable to see what's going on. A Mexican wave permeates from one corner of the arena and grows in size as it circles the arena. Method Cobra is first to be hoisted up onto the stage, and Gomez in his wake, both on wheeled stretchers. Medics make their way towards the back, but Method Cobra comes around and starts to fight his way out of his restraints and is off it in no time. On his feet, he scares the medics away from Gomez and grabs his stretcher, then pushes him down the ramp at a sprint, letting go when he reaches the halfway point before the ring. Gomez goes careering down the ramp and comes around just in time to affect the stretcher's trajectory, as he tries to roll off it. As his restraints are still on, he succeeds in rolling the stretcher over before it hits the ring, but he is left precariously trapped on his side.

Jacques Rougeau: It this opportunity in Method Cobra! What telling you Mr. Man? What telling you?! WHAT TELLING YOU?!

Mr. Man: Calm down...Jesus...

Jacques Rougeau: Well I'll don't saw this saviour in man.

Mr. Man: Ugh!

Method Cobra limps down to the ring, but instead of going after the trapped Gomez, he starts rummaging under the ring, pulling out a variety of implements; a heavy black bag, a couple of chairs, a computer tower, a ladder and a sheet of glass. Method Cobra pushes all the items into the ring, then looks up at the cage.

Mr. Man: You know, I just realised. The bell hasn't actually rung for this match yet.

Jacques Rougeau: It almost like seeing this exhibitions match. This bell it not mattering Mr. Mans

Mr. Man: That's singular thank you

Jacques Rougeau: What? What wrong?

Mr. Man: Nevermind...

Method Cobra reaches under the ring apron again and pulls out a couple of tables, also sliding them into the ring. He then turns his attention to Gomez, who is struggling with the restraints as if he were in a straightjacket, unable to get his arms free. Method Cobra pulls the stretcher and holds it up vertically, so that it looks as if Gomez is standing on his head. He then grabs the ringsteps, wrenching them from the corner of the ring, and setting them up so that Gomez's head is rested on top of the bottom step, and his forehead is pressed against the beginning of the second step. Method Cobra takes a few steps back, then takes a running punt at the ringsteps, crushing Gomez's head as the crowd let out a collective gasp. The stretcher is knocked on its front from the impact and Gomez lands awkwardly on the ringsteps as it lands, but is finally free from the restraints.

Mr. Man: Fascinating offence from Method Cobra.

Jacques Rougeau: What telling you?! Innovators it not a gimmick it a fact. This man got alot of innovation at this arsenal.

Mr. Man: Don't besmirch this match by mentioning abysmal football teams. Ah-it looks as though both men are now in the ring.

Jacques Rougeau: Oh! I'll saw this cage it lowering hehe.

Mr. Man: Are you human?

Cameras cut to a shot of the cage lowering, and the arena lights dim, being replaced by sporadic spotlight bursts illuminating the ring. In no time, the unusual cage has settled around the ring, and the viewer is able to discern why it looked so unusual. All over the top of the cage, there are reams of barbed wire, making it look like an inescapable prison rather than a cage. The door is already welded shut, and the entire door panel is covered with a barbed wire mesh. And, finally, each corner of the cage is adorned with small explosives.Method Cobra picks Gomez up from the floor and rolls him into the ring, and follows him in, stepping over the top rope. Seconds later, the cage is in place, and both men are trapped. Method Cobra surveys his surroundings and licks his lips. From his perspective, his only exit is over the barbed wire at the top of the cage. He then turns his attention to the weapons he threw into the ring. Gomez is sprawled across the mat in front of him, and starts to regain his composure, crawling towards the cage to help himself up. Method Cobra grabs the Computer tower he'd thrown in, and surveys it. He holds it close to his face, when suddenly the CD/DVD drive pops open and the corner hits him in the eye. He recoils and drops the tower, which lands on his foot and falls to the mat. The drive closes on landing, just as mysteriously as it opened.

Jacques Rougeau: What this? I'll saw a pc working on this own but we'll adding no electricity in that?

Mr. Man: Could it be...no...

Inexplicably, the lights in the arena start to flicker, and binary code starts to stream on the screen. It stutters and starts, then cuts out entirely, restoring normality.

Mr. Man: I think a certain someone just tried to cross the digital plane into the mortal one...but what a time to try it...

Jacques Rougeau: I'll saw then DigiNeedles got this effort but I'll saw a big fail.

Mr. Man: Way to state the obvious and ruin the moment.

Gomez regains his feet, and leans against the cage a moment, shaking his head and squeezing his eyes shut and open, as if trying to shake a daze. He looks around and sees Method Cobra hobbling to his feet, with his back turned to Gomez. Gomez points towards one of the corners of the cage, adorned with explosives, and the crowd cheer, sensing his intentions. Gomez takes a faux lean on the cage, then runs as best he can towards Method Cobra, then hits a modified running enziguiri. The momentum of the move sends Method Cobra stumbling towards the corner of the cage, but perhaps realising his trajectory, Method Cobra grabs the cage just in time to stop himself reaching the explosives. Gomez looks to the crowd and shakes his finger, as if he's saying 'not that easily'. He grabs Method Cobra by the hair, pulling him up into a Dragon Sleeper. Gomez takes a moment to look out at the crowd, before using Method Cobra's position to his advantage, and hoisting him onto his shoulder. Gomez backs out of the corner, then hits a Running Powerslam...right into the explosives! One whole corner of the cage explodes, and smoke fills the ring. Method Cobra's back is badly burnt, and half his tshirt is burnt away instantly.

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A 'this is awesome' chant almost starts up, but Gomez looks disapprovingly at those who chant it, not wanting smark chants in his match. The fans take their seats and hang their heads in shame.

Jacques Rougeau: My Quebecers got dead

Mr. Man: Method Cobra isn't dead, folks. But Gomez might just have taken the fight out of him.

Jacques Rougeau: This Gomez it setting up a glass table in two chair. I'll saw it at this eyes.

Mr. Man: Indeed...If Method Cobra goes through that glass sheet, this match is as good as done.

Happy with his construction, Gomez goes to pick up Method Cobra, but he is like dead weight, so Gomez shrugs, and slowly starts to climb the cage. At the very top, there are reams of barbed wire. As he reaches them, he struggles to find a safe way over. He tries hooking one leg over first, and tries to ease himself over, but the barbed wire is too thick. He gives up and decides to try another way, but as he tries to pull his leg back, his foot gets caught in the barbed wire. He tugs at it, but it wont come free. Gomez is literally balancing on one foot between the mesh, and the grip he has on the cage with his hands. Below him Method Cobra stirs and grabs a steel chair, slowly getting to his feet using it as a climbing aid. Method Cobra folds up the chair, and notices where Gomez is. Cobra smashes the chair against Gomez's back, and one of Gomez's hands slips. Method Cobra hits a couple more shots, then uses the edge of the chair and rams it against the back of Gomez's free kneejoing. Gomez finally slips, and finds himself hanging upside down from his foot, which is now wrapped quite tight in barbed wire. Method Cobra goes crazy with the chair, hitting Gomez several more times as Gomez almost bounces as he tries to evade the blows. He moves so much that his foot works itself free, the barbed wire raking down his ring boot and ripping it off entirely. He falls awkwardly behind the ropes and next to the cage, and folds up like an accordion. Method Cobra throws the chair down determinedly and yells in Gomez's direction.

Method Cobra: Vous avez été prévenue..!!!

Mr. Man: I think the switch has been flicked inside Method Cobra, he just snapped with that chair.

Jacques Rougeau: I'll got a fromage frais at this boxer.

Mr. Man: WHAT?!

Jacques Rougeau: I'll means this sight excite me a lil' bit.

Mr. Man: This country...

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PostSubject: Re: ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----   ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ---- - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 4:59 am

Method Cobra seethes as he grabs Gomez and drags him towards the center of the ring, and the glass table Gomez had set up. Method Cobra crosses his thumb over his throat, signifying his finisher is coming, and he hoists Gomez up above his shoulders in a crucifix position. Gomez starts to wriggle and gets one arm free, slipping down Method Cobra's back. Method Cobra yells out in agony, the friction being right where his back was burnt. Method Cobra falls to his knees, clutching at his back but not wanting to abrase it. Gomez notices the black bag Method Cobra brought to the ring and his eyes light up. He grabs it and weighs it in his hand, then grins. He unties the bag, and empties thousands of drawing pins onto the mat.

Mr. Man: Surely even Gomez isn't sadistic enough to drop Method Cobra on his burnt back into those tacks...

Jacques Rougeau: It sure then I'll hoping not.

Gomez hooks Method Cobra around the neck, and hoists him into the air, in a stalling suplex position. Gomez holds Cobra in the air for a few seconds, then goes for a Brainbuster, but Method Cobra reverses the move mid-air, hitting a modified Reverse DDT onto the mat, just inches away from the thumb tacks. Method Cobra stumbles to his feet, and looks down at Gomez, who is flat on his back. Method Cobra rolls Gomez over, so that he is on his front, then drags his head over the tacks. Method Cobra hooks both Gomez's legs and grapevines them around his leg, then pulls Gomez's head back, and in one swift motion hits a Curb Stomp right on the tacks, embedding them right across Gomez's face!

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Man: By God, these two are killing eachother and we're beyond metaphors now.


Mr. Man: Good God, intensity is one thing, tenacity is one thing, but this is just pure disfigurement.

Jacques Rougeau: This amigos gonna one up until we got a winner.

Mr. Man: Sadly, that might mean someone getting seriously, permanently hurt here tonight...

Method Cobra pulls Gomez's face from the tacks, showing it to the crowd. Tons of pins are embedded in his temple, and others are scattered over his cheeks and his chin. Fortunately none have pierced his eyelids, though one hangs just underneath his brow. Method Cobra pulls Gomez to his feet, and points to the glass table, crossing his throat again. This time, Gomez is unable to reverse the move, as Method Cobra hits the Last Judgement through the glass table, sending glass flying everywhere!

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Method Cobra drops to one knee after the Last Judgement, as if the move itself took his last ounce of energy. He pounds the mat with his fist, and grits his teeth, looking up at the cage with fire in his eyes. Method Cobra heads to a corner of the cage, and starts to climb, using each side for extra leverage. As he reaches the barbed wire, he grabs it and tries to pull it off. It starts to come away, but he doesn't have the strength to pull it away far enough, He starts to use his right leg for leverage, and pushes away from the cage. Suddenly, the barbed wire comes free in his corner, and he falls backwards with it. He manages to land on the mat feet first, but loses his balance. As he tries to get up, his body gets wrapped in the barbed wire. He twists and turns, but only succeeds in getting more tangled. In an attempt to pull himself free, he runs toward the center of the ring, but as the barbed wire reaches its most taught point, he is propelled backwards, stumbling back-first into the turnbuckle, setting off another explosive!

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacques Rougeau: Tabarnak!

For a moment Gomez and Method Cobra are both laid out. Cameras pan in on both of them in sequence, both men are battered, bloody and burnt. The whole ring is a complete mess, and there is a large hole in the cage where Method Cobra just set off an explosive. At ringside, fans are in an awed silence. Gomez starts to lift his foot limply into the air, but it falls down moments later. Method Cobra grasps for the cage, but misses, and goes back to being static and motionless on his side.

Jacques Rougeau: What happening? Dunno why but I'll saw both opp look inactif.

Mr. Man: Both men are completely spent, they've taken eachother through Hell and back...

Jacques Rougeau: Oh! I'll understand. But why this crowd booing?

Mr. Man: There is indeed an increasing volume in hear and it is not a positive one.

Jacques Rougeau: I'll saw this JWA1EWA crowd

Mr. Man: JWA:EWA...

Jacques Rougeau: Anyway. I'll saw this crowd boo and din'dt respecting this effort in both men.

Mr. Man: Shocking...wait...no...they aren't booing the competitors. Ian Dawe is standing next to the cage fiddling with something...

Jacques Rougeau: It fire! A 2 in 4 by and I'll saw then he try to light that!

Mr. Man: Good God you're right, Ian Dawe has a flaming 2'4" and is holding it through the gap in the cage, encouraging Method Cobra to his feet.

Method Cobra reaches up and grasps the bottom of the flaming 2'4", and Ian Dawe stands cheering him as if he's his personal trainer. In a flash Dawe is blindsided by an angry Hotdog salesman, who beans a can of Coke over his head and follows up with a Hotdog knuckle sandwich. For a moment the salesman steals the show as he unleashes a little shake rattle n' roll on Dawe, then finally low blows him and returns to his stall, getting a standing ovation as he makes his way back. Back in the ring, Senor Gomez is on his feet, and Method Cobra is baiting him with the flaming 2'4". As Gomez turns, Cobra rushes him. At the last moment, Gomez ducks, and Method Cobra smashes the 2'4" into the cage. Method Cobra growls and turns back to Gomez, but Gomez kicks him in the gut. Method Cobra doubles over and drops the 2'4", and Gomez seizes the moment, grasping the 6'10" monster around the neck and hitting a huge Om Slam onto the flaming 2'4"! Method Cobra is knocked out but the pain of landing on flaming wood right over his burns makes him snap out of it straight away, and he rolls off in agony. Gomez grabs the flaming 2'4" and baits Method Cobra as he crawls to his feet, his face a picture of pain. Cobra turns around, and Gomez yells in his face.YOU WERE WARNED! Gomez smacks the flaming 2'4" hard over Method Cobra's head, and Method Cobra drops to his knees as if he's been shot, and crumples to the mat in a similar fashion. Gomez holds the flaming 2'4" aloft, and the fans in the arena cheer in awe.


Gomez drops the 2'4" and heads to the corner Method Cobra had cleared the barbed wire from. Determinedly he climbs, and reaches the top, clambers over clumsily, and drops to the floor on the outside.

Johnny Vegas: The winner of this bout, Senorrr Gooomeeezzzz!

Mr. Man: That was a truly amazing spectacle.

Jacques Rougeau: Innovators...Innovators...Why...Why it happen?

The cage raises, and Gomez rolls back in. Medics rush down, and attend to Method Cobra, who is lying on his back with his eyes open, looking glazed over. Gomez walks towards Method Cobra, and holds down a hand. Method Cobra reaches his arm limply into the air, and the pair shake hands. Fans applaud the show of respect between the two, and the last shot shows Gomez pointing to Method Cobra in respect, encouraging the fans to applaud his efforts. The camera fades out, and a highlight package of the whole match is shown.

Next up: The final of the MVP Tournament!

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PostSubject: Main Event JWA:EWA MVP Tournament   ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ---- - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 5:01 am

Johnny Vegas: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for your Main event of the evening!!! This is a lumberjack match, and is an elimination match. The winner of this bout will not only claim victory for his show in the Dominant Show rankings, but he will also be deemed the official JWA:EWA MVP. And now, at this time, let me introduce your first competitor, he represents Action Zone, Pohatu!


The countdown that was heard across the speakers was mimicked on screen. As the drum beat started on, the lights around the entrance started pulsating in synch with the drums, the lights in the rest of the arenas fading out. As Hazel's voice was heard across the sound system, yellow strobe lights flashed briefly on the opposite side of the arena, though this didn't last long. The dominating sound of an obviously remixed version of Faint by Linkin' Park replaced by the sound of whatever song had been playing. The camera nearest the entrance zoomed in on the doorway as Mike Shinoda's voice was heard across the sounds system, a figure seen in the dim lighting, as the pulsating lights had stopped when the drum beat accompanying Hazel had ceased. When Faint was interrupted, a burst of bright yellow pyro surrounded the door, the figure finally stepping through the doorway, the lights in the arena coming to full brightness again.


Pohatu snapped his arms out to either side of his body, his hands pointing out towards the fans on either side of the packed arena. Dressed in an attire not all that different from when he had first debuted in the JWA, the 'Electric Enigma' started jogging down the ramp as Faint picked back up again, slapping hands with all the fans who were practically falling over the edge of the crowd barrier. Pausing as he reached the bottom of the entrance ramp, however, Pohatu turned back around, pointing at the screen as a single word on there accompanied the interrupting music again.


Spinning back around slowly, the Iowa wrestler finally walked off of the ramp, pulling off his hooded vest. Leaping up onto the ring apron as the music's pace increased, Pohatu tossed the apron behind him without even looking, the piece of clothing quickly disappearing into the masses that were the JWA fans. Waiting a few moments, his head tilting side to side in obvious appreciation of the gathering, he blue eyed man finally leaned back a bit before slingshotting himself over the top rope, landing easily on his feet and immediately snapping his arms back out to either side again in mimic of the taunt he had done at the top of the ramp. Spinning once, he put himself in the center of the ring, the cocky grin that had accompanied him through so many years of wrestling on his face as he pointed out at the fans one last time before dropping his arms to his sides.

Johnny Vegas: And your next participant, representing Warzone Underground, Matt 'The Man'!

Cameras pan up at the curtain, and 'Just' by Radiohead starts to play. After what seems an age, Matt comes out limping heavily, and being followed by emt's who desperately try and stop him. He brisks them off and slips into the ring gingerly.

William Regal: The heart of a Warzone competitor right there.

Teddy Speaks: The idiocy of one more like! He's risking his life coming out here again after that sick fall he had earlier tonight.

Irvin Fury: Sick? You call that sick? Clearly you never watched Extreme Zone.

William Regal: You're right, Extreme Zone made me sick purely at the thought of watching it.

Johnny Vegas: And you final competitor, he represents Extreme Zone, Vegito!

The lights go out and all of a sudden “Man Behind the Mask” is heard. Vegito emerges through the curtains to a standing ovation. He continues to walk slowly to the ring and then gets to the stairs. He raises one hand and enters the ring holding out his fists preparing to fight and almost as if he were preparing like a boxer.

Irvin Fury: Shall we ring the bell now? I mean, no one is going through Vegito. You saw what happened with Ric Flair and Vulcan.

Teddy Speaks: You wish.

William Regal: Just to inform everyone, that the rules are a little different for this match.

Teddy Speaks: Indeed, to give the match some extra spice, Winter Sanderson and Shane Powers added some interesting elements tonight.

William Regal: For starters, there is no disqualification, meaning weapons are legal, even from the lumberjacks. Lumberjacks are banned from entering the ring, and the competitors will be counted out if they leave the ringside area.

Irvin Fury: What qualifies as the ringside area?

William Regal: Anywhere between the ring and the ringside barriers. The entrance ramp, backstage, the crowd, etcetera, all count as outside the scope of the ringside area.

Irvin Fury: So what you're saying is, everyone has to stay within the range of a beating from lumberjacks?

William Regal: Exactly!

Irvin Fury: I love it.

Johnny Vegas: And now Ladies and Gentlemen, your lumberjacks!

The Requiem theme hits and a plethora of JWA:EWA stars flood towards the ring, including several surprise faces who werent on the card before this point.

Johnny Vegas: Your referee for this match is Keith Reeves!

Irvin Fury: Why is the ref getting an intro?

Teddy Speaks: Why not?

Irvin Fury: Because he's completely irrelevant to the match?

William Regal: This is probably his last paycheque before he goes back into obscurity, give him a break.

As soon as the bell rings, Vegito snatches Matt around the neck and chokeslams him. Matt folds up like an accordion and Pohatu hits the ropes, coming off with an acrobatic running shooting star press over Matt's prone body. Pohatu stays on Matt and Keith Reeves goes down for the count.




William Regal: How did the lad kick out of that? Matt has truly thrown off the shackles of his former 'jobber' status here tonight.

Irvin Fury: Yeah, but he wont last much longer. He's in there with the big dogs now.

Vegito snaps his attention to Pohatu, and goes for a heavy clothesline. Pohatu ducks under and hits the ropes. As he comes back, Vegito attempts a reverse elbow, but Pohatu ducks and comes off the ropes again. This time he's faster than Vegito and before Vegito can readjust, Pohatu jumps on the second rope, and hits a springboard cross body. Vegito catches him and throws him off, almost going for a sidewalk slam, but Pohatu keeps a hold of Vegito's arm and armdrags him, sending Vegito rolling across the ring.

Teddy Speaks: Did you ever see something like that? Only an Action Zone bastion could send Vegito right across the ring with a simple armdrag. The technical prowess of the Action Zone star is unparallelled.

Irvin Fury: What did you just call him? A bastard?

Teddy Speaks: Oh please. Invest in a dictionary.

Vegito gets to his feet fast and meets Pohatu in the center of the ring. The two start talking to eachother, but the conversation isn't audible.

William Regal: Vegito and Pohatu are exchanging pleasantries, when is the service? Wouldn't see this kind of rubbish on Warzone.
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PostSubject: Re: ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ----   ---- JWA:EWA Requiem ---- - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 5:03 am

The conversation swiftly ends as Vegito attempts a close-range clothesline. Pohatu ducks and hits a series of calf kicks, finishing off with a spinning heel kick to Vegito's gut. Vegito doubles over and drops to one knee, and Pohatu hits the ropes twice, so that he is running towards Vegito from behind, then jumps over him and tries to hit what looks like a bulldog, but Vegito grabs him mid-air, and throws him like a toy over the top rope! Pohatu lands in front of the announce tables, and is immediately crowded by lumberjacks. One in particular seems overly keen to get some boots in on the stricken Pohatu, and the rest seem to back away. The man is wearing a mask, and has a long ponytail sticking out the back. Suddenly he scales the turnbuckle, from the outside, and the referee moves to admonish him, but is too late as the masked lumberjack leaps nimbly into the air and hits a 540 Diamond Cutter...

Irvin Fury: Wasn't that...the...

Teddy Speaks: FINAL STRIKE!

The masked assailant grabs a house mic, and shouts in the felled Pohatu's face. He rips off his mask and reveals his true identity...

The Tiger: Remember me?! I strike with swiftness, cunning and ferocity!

The crowd aren't sure how to react, as the former tag team partner of Pohatu, from the hall of fame team Nature, has laid out his former partner. Both being fan favourites, they aren't sure who to cheer. The Tiger grabs a chair, and is about to blast Pohatu on the ground, which solidifies him as the bad guy, when Senor Gomez's music hits. Gomez comes careering down the ramp as fast as he can, still looking a complete mess after his match with Method Cobra. The Tiger looks like someone just walked over his grave, and holds the chair in his hands, looking defensive. Suddenly the lumberjacks all pile in on The Tiger, and throw him onto the entrance ramp for Gomez to deal with. The Tiger backs nervously up the ramp, and Gomez kisses his Hall of Fame ring and unleashes a flurry of punches on Tiger with his new-found weapon of choice. As Gomez unloads on Tiger, sending both men backstage, Pohatu rolls gingerly into the ring. Vegito meets him with an elbow drop, and turns his attention to Matt.

William Regal: So much for Nature, then.

Teddy Speaks: Methinks The Tiger begrudges Pohatu for his solo success. While Tiger found himself in a creative slump, Pohatu churned out some of his best work and climbed the ladder in JWA:EWA.

Irvin Fury: If in doubt attack your partner? Interesting logic there. What was that about Action Zone being the civilised show?

Vegito picks up Matt and grabs his skull in one hand, locking in an iron claw. Matt's legs spasm and he flops around on his knees. Keith Reeves stays close to the action and asks Matt if he wants to give up, but Matt has a determined look on his face, which seems to show through the pain etched all over it. Vegito tosses Matt aside and grabs Pohatu, dropping him with a sidewalk slam and covering him.



Teddy Speaks: Are you serious? A cover on Pohatu this early? Please.

William Regal: This is academic. Matt is going to clean up the ring as soon as he gets back up.

Irvin Fury: Yes...of course...

Vegito picks Pohatu straight up with one hand and throws him to a turnbuckle, following him in with a clothesline. Pohatu stumbles out and Vegito hits the ropes, hitting a big boot, then comes off again with a leg drop. This time Vegito doesn't cover, instead turning his attention back to Matt. Vegito goes to pick him up, but Matt snatches Vegito's head and cinches him in towards a strong knee to the face. Vegito reels backwards and lands on his backside. Matt nips up and kicks Vegito in the face with a football-punt like kick. Matt grabs Vegito's legs and tries to turn him into Redemption (Walls of Jericho), but struggles with the big man's weight. Vegito reverses Matt and uses his leg strength to fling him across the ring, but Matt somehow lands on his feet, instantly clutching his injured back. Sensing his opportunity, Matt rushes Vegito as he tries to stand, but he runs straight into a choke. Vegito stands and keeps his hand around Matt's throat, backing him into a turnbuckle. Vegito stretches his arm out and pushes with all his might on Matt's throat. Matt starts to fade, when out of nowhere Pohatu dropkicks Vegito's back, and knocks him into the top rope. For a moment Pohatu and Matt are on the same page, and they throw Vegito over the top rope, to the outside.

Teddy Speaks: Now Vegito is at the mercy of the lumberjacks!

Irvin Fury: That is, if they dare approach him!

Matt suddenly throws Pohatu out as well, and walks to the center of the ring, collapsing onto his back in exhaustion. Pohatu lands next to Vegito, and lumberjacks start to move in. GDawg leaps on Vegito and starts to punch his face in, and seeing bravery, the other lumberjacks start to pile in on Vegito.

William Regal: The lumberjacks are all taking out Vegito!

Irvin Fury: They're totally ignoring Pohatu. These people would do well to remember that its not the size of the dog, its the..

Teddy Speaks: Oh please, dont talk about dogs. We have had enough of your 3T allegories.

Pohatu clambers to his feet, and sees the situation. He ascends the ring apron, and clambers onto the turnbuckle. He looks towards the prone Matt, and the crowd of bodies over Vegito on the outside. He then looks out to the crowd, gauging their reaction. Suddenly he takes flight...

Teddy Speaks: CROSS BODY TO THE OUTSIDE! Pohatu just took out all the lumberjacks, and Vegito, in one move!

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Irvin Fury: A smart man would've hit a splash on Matt, and eliminated him. Now he's just ruined his chances with a ridiculous risk.

William Regal: If I were the one running this show, I'd renege on that countout rule and make the match normal countout rules. Then young Matt would be our clear winner at this point.

Most everyone is down, and 'I am' hits. Fans look up to the entranceway, and see Bryan Stinberg making a beeline to the ringside area.

Irvin Fury: The surprises just don't stop tonight!

Teddy Speaks: Even the lackluster ones.

Irvin Fury: I don't know what Stinberg was to you on Action Zone, but on Extreme Zone he was a player.

Teddy Speaks: Yeah...playing battleships in the locker room most likely.

William Regal: Or just playing with Batista between his title defence dodging antics.

Irvin Fury: Oh please. Who did you have on Action Zone, Virus? And you, who did Warzone have? Oh yeah, you didn't have a world title! Your main champion was Shane O Riley!

William Regal: A marvellous young man whose career has gone on leaps and bounds just as Matt's has. You'd do well not to live in the past and to acknowledge what Warzone has given JWA:EWA as regards a legacy.

Irvin Fury: It worries me that you actually believe the words you just spoke.

Stinberg rushes towards the pile of bodies, and helps GDawg to his feet. He then picks up Vegito, and throws him back into the ring. Pohatu is climbing to his feet, and walks right into Stinberg....who takes him down the the BFE (modified C-4), causing the fans to boo heavily. Stinberg then rolls Pohatu back into the ring, and Matt suddenly nips up. There is almost a hush over the crowd as it seems the ultimate underdog could be on the brink of winning the main event on the last ever JWA:EWA show. Matt looks at his situation, then points out into the crowd, as if showing respect to the fans. Pockets of them start to cheer for him, as if they are finally accepting him after all his efforts on the night. Matt limps to the turnbuckle and looks down at Vegito, who is nearest to him. He pauses a moment, waving his hands to try and hype the crowd up, then he goes for the 630 Phoenix. The move lands, but seriously hurts Matt in the process. His body bounces off Vegito and he writhes on the mat in agony, holding his back. He crawls towards Vegito, and covers him...




Teddy Speaks: Good God, Matt 'The Man' just came a whisker from beating Vegito. I can barely believe what I am seeing here tonight, I really can't.

William Regal: Get used to it. Love it or hate it, but learn to live with it because it's the best thing going today!

Irvin Fury: Okay, I'm pretty sure they can sue you for using that line.

Matt gets to his feet and walks towards Pohatu, but Pohatu deftly nips up, and in the same movement, takes Matt down with a hurricanrana. Pohatu clambers to his feet and looks to the outside, where the lumberjacks are mostly on their feet again. He focuses specifically on Bryan Stinberg, burning a hole through him with his eyes. Stinberg taunts Pohatu, and behind Pohatu, Vegito sits up deadman style. Pohatu leans back on the ropes, and goes to spring himself out of the ring and towards Stinberg, but Vegito grabs Pohatu by the scruff of the neck.

William Regal: Young Pohatu would do well to keep his thoughts on the match and not jobbers on the outside.

Irvin Fury: How many times...Bryan Stinberg is no longer a jobber!

William Regal: Keep saying that, one day you might actually believe it.

Reaper comes out of nowhere through the crowd, and brandishes Slater with an unbridled glee. The Lumberjacks collectively part, and form a small circle around Bryan Stinberg. Stinberg looks around terrified, and Reaper saunters into the circle. Moments later, Slater is decking Stinberg with such ease that Reaper is watching the action in the ring, leaving his old pal to it.

Teddy Speaks: Only on Action Zone!

Irvin Fury: Ugh, my sentiments exactly.

Back in the ring, Vegito throws Pohatu off the ropes, and knocks him down hard with a big boot as he comes back. Vegito rolls his eyes back in his skull and goes to cover Pohatu, but Matt comes out of nowhere with a busaiku kick that knocks Vegito over. Suddenly, the lights in the arena completely cut out.

Teddy Speaks: What is this?

William Regal: Don't tell me Vegito is pulling some darkside shenanigans to avoid the beating Matt was about to lay on him.

The arena flickers red a couple of times, then the lights come up. All three men are lying on their backs in the ring, all busted open and covered in their own blood. Standing above them, a familiar, menacing figure snarls.

William Regal: I don't believe it!

Irvin Fury: Morbid Angel!!! Morbid Angel!!! We thought he wasn't here tonight!

Teddy Speaks: Geez..I never saw you get so excited before. Are those spikes he has on his arms evoking memories of 3T?
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Morbid Angel swings around and surveys the lumberjacks on the outside, almost challenging them to come into the ring. Keith Reeves nervously puts a hand on Morbid Angel's shoulder, trying to get his attention, but Morbid Angel turns straight around and looks set to drop him with a right hand. Suddenly the lights drop again, only momentarily. They raise up again, and Vegito is stood up directly in front of Morbid Angel. Morbid yells angrily in Vegito's face, saliva spewing from his mouth in his rage. Vegito ignores his threatening roars and starts to lay into him with rights and lefts. Morbid is pushed between the top and middle ropes, and falls to the outside. Vegito sumes in the ring and his eyes roll back into his head, but Morbid grabs Vegito's ankles and pulls him to the outside. The lumberjacks nervously back away from the two old rivals, and they both start to brawl into the crowd. The referee starts to count...











Johnny Vegas: Ladies and Gentlemen, via countout, Vegito has been eliminated!

William Regal: Ahh, Morbid Angel, everyone's favourite bastard.


William Regal: Extreme Zone just got an 'extreme' goodnight.

Irvin Fury: WHY MORBID WHY?!

Teddy Speaks: Haha, now this is interesting.

Irvin Fury: To Hell with you Speaks!

William Regal: We're down to Action Zone vs. Warzone Underground.

Teddy Speaks: What a surprise...Extreme Zone, for all these years touted as the best brand, has fallen at the first!

Irvin Fury: Clearly because Mr Polo isn't at the helm.

Teddy Speaks: Mr Polo?

Irvin Fury: Er, I mean Al Powers.

Both Matt and Pohatu get to their feet and lock eyes, gauging eachother's remaining energy. They tie up and Matt locks Pohatu in an overhand wristlock, and Pohatu rolls forwards and back, then nips up to reverse it. Matt yells out and ducks under Pohatu's arm, pushing off, and reversing into a hammerlock. Pohatu grins, and reverses the hammerlock into one of his own, then hits the Lightning Quick sequence. Matt is laid out on the floor, and Pohatu hits a standing shooting star press. As he comes down, Matt lifts his knees, and Pohatu rolls off clutching his ribs. Matt rolls to his feet and hits a laboured Spiral Tap. Pohatu is now laid out, and Matt goes for a fist drop, aiming to hit a Dan Henderson-like post-knockout death punch. Pohatu rolls aside and Matt punches nothing but canvas. Matt yells in pain, his hand bending back at an unsafe angle after the missed punch. Pohatu takes advantage and grabs Matt's outstretched arm, leaping over his back and locking in a reverse armbar. Matt uses his feet to rotate in a circle, then uses the turnbuckle to increase his height, climbing them with his feet, and as he reaches the 2nd rope, he pushes off them and rolls forwards, completely reversing the situation. Pohatu yells in pain, and tries to get to his feet. As he manages, he ducks under the arm and has Matt in another hammerlock. This time he hits the Lightning Sheet, and goes for a cover from it.




Teddy Speaks: What intestinal fortitude from Matt.

William Regal: The lad is getting a large amount of support from the crowd. Tonight's turnaround has been exquisite. Regardless of the outcome tonight, Warzone Underground has been cemented as an integral part of JWA:EWA's legacy.

Teddy Speaks: Yeah, get making the blowoff comments already Regal...

Irvin Fury: I have nothing more to add to this broadcast...

Teddy Speaks: Well that's a relief. Our crowd is really split now, we even have duelling chants going.


Pohatu looks exhausted, and takes a while returning to his feet. As he does, he grabs Matt, who surprises him with a small package...




William Regal: Almost!

Pohatu manages to break out of the pin a fraction of a second before the referee counts to three. Both men get to their feet slowly, and Matt throws Pohatu against the ropes, and goes for a dropkick, but Pohatu holds on to the ropes. Matt is momentarily on his back with his legs in the air, and Pohatu grabs them, floating over with a hangover pin...




Teddy Speaks: So close.

Irvin Fury: All these pins...is this what you call Action Zone wrestling?

Teddy Speaks: On the edge of your seat arent you?

Irvin Fury: Well, yeah, but that's not because of the match. I...

William Regal: Keep it to yourself sunshine.

Matt kicks out at the last, and Pohatu holds his hands over his head in disbelief. Matt gets to his feet and Pohatu is still on his knees. Matt holds out his hand, and helps Pohatu up. The two break away and start to circle, as the fans cheer in appreciation of the sportsmanlike display. Matt whips Pohatu off the ropes, and Pohatu comes off with a clothesline, which Matt ducks. Pohatu comes back but Matt avoids him with a sleeper. As Pohatu comes off the ropes again, Matt leaps into the air so that Pohatu would run through his legs, but Pohatu stops dead in his tracks in front of Matt, and as Matt lands, Pohatu simultaneously hits a standing hurricanrana, sending Matt into the turnbuckle headfirst. Matt stumbles back and Pohatu deftly runs past him, climbing the turnbuckle, and moonsaulting backwards, hitting the Circuit Breaker. Pohatu raises his hand into the air, and covers Matt again.

Teddy Speaks: This has to be it! Noone kicks out of the Circuit Breaker!




Teddy Speaks: Oh my word, what is it going to take to put Matt away tonight?

William Regal: The lad came to prove himself and he's doing just that.

Irvin Fury: This guy's fallen 50 feet through tables, been busted open, chokeslammed, and had the kitchen sink thrown at him by Pohatu. Even I am impressed.

William Regal: Can I get that in writing?

Pohatu looks on in disbelief as Matt again kicks out at the last. He picks him up and goes for a Dragon Screw, but Matt reverses the move by pulling his leg down, causing Pohatu to run into him, and straight into a DDT. Matt picks Pohatu up, and hits Revelations (Tiger Driver 91). He goes for a cover, but can't crawl fast enough as his back is suddenly spasming. He rolls in agony on the mat, and falls out of the ring. Lumberjacks move towards him, but the same mysterious figure from earlier in the night hops over the guard rail and berates them. He pushes Matt back into the ring gently, and throws a small sachet of sugar into the ring after him. Pohatu grabs the sachet of sugar midair, and looks at it with eyebrows raised. Matt tries to grab it, but Pohatu tosses it to the outside. The hooded figure backs sheepishly into the crowd again. Matt holds his head as if he has just lost his most prized possession, and Pohatu takes advantage by kicking him in the gut and hoisting him over his shoulders, hitting the Blue Thunder Driver. Dizzied, he does a 360 and falls over Matt's body, as the ref makes the count...




Johnny Vegas: The winner of this bout, Pohatu!

Pohatu rolls off, totally exhausted. He gets to his feet, and receives a standing ovation from the entire crowd, who chant his name in unison.


Pohatu helps Matt to his feet, and also holds his hand aloft, as the crowd cheer on.

Johnny Vegas: Ladies and Gentlemen, the official dominant JWA:EWA brand, ACTION ZONE! And your official JWA:EWA MVP, POHATU!

---- JWA:EWA Requiem ---- - Page 2 Pbucket

Fireworks start to go off inside and outside the arena, as Pohatu is applauded by the fans and those at ringside. The entire locker room empties, and everyone enters the ring, lifting him on their shoulders. After a while, Pohatu gets down, and intentionally joins the mass of JWA:EWA stars, as everyone celebrates the last few moments of JWA:EWA together. The show goes off air with a composite shot of the roster celebrating in the ring.

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